Variety of Crimean apples: description and photo

Variety of Crimean apples: description and photo
Variety of Crimean apples: description and photo

The climate in the Crimea, as you know, is subtropical, quite mild and at the same time warm. Therefore, any horticultural crops can be grown here with great success. Of course, many summer residents of the peninsula plant apple trees on their plots. Such fruit trees in the Crimea are very popular and grow everywhere. They even compose poems and write songs about them. For example, the composition of the famous singer Petliura "Crimean Apple Aroma" is very popular in Russia.

Apple preparations

You can grow almost any variety of this crop in the subtropical zone. In any case, the harvest can be significant. But some varieties of apple trees are still best suited for Crimea.

What is worth planting

The most popular varieties of Crimean apples can be considered the following:

  • Semerenko.

  • Kandil Sinap.

  • Gold Crimea.

  • Golden Delicious.

  • Gult Pembe.

  • Aurora Crimean.

All these varieties are unpretentious and simplywonderful taste.

Presentation of apples

Semerenko - variety of Crimean apples with photo

This variety in the southern regions of Russia is grown by many summer residents. At the moment, this is perhaps one of the most popular varieties in our country. The fruits of Semerenko are valued primarily for their excellent taste and transportability. These apples were bred in the 19th century. Platon Semerenko. In the middle of the XX century. they were described by the son of this breeder, after which the variety was entered into the State Register. In Europe, these apples are unknown and are grown exclusively in Russia and some countries of the former USSR.

The main disadvantage of the variety of Crimean apples Semerenko is low winter hardiness. Therefore, in the Urals or, for example, in Siberia, it is most likely impossible to grow such trees. This variety is intended for cultivation in warm, mild climates. Therefore, it fits just perfectly for Crimea.

The tree of this variety itself is tall and has a wide-round spreading crown. The bark of Semerenko apple trees is dark brown. On the sunny side in summer, it can fade to light orange.

Semerenko Fruits

Apple skins of this variety are green. Their flesh is quite sweet, crispy and juicy. The fruits of Semerenko grow quite large. Their average weight is 150-180 g. If the crop is rationed, this figure can increase up to 200 g.

Variety Semerenko

A feature of Semerenko apples, among other things, is that on the surface of their skinthere are light green dots. The flesh of apples of this variety is creamy in color. Sugar it can contain from 8 to 12%.

The fruits of this variety are mainly used for fresh consumption. Also, many gardeners consider Semerenko just perfect apples for juicing.

General description of variety Kandil Sinap

Some varieties of apple trees were once bred exclusively for cultivation in the Crimea. The varieties of the Sinap group also belong to them. Such apple trees, like Semerenko, are suitable for planting only in warm regions with a mild climate. Many gardeners believe that the variety of this group, Kandil Sinap, is especially distinguished by its outstanding qualities. Crimean apples of this variety in Russia and the countries of the former CIS are called a real fragrant miracle. The taste of these fruits is simply excellent.

The origin of this variety of Crimean apples, unfortunately, is not known for certain. However, according to the most common version, it was obtained by sowing the seeds of Sarah Sinap.

The trees of this variety, like Semerenko, are tall. The crown of these apple trees is narrow pyramidal. Therefore, it is best to plant such trees in places well protected from the wind.

The advantages of such Crimean Sinap apples, photos of which can be seen above on the page, among other things, include high yields. With one such mature tree per season, you can harvest 200-300 kg.

Variety Kandil Sinap

Fruits of Kandil Sinap

Apples on trees of this variety grow pale yellow withnumerous subcutaneous green dots. On the sunny side in summer, a fairly bright blush appears on their skin. The flesh of the fruits of this variety also has a pale yellow color. The taste of Crimean apples Sinap Kandil is sweet and sour. One of the features of the fruits of this variety is the delicate structure of the pulp. They are supposed to be transported carefully.

Some drawback of the variety is that its fruits do not stick too tightly to the branches. In windy weather, they can fall to the ground.

These apple trees are harvested in late August - early September. The fruits of Kandil Sinap can be used both for fresh consumption and for processing.

What is Golden Delicious

Kandil Crimean apples are characterized by excellent taste qualities. But no less popular on the peninsula is the Golden Delicious apple variety. This variety is also very common in the Crimean gardens. One of its absolute advantages is unpretentiousness. Also, the advantage of Golden Delicious apple trees is high yield. This Crimean variety is one of the oldest. It is not known exactly how it was released. Some researchers believe that it was brought to Crimea from Southern Virginia.

