Sofa "Rhine" corner: quality characteristics and reviews

Sofa "Rhine" corner: quality characteristics and reviews
Sofa "Rhine" corner: quality characteristics and reviews

"No comfort without a sofa!" - the slogan of any interior designer living space. Indeed, no matter how creatively we design our home, it is very difficult to imagine it without the usual comfortable soft lounger with a back. It can be something classic, unconventional, rare or just very modest, but in any case, we need to equip our rooms with comfortable seating and lying places.

And a folding sofa also helps out its owners, significantly saving space and providing them with double spacious beds if necessary. We present to your attention the corner sofa “Rhine”, which fits perfectly into small spaces.

Great choice

sofa rhine corner

The "Rhine" sofa is a corner sofa, so it is very functional. Perfectly integrates into the interior of any office and administrative premises, the lobby of a reputable boutique or the waiting room in the establishment of individual customer service. Modifications for severe business men and for glamorous ladies. A variety of colors, genuine leather or artificial, economy class, standard or luxury. For yourdiscretion and consumer options.

The range ranges from conservative leather corner sofas, airy romantic fabrics with textured upholstery to suit classic interiors, or simply modest pieces of versatile design in a practical minimalist style.

Quality characteristics

sofa corner rhine price

Sofa "Rhine" corner boasts a decent price / quality ratio. And cost plays a major role here. Such a sofa is often purchased for a family nest, and, accordingly, there is a possibility that children will jump on it. Therefore, the corner sofa "Rhine" requires a strong supporting structure, since its versatility causes frequent changes in shape, folding and unfolding. Therefore, both the spring structure and the wooden frame must be made at the appropriate level. Pay attention to these characteristics when buying.

Also, upholstery fabrics must meet the requirements of indelibility and inextensibility. The functionality of the material should ensure the long life of the sofa while maintaining its original appearance.

corner sofa rhine reviews

Corner sofa "Rhine" gets different reviews. Most buyers like its design due to its compactness and versatility. A simple unpretentious design encourages many to make a choice in favor of this model, because such a sofa is harmoniouslywill fit into any interior without special requirements.

Corner sofa "Rhine": price

As for prices, they are so diverse that it is difficult to single out any general trend.

If you liked the corner sofa "Rhine" with such valuable performance characteristics, then you can safely look for your price option from all the offers in the world of the furniture market.

If you have limited opportunities and you are interested in economy class offers, then the price is 7,800 rubles. is the minimum you can find. Of course, you can't vouch for the quality here.

The average version of the standard class is 30,700 rubles. with all the resulting averages.

Italian samples of truly high-quality and durable furniture with the best characteristics are presented in a price and functional range from 60 to 105 thousand rubles. These are, of course, sofas from a series of unfulfilled dreams of many housewives.

Whatever you choose, we wish you a successful purchase and comfort in your home!

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