Bosch blenders: an overview of the best models, specifications, reviews

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Bosch blenders: an overview of the best models, specifications, reviews
Bosch blenders: an overview of the best models, specifications, reviews

A good blender in the kitchen is a real helper to the hostess in everything. However, choosing a quality model is not always easy, especially when there are a huge number of options on the market at attractive prices. Of course, you can buy any one you like, but it is better to give preference to a trusted manufacturer. In today's review, we will look at some of the best Bosch blenders that we can safely recommend for purchase.

Bosch MSM 6B700

blender bosch MSM 6B700

Start review of Bosch blenders, perhaps, with one of the company's most popular models on the market - MSM 6B700. In addition to its low cost, the blender has good features and equipment.

Package and specifications

A blender is sold in a small cardboard box, which shows a photo of the model and its main technical characteristics. Inside the package you can find the following kit: Bosch blender, nozzlefor installing a whisk, a whisk for whisking, a chopper, a dipping nozzle with a knife, a measuring cup, two plastic lids, a warranty card and instructions for use.

In general, the equipment is more than worthy and will please any hostess.

Now regarding the characteristics of the model. Here they are:

  • Blender type - submersible.
  • Power - 350 W.
  • Number of speeds – 1.
  • Materials of nozzles and knives - stainless steel.
  • Power type - mains.
  • Optional - the detachable parts of the blender are dishwasher safe.

The only serious disadvantage of the model is, by and large, low power. 350 watts is not bad, but for some needs this will not be enough. Also worth noting is only one speed and the absence of a pulse mode or turbo mode.

blender bosch MSM 6B700 equipment

Nevertheless, the blender does an excellent job with most tasks. They can easily grind and puree fruits, berries and boiled vegetables. With the help of a chopper, you can easily grind meat into minced meat, chop nuts, onions, carrots and other raw vegetables. The last attachment is a whisk, which allows you to make smoothies, beat eggs for an omelette, etc.

In general, there are no serious shortcomings in the model, so its capabilities are enough for most requests.

Reviews and price

Reviews of the Bosch MSM 6B700 blender are mostly only positive, but there are still a few negative points. First -weak power. The second is the lack of additional speeds and a smooth start. The third is a slightly short cord. Otherwise, there are no complaints.

You can buy this model for 1800-3000 rubles, which is not so much.

Bosch MSM 66050

blender bosch MSM66050

The next blender on the list is the Bosch MSM66050. In terms of its capabilities, this model is somewhat similar to the previous one, but there are differences between them, and they are very significant. However, first things first.

Features and scope of delivery

So, the blender comes in a small cardboard box. The packaging shows the model itself and its main characteristics. Inside the box, you will find the following items: Bosch blender, whisk attachment, chopper, measuring bowl, whisk, dipping attachment, instructions, warranty card and two plastic lids.

In principle, the equipment here is the same as the previous model.

Now is the time to move on to the characteristics of the Bosch MSM66050 blender. Here they are:

  • Blender type - submersible.
  • Power - 600 W.
  • Number of speeds - 12.
  • Materials of nozzles and knives - plastic and stainless steel.
  • Power type - mains.
  • Optional - the ability to wash removable parts, speed control.

The most important difference between this model and the previous one is the presence of 12 speeds, increased power and a turbo button.

bosch blender MSM66050

There are no problems with grinding.The blender calmly grinds fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat and even ice in the chopper. The submersible nozzle is also good. It can be used to puree boiled vegetables, fresh fruits and berries without any problems. In addition, she copes very well with the preparation of mashed soups. Nothing special can be said about the whisk - it is standard and performs its tasks.

The disadvantages, perhaps, include the use of plastic as the main material for the submersible nozzle. It is certainly high quality and will last a long time, but a stainless steel nozzle would be much better.

Reviews and pricing

Reviews of the Bosch MSM 66050 blender are generally positive, but users still note a couple of minor drawbacks of the model. The first concerns the whisk - it does not hold well in a special nozzle, although not everyone has this problem. The second minus is that extraneous noises appear over time, but again, the problem is individual. You can buy this blender today for 2200-4000 thousand rubles.


blender bosch MSM66110

The Bosch MSM 66110 blender continues to review. Although this model is the most affordable of all presented today, it is practically in no way inferior to its “brothers”. Let's take a closer look at it.

