Philips HR2728 electric meat grinder: review, description, specifications and reviews

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Philips HR2728 electric meat grinder: review, description, specifications and reviews
Philips HR2728 electric meat grinder: review, description, specifications and reviews

Kitchen appliances with technological development are increasingly gravitating towards versatility and versatility. From a marketing point of view, this approach is more than justified, since the ability of one device to solve several problems attracts a client. And yet, in practice, the combination of several functions is rarely combined with the quality of the workflow and the reliability of the device. In this context, the Philips HR2728/40 meat grinder is a device with good functionality, but a clear focus on the traditional tasks of this technique. A wide range of nozzles and accessories is responsible for the optional range, and the quality of the functions performed is ensured by the basis of the device in the form of a powerful technical filling.

General information about the meat grinder

Philips HR2728

With this meat grinder, the user will be able to prepare salads, appetizers, desserts and, of course, process products for main courses. That is, the entire list of basic grinding operations lends itself to the Philips HR2728 device already in basic operating modes.

If we talk about nozzles, they are represented by means for shredding, rubbing, cutting, cooking meat tubes and sausages. Along with high performance, the creatorsErgonomic advantages have also been foreseen, so the kit includes not only working elements, but also additional kitchen appliances.

Care products are also thought out. Experienced housewives are aware of the problems that meat grinders cause during the washing process. But in this case, a special design is provided that facilitates maintenance. It is enough to place the grate on a special three-sided accessory and rinse it under water. It is worth noting the electronic devices, as well as the security systems that the Philips HR2728 meat grinder is equipped with. The price of the device varies from 8 to 10 thousand rubles, which is not bad for a modern model with rich functionality.


meat grinder Philips HR2728

It is often the sets of accessories that become the decisive factor in the choice, so the manufacturers of food processors, blenders and meat grinders pay special attention to equipment. It has already been noted that the model contains several nozzles for different purposes. Among them are devices designed specifically for the preparation of sausages, cookies and kebabs. Also worth noting are two grills with perforated discs for minced meat and a vegetable cutter with four graters, which are also equipped with a Philips HR2728/40 meat grinder. Reviews also emphasize the benefits of a knife made of high-strength forged steel. Auxiliary elements in the form of a pusher, a loading tray made of metal and containers facilitate the process of performing operations.

Machine Specifications

meat grinder PhilipsHR2728 40

It must be said that high-performance models of meat grinders usually lack the necessary additions, such as protective and safety interlocks. However, the characteristics of the Philips HR2728 model are well thought out and balanced among themselves, which determines both the high performance of the device and its reliability. The technical data of the device looks like this:

  • Power supply voltage - up to 240 W.
  • Frequency - 50 Hz.
  • Working modes - one speed, corrected by reverse.
  • The power indicator under the condition of blocking the motor is 2000 W.
  • Rated power rating is 600W.
  • Productivity of the model is 2.9 kg/min.
  • Sizes of metal gratings - medium by 0.5 cm and large by 0.8 cm.
  • Diameters of nozzles for sausages - 1, 2 and 2, 2 cm.
  • Additional accessories - dust cover, meat and bait trays, vegetable container, forming drum, cleaner.

Technological advantages

meat grinder Philips HR2728 price

The manufacturer not only thoroughly approached the development of additional elements for the meat grinder, but also carefully thought out the materials for their manufacture. For most of the parts, nozzles and grids with trays, stainless steel of the highest grade is used, which is resistant to corrosion and is completely safe from the point of view of hygiene. Also, the Philips HR2728 meat grinder is considered an environmentally friendly and energy efficient device.The absence of harmful materials in the design, combined with the possibility of further processing and disposal, make the model one of the safest electrical appliances in its class. As for energy efficiency, it was achieved by reducing the consumption of resources from the power source and, in general, by optimizing the cost of electricity supply. And this despite the high performance. As you can see, Philips has not gone down the path of expanding functionality, but has focused on improving the main features, which provides significant benefits in terms of energy savings and in terms of workflow efficiency.

Performance Features

High power is complemented by good ergonomics. First of all, high noise insulation contributes to ease of use. True, it was achieved rather due to the initial noise reduction in the process. The comfort of using the device, provided by rubber feet, is also noted. Due to the strict setting of the equipment, the risk of its falling under the influence of vibrations is eliminated. In addition, Philips HR2728 has a reverse function, which gives an advantage already in the workflow. In order to protect against overloads in the network, the manufacturer provided the machine with an electric fuse.

Positive feedback about the model

meat grinder Philips HR2728 reviews

First, let's talk about the opinions about performance, which, judging by the reviews, is the main advantage of the model. The high power of the device provides not only goodspeed in food processing, but also the ability to grind frozen and non-frozen hard meat without slowing down. In particular, this is evidenced by users who regularly grind stringy beef and chicken necks.

Deserved praise and a set of additional accessories Philips HR2728. Reviews speak not only about the effective function of the nozzles, but also about the practicality of containers and trays. At the same time, all elements are reliable and serve for years. By the way, this also applies to the meat grinder itself - the build quality can be safely added to the list of its advantages.

Negative reviews

meat grinder Philips HR2728 40 reviews

In the list of cons, perhaps, the main place is the lack of spare parts. For example, there is only one bushing, which is required to provide protection against motor breakdowns and jamming. Despite the overall quality of the direct grind function, some users report the uneven grind provided by the Philips HR2728.

Reviews with criticism regarding the complete set of nozzles are rare, but they could not do without them. There are no complaints about the quality of the attached elements, but there are complaints about the lack of small graters. In addition, there is criticism of the plastic fasteners. Although there are no breakdowns in the body because of this, many owners are embarrassed by such savings on parts.


Philips HR2728 reviews

The model is good because it can be useful in farms with different needs. In spite ofspecialization in working with meat products, the device can be used in universal needs, for example, chopping the same vegetables and cookies. Decent performance The Philips HR2728 delivers fast and quality workflows. Of course, the model is not without flaws, but most of them can be put up with. If we talk about the price bar of 10 thousand rubles, then it is quite consistent with the offer. Typically, models of this level have a wider range of capabilities, but in this case, the advantages are expressed in the quality of performance of the main performance indicators. First of all, it is a powerful engine that allows you to grind all target products, regardless of their state. In addition to this, it is worth noting the attractive design, the durability of parts and the ergonomics of the meat grinder.

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