Ceramic panels in the bathroom: features and benefits

Ceramic panels in the bathroom: features and benefits
Ceramic panels in the bathroom: features and benefits

Choosing a bathroom interior design is not an easy task. The difficulty lies in the size of the room. Few of the residents of ordinary apartments can boast of a truly dimensional room. However, this does not mean that it cannot be original. So, for example, a spectacular design will allow you to create a panel. It is easy to find amazing options for the bathroom. Currently, the building materials market is replete with diversity. Depending on your preferences, you can choose floral, marine and other ornaments. Also, the panel is different in size. In a word, you can always choose options with which it is easy to fulfill any wishes.

Ceramic bathroom flooring is the perfect finish. It is of high quality and reliable, so it will last a long time. The increased demand for this coating is due to the optimal combination of practicality and cost. The price of a panel in the bathroom is formed from the size of the image. For example, small ones cost from 200 rubles, and there are those for which you will have to pay more than 10 thousand rubles.

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Like any other finishing material,ceramic panel has many advantages. First of all, it is a wide choice of design. You can choose from a variety of colors and themes. It is also worth noting the strength of the tiled panel. The bathroom is a room with high humidity, so the finishing material must have a high level of stability. Ceramics has this property. It would be useful to note that this material perfectly tolerates temperature changes and treatment with various chemical compositions (detergents).

When drawing a picture, a special technology is used, so you can not be afraid that worn places will appear over time. Ceramic panel is environmentally friendly for human he alth, does not cause allergies. Bacteria and other harmful microorganisms do not accumulate on its surface. If dirty, just wipe the tile with a damp cloth.

Talking about the advantages of the material, one cannot remain silent about the long shelf life. Even after ten years, the surface of the finish will look like new. Considering all these nuances, we can safely say that a tiled panel for a bathroom is affordable for people even with low earnings. If you calculate the cost of material and installation work, then at first glance it may seem a little expensive, especially if you select options from a mosaic, with a photo or 3D drawing. However, in the end result, such an interior will justify every ruble invested.

Ceramic tile panel

This type is currently the most popular. The reason for the increased demand was a wide range of textures anddesign. All this variety can be purchased for little money. Also, no less important, this material is great for rooms with high humidity. And that's exactly what you need for a bath. The ceramic panel also has a drawback - fragility. However, in order to chip off a piece of the tile or completely break it, you will have to hit it with some kind of heavy object.

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Porcelain tile

Ceramic is not the only material used to make panels. Those who prefer interiors with a predominance of natural materials are advised to opt for porcelain stoneware. Its surface plausibly imitates the texture of natural stone. Such a bathroom panel will look not only expensive, but also soundly. In comparison with ceramics, this material cannot be used in small rooms, as it can greatly burden the space. And this, in turn, will lead to a decrease in the visual perception of the room.


A very popular type of decoration is mosaic. Such interiors are chosen by subtle creative natures. The mosaic panel in the bathroom cannot but attract the eye. It will become the main focus of the room. Not a single person will remain indifferent to such decoration.

This type is a small ceramic tile (no more than 3 cm). They are fixed on the basis of a metal mesh. With the help of different colors, a certain pattern is collected. Tiles don't have to be the same size. Arrange them in random order, soa unique ornament is formed.

During the production of mosaics, a special glaze is used, which significantly increases the level of moisture resistance. It also resists abrasion.

There are various panel options in the assortment. It can only consist of ceramic tiles or be combined with other materials such as glass, mirror and others.

Geometric mosaics fit perfectly into classic bathroom interiors. For Provence, floral motifs or images of marine life (shells, crabs) are suitable.

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Photo panel

Extraordinary personalities can easily pick up a unique tile panel in the bathroom. Manufacturers offer to put on it photos that the owners value. This technology has been used relatively recently. It has many undeniable advantages. The first thing to note is the image quality. It is guaranteed for 50 years. During this time, the canvas does not fade and is not erased. It's impossible to scratch it. The second advantage of such a finish is individuality. If desired, you can apply any drawing to the tile: a picture of your favorite artist, the first drawing of your son, a photograph of your wife, and so on. There are no restrictions. Often, couples choose for this purpose a photo taken somewhere on vacation against the backdrop of the sea or river. This interior will give an unforgettable experience and create a romantic atmosphere.

