Ampelous tomatoes - decoration of the balcony

Ampelous tomatoes - decoration of the balcony
Ampelous tomatoes - decoration of the balcony

For those who do not have a plot, but really want to grow their own delicious tomatoes, we recommend planting ampelous tomatoes. Their main characteristic is an exotic look, however, the other parameters of this vegetable are no less significant. These small tomatoes outperform their larger counterparts in terms of nutrients, sugars and vitamins.

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Ampelous plants are considered ornamental. They are grown in hanging planters or pots, in flowerpots and even baskets. Their name comes from the German word for "hanging vase".

How to grow tomatoes

Ampelous tomatoes, peppers and other types of plants can grow well on a windowsill or balcony. They are amazingly decorative. But not only this is their advantage. Ampel tomatoes are an excellent raw material for snacks and pickles. Many Russians have long been preparing delicious dishes from these small nightshades. And these tomatoes are stored fresh much longer than other varieties and species.

Those who know how to grow tomatoes on the site can easily master the care of ampelous varieties.


Ampelous tomatoes, the cultivation of which today among Russians has become quite fashionable, are stunningly beautiful both during flowering and during the period when they are strewn with small fruits. Many down-to-earth city dwellers find that they look just as interesting in pots as plants that grow on balconies in hanging flowerpots, plus they produce a delicious harvest, which is another benefit.

Of course, in terms of the amount of harvest collected from the bushes, ampelous tomatoes are inferior to traditional ones grown in the ground. In addition, they require a little more attention. But at the same time, ampels have another plus: seedlings can be planted from the beginning of May, and in case of an unexpected cold snap, it is recommended to bring the pot into the house for a short time. As a result, you can get the earliest harvest.

Ampel tomatoes

In addition, since these plants are well ventilated and practically do not come into contact with the ground, they are much less likely to be affected by various diseases, including late blight. In addition, the choice of ampelous tomatoes will be an excellent option for a small area where there is an eternal shortage of space. After all, these nightshades will literally soar in the air, without taking up space in the beds.


Today there are a huge number of varieties of these small tomatoes. You can buy them in supermarkets, looking for them in the vegetable section next to tender arugula or delicacy asparagus. In the store, although they are very attractive in appearance, in terms of taste they are in many ways inferior to those grown with their own hands. That is why many prefer to plant them nearyourself in the house or even in the apartment on the windowsill. To do this, you just need to know how to grow ampel varieties of tomatoes, and comply with all agrotechnical requirements.

In order for these ornamental plants to develop well, you need a sunny room with a constant supply of fresh air. It can be a balcony or a window sill, a terrace, etc. Ampelous tomatoes grow well in a hanging planter, in a pot, a bucket - the main thing is that the container has a hole in the base.

Ampel tomatoes varieties

At the same time, the larger its volume, the better the plant will feel. The most optimal is considered to be a ten-fifteen-liter size. Planting soil can be purchased at any speci alty store, and seedlings can be grown from seed.

Features of care

Ampelous tomatoes, the cultivation of which is not a difficult process, can perfectly get along with greens. In a pot with them for aesthetics and decorativeness, you can plant regan or sage, which together will look great. Seeds should be sown in April, placing them in well-moistened soil to a depth of ten millimeters. It is better to cover the sowing with a film before the first shoots appear.

After the young shoots sprout, the film must be removed and the pot moved to a room with a lower temperature. Further care for ampelous seedlings is similar to growing ordinary tomatoes.

After some time, the seedlings need to be planted in a pot and after two or three days tied to a trellis. A very important point, in addition to the regularity of watering, isthe need for ampelous tomatoes, which are grown on a windowsill or balcony, to receive regular organic and mineral fertilizers. To improve the setting during flowering, the plants are gently shaken several times while holding a flower brush.

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The right choice

Often, gardeners complain that when buying ampel seeds, the result is ordinary tomato bushes, and even then imperfect ones. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to know the criteria by which you can determine whether a given plant is suitable for a hanging basket.

Firstly, the bush should be branchy and not require pinching. The stems of the plant should be thin, but not fragile. At the same time, it is necessary that they do not grow straight up, but simply fall down, without breaking under the weight of the fruit. Experienced gardeners know that planted seedlings grow only vertically at first, not wanting to become an ampelous species. But as soon as the first ovaries appear on it, the stems themselves take the desired position. For hanging pots, the smallest-fruited pappel tomatoes are preferred - varieties that not only look more beautiful, but also break less often from the severity of the crop.

Ampel tomatoes growing


Today, a lot of decorative tomatoes have been bred. Among them, not the last place is occupied by ampelous cherry tomatoes, Ruby, Tumbler, Yellow Pearl, etc. Some of them have very original names. Breeders bredhanging tomatoes George Bush and Balcony Charm, Canada News and even Talisman.

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