Wallpaper from Erismann: reviews, features, types

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Wallpaper from Erismann: reviews, features, types
Wallpaper from Erismann: reviews, features, types

In an effort to make the living space cozy, comfortable and beautiful, we pay close attention to the design of the walls. The most common and inexpensive way to finish is wallpaper. There are a huge number of brands offering decorative coatings on the modern market. A lot of good reviews about Erismann wallpapers. What is the peculiarity of these products, and what to choose for your home?

A bit of history

erismann vinyl wallpaper

Germany is the birthplace of wallpaper of this brand, where the first production of collections of decorative coatings began. The manufactory for the production of paper products was launched in the 19th century, and printing was initially carried out by hand. Only by the end of the 19th century was printing on block machines established, which significantly increased the volume of output and improved its quality. Even later, wallpaper from "Erisman" began to be produced by rotary printing.

Today the factory is introducing more and more modern andadvanced technologies: screen printing on vinyl wallpaper, foamed vinyl. Today, the products of this manufacturer are in high demand among Russian buyers. There are a lot of good opinions about the wallpaper of this brand, which is not surprising.

Why do people like Erismann?

erismann wallpaper in the interior

Reviews of Erismann wallpapers on the Web are mostly positive. Buyers who appreciate the combination of quality and beautiful appearance note that these two indicators are in harmony in the products of this factory. Among the advantages of wallpaper of this brand are:

  • Durability of applied images that do not fade even after prolonged use;
  • different product formats save on wall decoration materials;
  • You can cut the wallpaper directly on the wall, making it easier to stick it on.

Every year the manufacturer releases more and more interesting collections that fit perfectly into the design of the room, emphasize its harmony and comfort. In reviews of Erismann wallpaper, consumers also note the following benefits:

  • no deformation under the influence of external factors;
  • a thoughtful base that helps hide imperfections on walls;
  • color fastness to fading;
  • surface washable;
  • easy to remove wallpaper without wetting.

All these characteristics once again emphasize the attention of the German brand to its products, their quality and performance. Thanks to a solid and practical approach, the wallpapers of this brandmeet all the standards set for them by buyers.

Collections for every taste

erisman wallpaper

In the collections of the German manufacturer of decorative coatings, you can find an interesting solution for any room: from the living room and bedroom to the kitchen. According to the representatives of the company, they combine the spirit of the times and constancy in their products, strive to comply with global trends and at the same time maintain the expressiveness and uniqueness of the design. Erismann wallpapers in the interior look chic, besides, each collection has its own characteristics:

  • Poesia series presents wallpapers in a gentle palette;
  • Melody are decorative coverings that will help emphasize the classic style of the room;
  • Deep tones and strict lines harmonize perfectly in the Grace series wallpapers;
  • Crystal coatings will delight connoisseurs of nobility and aristocracy;
  • in the Futurama series, it's easy to choose wallpaper for high-tech or loft interiors;
  • Children's Stories and PlayToday have a separate series dedicated to wallpapers designed for children's rooms.

The Erismann catalog presents such a multifaceted palette of colors and textures that it will definitely not be difficult to select an option for a specific room.

Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpapers from Erismann deserve special attention. For their production, high-quality German and Finnish paper is used. During operation, no harmful substances or toxins are released from the surface of the coatings, which indicates the complete safety of products. Materialporous, which guarantees a breathable structure, thanks to which fungus and mold do not form.

beautiful wallpaper for the nursery from Erisman

Such wallpaper from Erismann received good reviews for the presence of the RAL quality mark, which is issued by an independent German institute for quality control. This mark is evidence that all products fully comply with European standards. For example, users note that Erisman wallpapers are among the toughest. And the main thing is that you can create a very different design in the interior that will attract the eye.

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