The best geysers: an overview of models, specifications and reviews of manufacturers

The best geysers: an overview of models, specifications and reviews of manufacturers
The best geysers: an overview of models, specifications and reviews of manufacturers

Despite the constant modernization of the domestic housing and communal services, the level of service, as well as the quality of the services provided, are far from not just ideal, but even from a solid average. This rule applies especially to hot water.

The most attractive alternative for domestic consumers has been and remains an independent geyser. Today's market offers just a huge range of equipment of this kind: flow, storage, automatic, manual, large, small and many more. Therefore, many consumers face a completely logical question: “Which gas water heater is better and how not to miscalculate with a choice?” We will try to at least partially solve these problems.

So, let's try to figure out which gas water heater is better than the other, why, what you should pay attention to first of all before buying. As an example, consider the most popular models, distinguished by their effectiveness and a lot of positive feedback from users.


Before choosing a gas water heater, first of all, let's deal with manufacturers. Primarilyyou should pay attention to venerable brands that care about their reputation, as well as about the client, offering really high-quality products with an impressive warranty period.

geyser manufacturers

We are talking about products from Bosch, Ariston, Zanussi or Hyundai. Products from these brands are for the most part reliable and effectively cope with the task assigned to them. Experts in this field unanimously declare that it is better to supply high-quality equipment once than, having saved on no-name products, then think about replacing the gas column.

As an alternative to noble brands, we can recommend the Czech manufacturer Mora Top or the domestic firms Neva and Ladogaz. In their assortment you can also find quite decent, and most importantly - inexpensive options that will serve faithfully for a long time.


Before you come close to considering the question "how to choose a gas water heater", it would be useful to recall the rules that must be followed.

First, correct installation. The quality of equipment operation largely depends on how the device is configured.

Second, service. Be sure to read the instruction manual and clarify for yourself where, when and how to care for the equipment. If you don’t have the strength or time for this, then it’s better to overpay and take, as they say, a full automatic and sleep peacefully.

Well, the third thing is the features of individual rooms. For example, if you are looking for a geyserfor "Khrushchev", then be prepared to buy an additional pump. The water pressure in such houses leaves much to be desired, and without it (the pump), the equipment completely loses its effectiveness.

So, then let's go directly to the review of gas water heaters.

Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte

This flowing (without a tank) and inexpensive model will perfectly cope with water heating in an apartment or a small house. The gas water heater received a classic and versatile design, so it will suit any interior, whether it is a bathroom, kitchen or corridor.

best geysers

Judging by the feedback from users, the owners characterize the device as a reliable, economical and almost silent device. The presence of an intelligent and multi-stage security system allows you to safely leave the model unattended, without fear of fire.

Experts rate the Zanussi geyser quite highly. According to them, it has the best value for money. The model is equipped with electronic ignition (battery-powered piezoelectric element), an LCD display showing the current temperature, a temperature controller and a “Low water pressure” mode. In general, the column turned out to be successful, and users do not mention any critical problems in their reviews.

Model benefits:

  • multilevel protection;
  • LCD presence;
  • efficient heating even with low water pressure;
  • nice appearance;
  • more than affordable price tag for the available features.


piezo element very fastdrains batteries

Estimated cost is about 6500 rubles.

Ladogaz VPG 10E

This is a flow-through gas water heater from a domestic manufacturer. One of the distinguishing features of the model is automatic ignition. As soon as the water pressure in the system reaches the required minimum, the device turns on, and when it decreases, it turns off. This allows more economical use of gas and makes the device safer.

column Ladogaz

The automatic gas water heater is equipped with multi-level protection and is specially adapted for use in Russian realities, which is a definite plus. Judging by the user reviews, the unprepossessing appearance and the lack of a display serve as a fly in the ointment. In all other respects, this is an excellent domestic device.

Pros of the model:

  • good value for money;
  • automatic ignition and shutdown;
  • abundance of spare parts (Russian production);
  • Excellent performance heat exchanger.


  • sometimes there are temperature differences;
  • missing display;
  • mediocre design.

Estimated price is about 8500 rubles.

Ariston Fast Evo 11C

This is a flow column that runs stably on natural gas with a minimum pressure of 0.1 bar. A significant plus of the device is automatic ignition, and not from a piezoelectric element, but from the usual electrical network. Users in their reviews especially thanked the manufacturer for such a competent and"batteryless" solution.

column ariston

The geyser quietly heats up to 11 liters of water per minute, and the current temperature is displayed on a convenient LCD display. He can also tell and show error codes if necessary. The device heats water up to 65 degrees, which is enough for most consumers.

Distinctive features of the column

It is also worth mentioning the multi-level security system that monitors the thermostat, draft sensor and controls the presence of a flame. Reviews about the model are entirely positive, users do not note any critical moments.

Column benefits:

  • work effectively even at low water pressure (minimum 0.1 bar);
  • automatic ignition from the mains;
  • quick heating to the desired temperature;
  • versatile and cute appearance.


display shows set temperature, not actual outlet temperature

Estimated cost is about 13,000 rubles.

Mora Vega 13

This is a real monster that can work on two fronts at once. The model simultaneously works with two water intakes and is able to provide hot water to both the bathroom and the kitchen. The Czech manufacturer did not stint on the components, and as a result, an extremely high-quality, powerful and, moreover, relatively inexpensive device was obtained.

gas columns

Here we have a very good heat exchanger, excellent Bosch and Vaillant level assembly, really reliable units withouta hint of Chinese components and an effective security system on several levels.

As for the reviews, you will not find any critical or close to them shortcomings on the specialized forums. According to consumers, the model fully justifies the money invested in it and, with proper maintenance, will work for many years, delighting you with hot water. The device is designed for impressive volumes, so it is impractical to put it in small kitchenettes or bathtubs. In this case, it is better to pay attention to the Bosch model described below.

Plus column:

  • excellent performance;
  • reliable components and heat exchanger;
  • European quality;
  • integrated security system.


price is too high for domestic consumer

Estimated price is about 20,000 rubles.

Bosch WRD 13-2G

The model with two water collectors is also designed to provide hot water to two rooms. The capacity of the device is quite enough for ordinary apartments and small private houses. The column received automatic ignition and a reliable multi-level security system.

bosh column

It is also worth noting the presence of an intelligent LCD display, which, unlike most competitors, shows the outlet water temperature, and not set by the user. There is also automatic support for the set degree, which can also be written down as an advantage of the device.

Features of the model

As for the build quality and materials used, then toBosch, as always, no questions. The owners in their reviews leave entirely positive comments and do not mention any serious remarks. The only more or less significant minus that the residents of "Khrushchev" sometimes complain about is the small minimum water pressure threshold - only 0.35 bar.

bosh gas water heater

Model benefits:

  • good efficiency;
  • excellent build quality and materials used;
  • hydrodynamic ignition (full automatic);
  • heat exchanger with a large supply of operational resource;
  • cute appearance.


minimum water pressure - 0.35 bar (not for cottages and "Khrushchev" with low pressure)

Estimated cost is about 17,000 rubles.

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