Garden tools: main types

Garden tools: main types
Garden tools: main types

Everyone who has their own land needs garden tools. Moreover, the size of the garden does not matter, tools for working on it are needed in any case, even if there is a variety of specialized equipment. In this case, garden tools play an auxiliary function or the main one in those works where the use of mechanized equipment is impossible. All hand tools for the garden can be divided into large and small.

garden tools

The first includes pitchforks, shovels, rakes, brush cutters, large garden shears, scythes. The second group includes hoes, secateurs, sickles, knives, baking powder, shovels, saws. For a number of tools, this division is rather conditional, for example, a lopper can have both large and small sizes.

In addition, to increase productivity, garden tools can be not only manual, but also mechanized, with a gasoline or electric power drive.

The first ones are more powerful, efficient, the second ones are not so productive, but light and environmentally friendly. The most popular tools among modern gardeners, which are included in mechanized garden tools,are trimmers, benzo- and electric scythes, cultivators. They make the hardest work much easier.

gardening equipment

Gardening equipment also includes a lot of tools and equipment for watering. These include both conventional watering cans, hoses, buckets, sprayers, sprayers, and pumps with various types of drive. If there is no electricity supply on the site, then a modern summer resident solves this problem with the help of small mobile generators running on gasoline or diesel fuel. Their power is enough to power both power tools and lighting. Sprayers and sprayers, in addition to providing moisture to plants, are used to control a variety of pests. To do this, instead of water, they use solutions of chemicals.

We must not forget the gardener and various auxiliary equipment. To mark and organize the beds, you will need a tape measure and a regular cord pulled for a guide. A special knife will help clean the wounds on tree trunks and graft them. To tie branches, you need clamps, wire and pliers. To make it convenient to harvest, you need a container specially adapted for this purpose.

storage of garden tools

Very handy for a number of jobs will have an ordinary folding chair, especially for painstaking and lengthy processes. An indispensable assistant for a gardener is a wheelbarrow, it is needed for transporting land, manure, removing crops and garbage. For picking apples, plums and other fruit and berry crops growing on trees orhigh bushes, you will need a stepladder, as it is dangerous to use a chair or stool.

The inventory listed above covers only the main types of garden tools. In addition, depending on the purpose, it can be divided into smaller groups. For example, a shovel can be bayonet, shovel, pointed, rectangular, or rounded. In order for the tool to serve for a long time and properly, it is necessary to organize the storage of garden tools in buildings or premises specially adapted for this purpose.

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