Epoxy putty - a universal solution for most surfaces

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Epoxy putty - a universal solution for most surfaces
Epoxy putty - a universal solution for most surfaces

There are many different compounds that are used in construction and repair. Epoxy resin is the basis for plaster, adhesives and varnishes. The use of such a component provides high-quality bonding of the plane and the applied mortar, increases adhesion. High-quality fast curing epoxy putty has many useful characteristics and allows you to create a reliable strong coating.

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Such funds have a two-component base, which includes resin with hardeners and fillers. The latter increase the strength characteristics, which are so necessary for heavy mortars used in the elimination of defects and significant damage to wall structures. The most widely used fillers are fiberglass and metal shavings. Finishes that are thinly spread have minimal levels of these additives.

Epoxy automotive putty is also used when painting metal surfacesor steel elements, while careful preparation of the planes is required to obtain the desired result.

Among the features of putty, it is worth noting the average hardening speed, which allows you to take your time after kneading it. The polymerization process starts after a certain time after spreading over the surface. Full hardening occurs after 6-8 hours, after which finishing work, including painting and grinding, can be carried out. Epoxy putty, the price of which is 264 rubles / kg, allows you to paint walls without forming an insulating layer.

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The composition does not tolerate even a small amount of solvent, so they can not be added to the mixture to prevent loss of most of the characteristics. In this case, temperature effects are allowed, not exceeding 80 degrees.

The benefits include no need for a primer. The preliminary work includes cleaning and degreasing the wall.

Epoxy putty has a wide range of uses:

  • leveling the floor, ceiling and walls of stone, wood and concrete base;
  • bonding metal, wood and glass planes;
  • various repairs that are not limited to living quarters;
  • repair minor cracks and minor surface damage.
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What you need to know

Before purchasing a mixture, a mandatoryfamiliarization with the method of application of the material. Two-component formulations are sold in two packages - hardener and putty base. It is important to strictly observe the proportions indicated in the instructions when mixing the components, and to carry out work in protective gloves. Leveling work can begin after the formation of a homogeneous composition.

Epoxy putty is used for application to cleaned surfaces that may have a primer coat. The purpose, texture and type of composition affect the application method, it is possible to use a brush, sprayer or spatula.

At the end of the finish, about 7 hours are allotted for solidification, subject to normal temperature conditions. If the room is over 25 degrees, it will take longer.

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Metal surfaces

Among the features, it is worth noting the implementation in any relevant outlets. It is possible to use not only for finishing work in the house, epoxy putty for metal has found its application in the repair of car bodies, while it does not require experience and special knowledge. It can eliminate both minor flaws and scratches, and through holes, and large damage. The composition includes fillers and pigments with a solution of epoxy resins, a solvent and other additives. It is characterized by a high level of water resistance and is not affected by detergents and mineral-based oils.

Reinforcing and protecting against corrosion

For reinforcing plasterfiberglass mesh is used, its use is rational when insulating structures of various types, built on the basis of any technology. Also, previously plastered or concrete planes are treated with anti-corrosion protection using the bitumen plate method. Primers with a cold base are pre-applied. To improve the quality of adhesion, epoxy putty is applied after bringing to a heated state.

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Other uses

Due to its high waterproof performance, it can be used for repair work on boats and yachts on steel, fiberglass and wood surfaces. It is also effective in eliminating osmotic irregularities.

After the composition hardens, a high-quality, durable surface is formed, suitable for grinding. Of particular importance in the appearance of the vessel is good painting, which cannot be achieved without careful preparation of the base. It includes the application of a primer, putty and a special solution to prevent the occurrence of corrosive phenomena in places of contact with water.

Also, epoxy putty is indispensable for the treatment of many surfaces during repairs. If the walls are closed in the inner part of the structure (for example, wallpapering), it prevents the development of various microorganisms and fungi.

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