Dark interior: interesting ideas and the best combinations in modern design, photo

Dark interior: interesting ideas and the best combinations in modern design, photo
Dark interior: interesting ideas and the best combinations in modern design, photo

When it comes to equipping a new home, many choose pastel colors, a light palette with standard details for decoration. But what to do when the soul desires something mysterious and extraordinary? It's very simple, opt for a dark interior for any of the rooms and enjoy the intimate atmosphere. But due to prejudices and prevailing stereotypes, few people prefer dull and “gloomy” shades to light and warm ones. It's time to dispel the myths and take a fresh look at the interior in dark colors.

interior in dark colors

Features of modern vision

The first thing to note for a deep understanding of this issue is that dark is not always black. All the colors of the rainbow are present here, only in a different version. Therefore, first of all, one should discard the opinion about the darkness and tragedy of a dark interior.

The gloomy palette also fades into the background due to the visual reduction of the room, due to its coldness and indifference. Bymistakenly believe that a dark ensemble brings depression and stress into the house, creates a melancholic atmosphere. But it should be borne in mind that this interior design option has a special nobility, mystery and protection, so the residents feel at home, as if in a fortress.

dark house interiors

The dark interior has the following features:

  • The "gloomy" accent on the wall provides a visual expansion of the boundaries of the room;
  • keep warm;
  • creating a chamber environment with light gentle motifs (bedroom, hookah room, living room and bathroom);
  • refinement and sophistication of details;
  • variety of shades.

Speaking of shades. Some of them have taken root in design and are particularly in demand when planning repairs.

Popular colors

In the interior, the combination of dark tones represents craftsmanship and a subtle sense of style. Therefore, if you carefully consider the smallest elements, later everyone will admire the richness and depth of the decorated room. And you should start with the reigning tones:

  1. Grey is a versatile and practical option. Suitable for the design of any part of the apartment and will create a wonderful pair with acid accents. Dark gray interiors are most often found in minimalist, high-tech and loft styles.
  2. Brown is a noble and warm alternative to the usual beige and ivory. But you should be careful with it and combine it with white, blue or pink. Such combinations will leave an exceptionally pleasant impression andenthusiasm of the "critics". Chocolate color looks good in classicism, romanesque or vintage style, contemporary and retro.
  3. Blue is a real symbol of aristocracy and grandeur. Glossy surfaces with transparent furniture - the realm of brilliance and reflection. This shade will wonderfully complement a bathroom or a teenage bedroom.
  4. Black is exactly the color that everyone is so afraid of. And in vain, because its proper use will bring some zest to the interior.
combination of dark shades in the interior

Before you start repair work, you should study the various risks of a dark interior.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are certain flaws in this design, which are recommended to study deeper:

  • visual reduction of free space in the room;
  • need for additional lighting;
  • accounting for complex patterns and ornaments.
dark interior photo

When choosing a dark interior, you need a clear understanding of all risks and their minimization.

As for the benefits, here is a slightly longer list, although not everyone mentions it:

  • versatility - excellent combination with any style;
  • possibility of combination with other shades;
  • majority of the interior;
  • feeling of inner harmony, peace and tranquility.

In order not to leave room for cons, you can plan a dark color scheme in a place where there is a lot of natural light; dilute such tones with brightaccents; use suitable prints and decorative details.


A universal rule that is true not only for the kitchen, but for all rooms: the floor should be several tones darker than the walls and ceiling. That is why you can experiment with flooring.

dark kitchen

Properly selected furniture will help to diversify and highlight the positive aspects in the interior:

  1. Artificial wood and stone - an example of nobility and beauty. Countertops, cabinets, shelves and even sinks are made from such material. Looks good in a classic or modern style.
  2. Natural woods are a sign of true we alth and taste. Not bad complements such types of design as country, vintage, provence and chalets. Suitable for lovers of romantic atmosphere and freedom.
  3. Glossy and matte finish for a contemporary feel. If you add another drop of neon lighting, then the design is ready with clear futuristic motifs.

It should only be noted that a dark interior is only suitable for a relatively large kitchen with enough light sources.


An important feature of a dark interior, which is especially significant for a bathroom, is the ability to hide irregularities and flaws that have arisen on the surface. In addition, glossy elements play with the reflections of some objects and create a good visual illusion.

dark bathroom

To design a bathroom in dark colors, you should pay attention toattention to:

  • elegance of monochromatic smooth or corrugated tiles;
  • ceramic, which is stylized as a stone cut;
  • "cocktail" of mosaics or gradients with soft transitions;
  • coverings from dark massifs or light European breed;
  • the presence of thermal wood, which is moisture resistant and is not affected by physical or biological stimuli.

So, instead of long fortune-telling, you can just be inspired by ready-made photos of a dark interior (some are presented in the article) and find your zest in the design.


The dark color scheme is ideal for the bedroom: it provides calmness, isolation from external disturbances and absolute privacy. The design uses several successful manipulations:

  1. Playing with contrasts. Standard option when decorating a room. The most popular pairs of tones are black and white and black and red. But do not limit yourself to this set, but give free rein to your imagination.
  2. Accent on the wall. In this case, everything is easy - just a bright yellow, green, blue or pastel wall reigns among the dark shades. The perception of the interior immediately changes and a cheerful atmosphere is created.
dark bedroom

Brown and dark blue shades are often present. Chocolate decoration inspires the sweetest dreams. The blue color reveals the mystery and depth of the night.

Living room

Dark living room interiors capture their inherent diversity and breadth. Here it is possible to scalescope, which is characteristic of antiquity, or modesty and conciseness of lines, characteristic of minimalism.

dark gray interior

The decor of the living rooms is dominated by burgundy, brown and dark green shades. The chosen palette should soothe and emphasize the intimacy of a conversation with a loved one. Warmth in the living room will bring a fireplace (which will play the role of lighting) and stylish floor lamps.

So, a dark interior is not a fact of a gloomy awareness of the world and a tragic worldview. It is an art that needs to be rethought and rediscovered.

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