Description of the Frumoas Alba grape variety

Description of the Frumoas Alba grape variety
Description of the Frumoas Alba grape variety

Table grapes are highly valued for their early ripening and pleasant taste. Frumoas Albe grapes are especially distinguished, because this variety is distinguished by its unpretentiousness in care, the berries have a marketable appearance, although at the same time they are quite fragile and loose. In general, grapes are a tasty and he althy dessert.


The name of Frumoas Alba grapes is translated as "White beauty". This variety has an average ripening period for berries, and in the southern regions of the country it ripens faster. The berries keep until frost, delighting with a pleasant taste. This grape belongs to dessert varieties.

Gardeners like it due to its resistance to too hot weather, a lot of sunlight. And also the skin of the berries does not crack after rain in hot weather. The older the berry vine, the more intense the taste of the berries. Therefore, they are best consumed fresh.

Frumoas Alba grapes are resistant to cold. Also, this variety is distinguished by resistance to various fungal diseases. Thanks to these qualities andunpretentiousness in care, this variety is popular.

Frumoas Alba grapes


In the description of the Frumoas Alba grape variety, it is noted that the bushes are medium-sized. Although sometimes they can reach 2 m. The leaves are wavy, medium in size, and the flowers are well pollinated. Berries in medium to large clusters.

The mass of a bunch can be from 300 to 700 g, most often - 500-600 g. The berries are yellow-green in color, and the shape is round and sometimes oval. This grape has a sweet taste, and the flesh is juicy, with a pleasant nutmeg aroma. It should be noted that the smell of grapes is quite strong. Its taste is highly appreciated by fans.

Pros and cons

This variety has a number of advantages that make it popular with gardeners. These are like:

  1. High yield.
  2. Harmonious taste with light notes of nutmeg.
  3. The longer the berries hang on the vine, the richer the taste becomes.
  4. Clusters ripen evenly along the length of the vine.
  5. Resistant to fungal diseases and pests.

But Frumoas Alba grapes also have disadvantages:

  • average frost resistance;
  • need to normalize the load of bunches to escape - there should be no more than two;
  • susceptibility to powdery mildew.

But, despite the shortcomings, this variety is widespread in horticultural culture due to its taste and unpretentious care.

grape berries

Planting conditions

How to plant the Frumoas Alba grape variety correctly? The site on the sunny south side suits him best, be sure to step back 1.5 m from the wall. It is preferable to plant in the spring, following certain recommendations:

  1. The distance between seedlings should be at least 2 m.
  2. Planting depth - 25-35 cm.
  3. The seedling should be placed, slightly tilted to the north.
  4. It is abundantly watered and the earth around it is protected from weathering and freezing.
  5. When the cutting has taken root, it must be planted 15 cm deeper than the container in which it grew.

If you don't have a summer cottage, you can grow vines in pots.

  1. This grape variety needs to be grown in tubs, each year changing the capacity to a larger one.
  2. It is necessary to ventilate the room, while avoiding drafts.
  3. Use organo-mineral fertilizers for top dressing.
  4. Pest prevention should only be done with products that can be used indoors.

Then it is best to take the tub of grapes to the balcony or loggia, where there will be enough space and light for the vines.

grapes in a bowl

Features of care

For each bush, you need to prepare a support and make a trellis. The seedling should be watered in moderation and regularly. Already an adult vine needs to be moistened more actively in the spring and summer. Also need to be watered frequently during flowering.

Best for top dressinguse water-soluble fertilizers so that they are more easily absorbed by the roots. The dosage of organomineral dressings must be selected in accordance with the instructions. It is very important to distribute the load correctly: there should not be more than two bunches of grapes on one shoot. Then the berries will be large and sweet.

When the vine has just been planted, you need to leave one shoot and protect the ground from weathering and freezing. Adult vines are bent down, laid on the ground and also sprinkled with sawdust. Snow is raked up to the trunk, and in the spring it is removed.

grape variety Frumoas Alba


This variety is popular. In reviews of Frumoas Alba grapes, gardeners highly appreciate the taste of berries. Gardeners also like the fact that this variety has a high yield. And unpretentious care allows it to be grown in different regions and even in urban areas.

Frumoas Alba grapes are distinguished by the fact that the berries grow evenly on the entire vine. They are the same in size and shape. A pleasant aroma is another benefit. Such delicious berries are a wonderful dessert and a great alternative to various confectionery and sweets.

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