Classic kitchens: style features and headset selection

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Classic kitchens: style features and headset selection
Classic kitchens: style features and headset selection

Owners of small standard apartments often have to deal with the issue of proper room design. This also applies to kitchen design. As a rule, in small rooms it is quite difficult to stick to a certain style, so most often standard kitchens are filled with mixed attributes of furniture, full of bright spots that do not correspond to any of the styles. In order to get a single filling of a small room, the easiest way is to use the direction of the classic kitchen.

Modern classics - the ratio of harmony and order

Classic stays in fashion at all times. This also applies to the direction of the classic style of cuisine. The distinctive elements of this trend are:

  • smooth laconic lines;
  • symmetrical details;
  • Restrained tones in the design;
  • practical use of each element.
kitchen in a narrow space

Many people think that the conservative direction in interior design is a rather boring trend. However, if you look closely, this is not at all the case.Strict and elegant elements remain in demand at all times. And cutting-edge stylist solutions, such as the use of modern fittings, elegantly built-in appliances, will help to make the environment more modern.

Colours for a classic style kitchen

When choosing a color design, most often they prefer classic cuisine in light colors. This is due to the fact that most often this direction is used to beat the interiors of small rooms, and as many people know, light colors visually expand the space. Bright accents in the design should be avoided. If you want to add contrasting details, then they should be in harmony.

Recently, light-colored kitchens are gaining popularity. At the same time, classical cuisine is rarely performed in white. It is best to use pastel shades for this: vanilla, coffee with milk, ivory. These shades stand out for their nobility and sophistication inherent in the classics.

It is not often that kitchens are decorated in light colors of pink and blue palettes. The superiority of pastel shades in this case stems from the ability to combine different color elements of decoration: fittings in shades of gold, built-in stained-glass windows in the doors, and others.

Light shades are most often used to decorate a small kitchen, as this range improves perception and increases space. Such colors will definitely not have a depressing effect on the nervous system of the people who are there.

classic kitchen combines convenience andfunctionality

You can also use dark colors to decorate the kitchen in a classic style, but at the same time they should be represented by shades of natural wood - cherry, alder, oak.

The main aspects of the design of the kitchen in a classic style

To make a kitchen in a classic style, you must adhere to the basic design rules of this direction. Although this style is considered conservative and familiar to many, it is worth mentioning the basic principles:

  • Classic style must be implemented using clear lines and geometrically correct shapes. Most often, a U-shaped or L-shaped set is used as furniture.
  • If you use this direction in spacious rooms, then here it is best to reveal all the luxury and richness of style. However, this style is also very suitable for small spaces.
  • As materials, it is customary to use only natural textures or well-decorated for them.
  • You need to pay attention to lighting - classic chandeliers and lamps are best suited. Spot lighting is considered inappropriate to use, because of this, the unity of style in the room is lost.
  • Careful attitude to small details, as the classic does not tolerate congestion of space.
  • The dishes, in turn, must be selected from porcelain or ceramics - again, maintaining a single design.
  • classic wooden kitchen

Examples of a small classic style kitchen

In the old houselayouts (for example, "Khrushchev") kitchens, as a rule, were designed very small, approximately 2.5 X 2 meters. This only complicates the ability to make such a room cozy. But there are a few possible small classic kitchen ideas that can help improve these conditions.

Example 1: combine the kitchen with the loggia

In many houses, the kitchen has an exit or a window to the loggia. In order to expand such a room, you can use the area at the expense of the loggia, moving the dining area there. In this case, the headset is installed on the walls perpendicular to the line of the dining area. With this method, it will be necessary to prepare the space in advance - insulate the loggia or balcony, prepare the appropriate repair of the area in the selected shades, and take care of the lighting - it should be enough, otherwise the kitchen will look like a narrow corridor.

Example 2: combining a small kitchen with a living room

When the wall is demolished, space is created between the kitchen and the living room. For the possibility of zoning the premises, you can use the following techniques:

  • separate the kitchen from the living room using different shades;
  • use shelving or bar counter;
  • mark the boundaries of the living room with upholstered furniture.

