Building foundations: highlights

Building foundations: highlights
Building foundations: highlights

The foundation is one of the main areas for building a house. Many characteristics of the entire structure depend on how clearly the foundation was calculated. That is why the construction of foundations is considered the beginning of construction. Before you start building your house, you need to explore the entire site to determine what kind of soil is on it, whether there are solid layers and at what depth they lie. Further actions will depend on these characteristics.

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The future layout of the house also affects the construction of foundations. Before starting work, it is better to have a finished project. You can do it yourself, but it is better to order in a company that does this. True, it will cost money. Often, when building a house in a country house, the owner himself makes small calculations based on each type of work. Having made preliminary calculations, you can start buying the rightmaterial.

Sometimes, in order to simplify their task, the construction of foundations for a house, a garage, a barn and even a bath is combined into one large site. Especially if the garage is planned on the ground floor. A strip foundation is good for building a not very large house, most often it is a log house made of timber or combined logs. But for him it is necessary to prepare a trench around the entire perimeter. Depending on the depth of occurrence, it is divided into two types. Shallow type is located almost at ground level. This option is best used for a garage or barn. A recessed foundation is more suitable for a house.

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Using poles instead of tape simplifies the construction of foundations. Less digging is required, since the poles are located at the extreme points of the perimeter of the house and at the junctions of the walls. Depending on the size of the house, additional fixing points can be installed under particularly long beams. To reduce the load on the ground, the strip foundation is performed with a foundation cushion. Sometimes, instead of it, a slope is made from the inside of the wall, thereby increasing the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe wall. An intermediate option is also possible, which includes both a strip foundation and the presence of pillars.

Pile allows you to further simplify the preparatory work. The technology of foundation construction using screw piles allows you to do without the involvement of technology. The number of necessary support points depends on the project of the house, on the option of their distribution. Piles can be arranged in a row in the form of a tape, in groups ofseveral pieces or bushes.

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Slab foundation can be used on solid ground. With its weight, it additionally rams the platform. But here you may need a technician to bring reinforced concrete slabs to the site.

Regardless of the chosen type, the manufacture of the foundation involves pouring the grillage. It is he who combines the pillars or piles into a single complex. Sometimes it is used instead of a subfloor. The grillage allows all supports to stay firmly in the ground, preventing displacement and subsidence of the soil. All elements of the future foundation are connected with reinforcement before pouring concrete. It allows you to make the clutch of all supports more flexible and durable.

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