How to create this bath panel?

  • The image is carefully selected.It is necessary to think over all the nuances, since the repair will be done for several years and the selected photo will have to be admired every day.
  • Purchase of ceramic tiles. It is recommended to purchase material with a small margin.
  • Going to a tile printing company. They enlarge and print the photo on special paper. Then they cover it with varnish. Let dry. Before laying on the tile, the paper is moistened. Finished specimens are fired in a special oven. During high-temperature processing, the paper burns completely, and the image remains on the tile.
  • The last step is payment for services and styling.
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Panel on the floor

Panels in the bathroom do not have to be used only on the walls. Such a floor finish will look quite fresh and interesting. Given the characteristics and properties of ceramics, it can be used for these purposes. This finish allows you to equip the room with a warm floor.

If the bathroom is quite large, then you can lay out the tiles in some original, rather than the classic order. Such a design move will bring notes of splendor and we alth. The 3D graphics also look great. Just imagine how the mysterious sea abyss will look on the floor. But not only such topics are relevant for the bathroom. Pictures such as flowers, shells, waves are also great.

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Determining the size

To make a panel in the bathroomLooked harmonious, you need to choose the right size. The main thing is not to break the proportions.

In small rooms, preference is given to small images that will occupy only part of the wall. Thanks to this, you can get rid of the feeling of pressure. It is important to understand that the larger the panel, the smaller the room will seem. Professionals recommend giving preference to abstraction, landscapes and other images with a perspective. In a word, it is better to abandon complex plots. Do not forget that a small space needs visual expansion, so you should choose something that will visually enlarge the room. The tile size and color scheme also plays an important role. In a small bathroom, it is better to use medium-sized elements of light shades.

A large room opens up many possibilities. Panels, as a rule, are selected according to the size of the wall. It is allowed to decorate several surfaces at the same time. There are no restrictions on the choice of image. If desired, you can even use relief details, such as bas-reliefs.

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Decoration Methods

Designers offer many ways to create a unique bathroom interior. One of them can be conditionally called single-tile. It is a specific composition with the reproduction of the plot. Everyone can create such a tile panel in the bathroom on their own. For example, alternating elements with and without an image. In this way, it is important to observe geometric proportions. If the picture is large or bright, thenit is recommended to dilute it with two or three plain tiles, both horizontally and vertically. This will help get rid of excessive variegation.

Prefabricated panels are assembled from several elements. They are placed directly in compliance with the drawing. The parts are connected in such a way that no seams are visible. The composition can have a square or rectangular shape and reach sizes up to 3 meters. As a rule, such panels are mounted only in the center of the wall.

How to choose a bathroom panel?

In order for the bathroom to be truly charming, you need to know how to choose the right panel. The main criterion will be the size of the room. Based on this, the color scheme is selected. If there is a need for visual magnification, then calm pastel colors are preferred. Images with perspective will help enhance the effect. In a spacious bathroom, bright mosaics or dark-colored tiles will look great.

We must not forget about the style of the interior. For classics, images of butterflies, flowers or landscapes are suitable. An ethnic-style bathroom is decorated with graphic or mosaic ornaments. Oriental style opens with bright shades. The panel can be abstract with lots of colors.

Paying attention to the reviews of those people who have already designed a bathroom, we can conclude that the most popular theme is the marine one. In their opinion, the Mediterranean style looks perfect in this room.

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Today you can finda lot of positive reviews about ceramic panels. In them, special attention is paid to the excellent quality of the material and a long service life. Depending on preferences, each person will be able to choose the most suitable design. On sale there are both budget options and premium (for example, photo panels). The latter can be attributed to the exclusive category. The owners claim that the image is applied with high quality. The tile can be washed without fear of damaging it. Renovating a bathroom won't be cheap, but the end result will be stunning.

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