When using this option to expand the room, do not forget that if the kitchen is designed in a classic style, then elements of this direction should be present in the design of the living room. In rare cases, it will be appropriate to use a loft in the design of the living room, in which case the common room should be mandatoryspacious, with large windows, furnished in the same color scheme.

combination of classic kitchen and living room

Example 3: Classic kitchen ideas in small spaces

If there is no possibility for the demolition of partitions, then you can get by with only one kitchen area. The best way to do this is to use an L-shaped headset with built-in appliances, as well as a small cozy corner of the dining area. As a rule, in such rooms there is only one window, so transparent and translucent tulle are used as curtains, as well as roller or Roman blinds - they do not clutter up the space and are mainly functional.

Kitchens made of wood

Classic wooden kitchens are most often used by designers to create a unified space design, since wood is considered a noble and “warm” material. When choosing a wooden kitchen, it should be borne in mind that it can be made in two ways: panel (doors and facades are made of solid wood) and frame (a wooden, MDF or plastic panel is put on a wooden frame). Panel kitchens are much more expensive. However, for the classic style, the frame processing method is best suited, it looks more concise and does not require any more finishing details.

To operate a kitchen made of natural wood, it is important to remember its features:

  • wood tends to change color over time;
  • it is necessary to constantly maintain one level of humidity so that the parts do not dry out and do notcracked;
  • periodically, wood parts need to be treated with special water-repellent solutions;
  • during cooking, the use of hoods is mandatory.

Kitchens from the array

Since the main feature of the classic style of the kitchen is the use of natural materials, very often to achieve this, the execution of a classic kitchen from an array is used. On the one hand, this is a very expensive material, but it will last more than one year.

Oak, alder, ash and beech are most often used to make classic solid wood kitchens. But quite often, furniture manufacturers show a trick, declaring that their furniture is made of natural wood. Usually this is the most common combined material: wood and veneer. Moreover, the appearance of the parts is very similar, and at first glance the difference is not always noticed.

solid kitchen

Solid kitchen materials

It is possible to highlight the features of various materials for the manufacture of a classic kitchen from an array:

  • The kitchen standard is called furniture made of oak. It is moisture resistant, strong, durable and has a recognizable structure. Available in various colors: light shades of yellow, pink, greyish green and others.
  • Practically do not give up their positions in front of oak kitchens made of ash. It has an unusual relief and is presented in a wide range of shades - from pastel pink to dark brown.
  • Beech is as strong and durable as ash, but can be easily tinted in anyshade.
  • Cherry is inferior in quality and durability to previous samples, but has a high value due to its rarity and natural reddish hue.

MDF kitchens

Classic MDF kitchens are one of the most economical options. However, they do not require any special care, like furniture made from natural materials.

Of course, such kitchens will no longer be as durable as solid wood, but at the same time they can be unique, since almost any shape can be made from MDF.

Modern MDF material allows you to make the kitchen environmentally friendly and resistant to mechanical damage.

characteristic features of classical cuisine - geometry and functionality

Ways to decorate a classic kitchen set

Furniture decoration uses various elements that help reveal all the advantages of the classic style. These elements include carvings on facades, the use of patina to give shades of antiquity, the use of handles and fittings in a classic style. Most often, staples or buttons are used as handles. But the handles made with porcelain inserts with a pattern have a special charm.

When choosing a color, it is best to give preference to a classic kitchen in light colors.

Very rarely, doors opening upwards are used to make furniture in a classic style (they are more suitable for modern or high-tech style). For such sets, the most acceptable choice is in favor of swing doors.cabinets. Although they may already be hiding various retractable appliances and baskets.

Corresponding furniture for classics

In addition to the kitchen set, the classics are characterized by the use of dining areas with cozy sofas. But if there is no such possibility in the room, then a round transforming table and chairs are best suited. Classic chairs with backs made to match the main color scheme will look good in such a kitchen.

classic chair example

Classic will never cease to be relevant. This is especially true of such a space in which the whole family will spend a lot of time. A classic kitchen can be easily recreated in a room of any size and layout, it is important to approach this matter wisely and take into account all the main aspects of this direction.

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