How to lay laminate under a warm floor, what are the features of the process?

How to lay laminate under a warm floor, what are the features of the process?
How to lay laminate under a warm floor, what are the features of the process?

When we come to someone's house, the floor covering is the first thing that catches our eye. The beauty and comfort of the house largely depend on its appearance and quality characteristics, so saving on flooring is strongly not recommended. However, the cost of good material is sometimes such that, willy-nilly, you want to save at least something.

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For example, having bought a beautiful and expensive laminate, many begin to look for a way to lay it on their own. And if you are going to put a laminate under a warm floor, the need for its competent laying becomes simply obvious. By the way, is this even real? Let's try to figure it out…

When deciding to lay a laminate on your own, it is important to stock up on time and patience, since this process is quite laborious (like any overhaul, by the way). It is very important to prepare the floor surface. It should be as even as possible, without strong drops and bumps. If you are using underfloor heatingfilm infrared heaters, you don’t have to be especially “wise”. But when choosing water heating systems, you will have to make a high-quality screed. Here you should make a digression and say that it is better to entrust the manufacture of the screed to professionals, since it must be laid perfectly evenly. It should be noted that the underfloor heating under the laminate, reviews of which speak for themselves, involves the use of the highest quality and environmentally resistant laminate.

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We lay a special substrate on the prepared surface, it is advisable not to cover the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room with it, but to put it gradually across the sheet in width. The ideal option for a concrete screed is a cork lining, but its cost is very high. The cork can be more expensive than the laminate itself for underfloor heating, and therefore cheaper analogues are used much more often.

Laying laminate boards depends on the location of the window in the room. It is advisable to place the laminate perpendicular to the window, in which case the seams on it will be the least noticeable. It is important to note that laying a laminate under a warm floor should be done with the highest quality gluing seams, otherwise the joints between the panels may diverge due to temperature changes.

Having decided on the direction of laying, we prepare the necessary tools: a jigsaw (for sawing off the unnecessary rest of the board), a pencil, spacers 1-2 centimeters thick. These struts are placed along the perimeter of the room near the wall, as they provide room for maneuver when the room is uneven. You will also need a wooden plank anda hammer. As you can see, underfloor heating under laminate (the price of which, by the way, has recently decreased), practically does not limit you in any way in the choice of materials and methods of work.

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Lay the first board and bring the second one from the end side. Laying is carried out according to the comb-groove principle, and the reliability of each connection must be verified individually. We take a wooden plank and apply it to the end part of the second board over the groove, knocking on it with a hammer. In this way, we ensure a tight adhesion between the laminate plates. Lay out the row in this order. Each board in subsequent rows will be interlocked on four sides, so you need to pay maximum attention to the quality of the connection.

In a word, laminate flooring should be laid under a warm floor in the usual way.

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