Outboard motors "Yamaha Enduro"

Outboard motors "Yamaha Enduro"
Outboard motors "Yamaha Enduro"

The world famous Japanese concern "Yamaha" (Yamaha), distinguished by the quality and high reliability of its products, produces a very wide range of products. Among the most famous are Yamaha Enduro outboard motors, which find their admirers both among experienced boaters and among beginner shipowners.


Translated from Japanese "Enduro" (Enduro) means - "hardy". This quality most accurately and succinctly determines the characteristics of the considered family of outboard outboard engines. They are really capable of helping out in difficult conditions, they are universal, they can be installed on various small-sized swimming facilities.

Yamaha Enduro series of two-stroke motors are designed for severe and unusual operating conditions (for example, in s alt water or with sudden changes in temperature).

Yamaho Enduro range of outboard motors

The concern produces these engines in a different power range,namely: 25 horsepower, 30, 40 and 50. They are quite enough to work in various water spaces.

The "Enduro" series has been produced for almost twenty years, and during this time they have perfectly proved their main purpose - to work in complex and difficult conditions of various water bodies.

Distinguishing Features

Outboard motors "Yamaha Enduro" features a reliable starter. Practice shows that their start is always quick and easy. Misfires are extremely rare.

Series models stop quickly and safely. So, in the engine control system "Yamaha Enduro" there is a kind of ship control system. A special cord is put on the helmsman's wrist, which is connected to the motor control system. If the tiller starts to lower, the motor goes into brake mode. This is intended to bring an element of safety into the control of the vessel (boat) (in case the helmsman suddenly falls overboard or falls asleep at the controls).

Enduro motors on fishermen's boats

"Enduro" have a convenient and high-quality fuel supply system. They have one carburetor, which is able to distribute the working fuel mixture efficiently.

Originally arranged in the engine and the selection of waste that is generated in the oil system. The Enduro motor has a special plug, magnetic. Located at the bottom of the motor. Metal particles stick to it, which are formed during the operation of metal components and assemblies, and thereby purify the oil circulating intransmission mechanism. Such a simple solution significantly increases the life of the engine.

"Yamaha Enduro" - two-stroke outboard motors. They have two cylinders. Fuel tank with a volume of 24 liters. The control principle is tiller, engine start is manual.

Motors are equipped with a modern ignition system under the well-known name CDI (the principle of operation is based on the discharge of a capacitor). Cooling of engines of this series - water. The number of gears is three (forward, neutral, reverse). There is a built-in generator in Yamaha Enduro engines, as well as a special alarm device that reports dangerous overheating.

Yamaha Enduro mounted on a boat

The outboard motor is designed in such a way that its angle relative to the place of attachment to the vessel can change to a certain, fixed angle. This allows you to protect the engine from causing damage to it when the boat is moving in shallow water. Allows the helmsman to adjust the position of the motor depending on the load of the boat, as well as the condition of the reservoir.

Speed ​​characteristics, speed consumption, shortcomings

When installing the outboard motor on a medium-sized boat (length about 4.5 m, width 1.7 m), the speed can reach 50 km/h. In this case, fuel consumption will be about 20 liters / hour, at maximum load (engine speed is about 5500).

With moderate, economical driving, when the speed is 3900-4000, the fuel consumption will be about 14 liters, andspeed - about 40 km/h.

Experienced drivers attribute the disadvantage of engines of this series to the presence of noticeable vibration at low speeds, less than 1000. And also increased noise at high speeds - more than 5000.

Yamaha Endura engine in the package


As a conclusion, we can state that engines for boats of the "Enduro" series are reliable, easy to maintain and powerful units. Their advantages include economy in fuel consumption, relatively low weight, environmental friendliness and an adequate price. The owners of these outboard motors call them real hard workers.

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