Supplied with blender specifications

The blender is sold in a small cardboard box, which is absolutely no different from the previous options. The package contains the main characteristics of the model, as well as itsa photo. The delivery set here is simple: Bosch blender, instructions, warranty card, measuring cup, lid and submersible nozzle. Unfortunately, there is no whisk or chopper here, and based on the cost of the model, there should not be.

Technical characteristics of the blender Bosch MSM 66110:

  • Blender type - submersible.
  • Power - 600 W.
  • Number of speeds – 1.
  • Materials of nozzles and knives - stainless steel.
  • Power type - mains.
  • Optional - turbo mode.

As you can see, this model is very simple and is designed primarily for the consumer who does not need too much blender functionality. One speed, one nozzle, there is a turbo mode. In fact, MSM 66110 can be called a more improved version of the first model, only without additional accessories.

bosch blender MSM66110 delivery set

If we talk about how the blender copes with its duties in the kitchen, then there is complete order. Despite only one speed, the model perfectly turns meat into minced meat, chop vegetables and fruits, crushes ice, nuts, and also allows you to make various purees and cocktails. Turbo mode helps very well in some situations.

The disadvantages include perhaps the minimum package, but this is precisely what affects the low cost of this Bosch submersible blender.

Cost and user reviews

As user reviews show, this model has virtually no drawbacks. It is extremely difficult to find fault with even some trifles. ByIn terms of price / quality ratio, this is one of the leaders in today's review. As for the price, you can buy a Bosch MSM 66110 blender for 1500-2300 rubles.


bosch blender MSM87165

Well, the last option is the Bosch MSM87165 submersible blender. This model is one of the three most popular blenders of the company. In addition to the excellent configuration, it has impressive features and will definitely become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

Complete set and characteristics of the model

The blender comes in a medium sized square cardboard box. The packaging traditionally contains a photo of the model, as well as its technical characteristics.

Inside the box, the user will be able to find: in fact, the Bosch blender itself, a puree nozzle, an adapter for it, a nozzle with a whisk, a grinder, a submersible part, a measuring cup, two lids, a warranty card, instructions and a book with recipes.

Here are the main characteristics of the blender:

  • Blender type - submersible.
  • Power - 750 W.
  • Number of speeds - 12.
  • Materials of nozzles and knives - stainless steel.
  • Power type - mains.
  • Optional - turbo mode, smooth adjustment.

Now we can say about the capabilities of the blender. Well, the first thing to note is the high power. 750 W allow you to grind almost all products in the shortest possible time. Breaking ice, crushing nuts or minced meat is absolutely no problem.

blender bosch MSM87165

Second moment - a separate nozzle for mashing. Not all blenders have it at all, so the fact of its presence is already a plus. Actually, its purpose is simple - to make mashed potatoes. There are no problems during the cooking process, everything happens very quickly. The only thing you can complain about is that the entire attachment, including the "knives", is made of plastic, and it is not known how long it will last.

The submersible part of the blender is made as reliable as possible. Its material is stainless steel. The nozzle is quite large and thick, inside it is a rotating mechanism. The knife underneath is also made of steel. There are no problems with grinding food, preparing fruit purees, cocktails, smoothies, etc. Knives grind everything very quickly. The same can be said for the chopper.

Regarding the whisk, everything is simple. It is almost the same as the previous models, the only thing that differs is the type of fastening. The measuring cup for the Bosch blender also has a minimum of differences from previous options. The only drawback that can be attributed to it is a small volume. Still, 0.6 liters is not enough even for a small portion of a cocktail. Whipping puree in it is not the best idea, since getting it out of there will not be very convenient.

Reviews and pricing

Reviews of the Bosch MSM 87165 blender are mostly positive. Users note the high build quality, power, good equipment, high-quality knives, turbo mode, smooth speed control and much more. any seriousthere are no shortcomings or small minuses in the model. Buying this blender will be a great value for your money.

You can buy Bosch MSM 87165 at the moment for 5300-6500 thousand rubles.

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