DIY shoe dryer: simple and original designs

DIY shoe dryer: simple and original designs
DIY shoe dryer: simple and original designs

After walking in the rain or wet snow, boots and boots need to be dried. Usually shoes are placed on top or leaned against a hot heating radiator. The consequences are quite predictable: after several procedures, the sole peels off or the skin warps. The shoes are categorically ruined, and the mood too. Fortunately, not everything is so bad.

How to deal with the problem?

Wet shoes can cause fungus to develop. If you wear wet shoes, you will inevitably catch a cold or runny nose.

The easiest way to avoid such troubles is to install a dryer on a battery. This is a removable plastic or wooden grate on which damp shoes or sneakers are placed on top. A hot radiator, not in direct contact with the sole material, cannot cause harm. Natural circulation of heated air contributes to high-quality drying in a few hours.

DIY shoe dryer

Ionic, electric, ultrasonic, antifungal and others

To understand the devices on the market, we list some of their features.

  1. Floor-mounted electric shoe dryer can take several pairs of boots or shoes at the same time. This is not the smallest design that takes up a certain place in the hallway.
  2. Among the mini versions designed for one pair, there are equipped with a fan, ultrasonic, ultraviolet.
  3. The flexible universal electric shoe dryer has an insulated heating element inside that is inserted inside the shoe.
  4. Induction mats that take up little space and are completely safe.

The choice of a particular design depends on the number of family members, the size of the hallway and the preferences of the owners. In some cases, you can make yourself quite a decent and convenient device for this purpose.

battery dryer

Fancy Universal DIY Shoe Dryer

Why spoil your favorite boots on a hot battery when you can make a pretty decent device from a computer fan. To work, you will need the following items:

  • unnecessary working cooler;
  • meter corrugated tube;
  • 12-volt computer power supply;
  • extension and connecting wires;
  • electric box;
  • a few screws;
  • electric plug.

Before assembly, you need to cut a round hole in the box according to the size of the cooler. We divide the corrugation into two parts and for them we also make slots in the electrical box. The cooler must be inserted and secured with self-tapping screws so that air is forced into the attached hoses. All gapsmust be sealed with rubber gaskets to direct the air flow in the desired direction. Got a shoe dryer. With their own hands, both ends of the corrugations are inserted into the boots, power is supplied to the device. This original design is able to work even from a car cigarette lighter, which is very important when traveling out of town, in the country, fishing or hunting.

homemade shoe dryer

Unconventional use of familiar objects

In the warm season, sneakers and sneakers can simply be hung by the laces on a clothesline. Sometimes they are fastened with clothespins. The breeze helps the moisture dissipate. In an apartment, you have to use household appliances. In urgent cases, even blowing with a hairdryer helps.

A do-it-yourself shoe dryer can be made from an ordinary "wind blower" - a home heater with a fan. The wet couple is placed on a low stool. Shoes blown with hot air are brought to a normal state in 2-3 hours. It is strongly not recommended to leave the heater on for a long time (overnight) unattended - in order to avoid a sudden circuit.

Lumps of crumpled newspaper sheets placed inside the boots quickly absorb moisture. The inconvenience is the need for regular (in an hour and a half) replacement of moistened paper. If you combine these two methods: pieces of newspaper and blowing "wind blow", the result will be achieved much faster.

shoe dryer

Apartment stove-heater - shoe dryer

You can create with your own handsa completely original and useful device for the designated purpose. You will need to stock up on medium-sized river pebbles in advance. Then a wooden frame is prepared - a frame with low walls, outwardly resembling a box for vegetables. An oil heater laid on its side will serve as the bottom. From below, it is installed on a frame with legs, and cooked pebbles are laid out on top of it.

Such a device can always be kept on, as it has a temperature controller. Wet shoes are placed on heated pebbles and kept until completely dry.

The size of the structure depends on the dimensions of the radiator. DIY shoe dryer made, you can use it. It will fit several pairs that are not threatened by either overheating or drying out.

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