The disadvantages of this variety of juicy Crimean apples, as well as the two previous ones, gardeners attribute primarily a low degree of frost resistance. Also Gloden Delicious, unfortunately, is often infected with powdery mildew.

Variety Golden Delicious

The height of the apple tree of this variety is above average. Young trees atthis is distinguished by a conical shape. Later, the branches of Golden Delicious apple trees bend under the weight of the fruit. As a result, the crown becomes spherical.

The features of this apple tree, among other things, include the fact that it needs pollinators. Next to Golden Delicious, you can plant, for example, varieties such as Melrose or Jonathan. The yield of Golden Delicious apple trees can reach 250-300 q/ha.

Fruit characteristics

The taste qualities of apples of this variety are simply excellent. The fruits of Golden Delicious are never fresh. They have a very sweet taste. In this regard, Golden Delicious surpasses even Semerenko, beloved by many. Sugar in the fruits of this variety contains about 20%. The flesh of these apples is so juicy and tender that it literally melts in your mouth. The peel of Golden fruits is painted in rich yellow color. You can recognize them, including by subcutaneous black dots.

The fruits of this variety grow quite large. Their weight can be 130-220 g. A distinctive feature of these apples, among other things, is a dense rough skin. Among the advantages of the variety, gardeners, among other things, include earlier ripening of fruits. The main disadvantage of this culture is that during drought its fruits can shrink. In hot summers, apple trees of this variety need to be watered often and plentifully.

A distinctive feature of Golden Delicious fruits, among other things, is a rich pleasant aroma. The keeping quality of this variety of Crimean apples is simply excellent. Moreover, after long-term storage, Golden fruits become even tastier. ATin a cool place, if desired, these apples can be kept from the very day of collection until April of next year.

Another advantage of Golden fruits is their attractive appearance. Below you can see these Crimean apples in the photo. They have an elongated shape, and the color is a pleasant yellow with a red blush.

Variety Gold Crimea

Unlike all those described above, this apple tree is considered relatively hardy. It can be grown not only in a subtropical climate, but also, for example, in the northern regions of the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, in Ukraine. The height of the apple tree of this variety, like many other Crimean ones, is significant. Their crown is spherical, and the branches are located at an angle of 90 degrees to the trunk.

One of the features of the Gold Crimea is precocity. The first apples from such trees in the garden can be harvested already in the second year after planting. Pollinators for Gold Crimea, unlike Golden Delicious, are not required. The disadvantages of this variety, many Crimean gardeners include a voluminous crown. Such apple trees have to be cut every year.

What are the characteristics of fruits

Apples on the trees of this variety grow round-elongated yellow with an orange blush. The sizes of the fruits of Gold Crimea are medium. Their weight can reach 180-200 g. The taste of apples of this variety, according to many summer residents, is excellent. Their flesh is soft and juicy. It has a sweet, refined taste. Gold Crimea apples, among other things, are distinguished by good keeping quality and transportability.

Jam from Crimean apples

Gult Pembe variety: description

This standard Crimean apple tree of national selection has a high pyramidal crown. Gult Pembe begins to bear fruit approximately 5-6 years after planting. One of the undoubted advantages of this variety is its high yield. Up to 500 kg of apples can be harvested from only one such tree per season.

Distinctive features of the Gult Pembe are, among other things, hardiness and resistance to pests and diseases. Such apple trees are absolutely undemanding to the soil.

Description of fruits

To the absolute advantages of this variety of Crimean apples summer residents, among other things, include the fact that apples on such trees hold very tightly. The fruits of Gult Pembe ripen at the end of summer. At the same time, they can remain in bed until November. The main color of these apples is yellow, and the integumentary color is bright red, slightly blurry, with stripes.

The flesh of Gult Pembe fruits is very light with a pink tint. It has a soft, slightly spongy texture. This variety is valued by many gardeners, among other things, for a large percentage of sugar content in fruits. In terms of taste, Gult Pembe apples are slightly inferior to the same Semerenko and Golden Delicious apples. But at the same time, this variety surpasses both of these varieties in terms of yield.

Gult Pembe apples are still not tasty. Their flesh is very sweet with a slight sourness. Despite the fact that the skin of Gult Pembe fruits is thin, they are not bad for transportability.

Aurora Crimean: variety description

Apple trees of this variety do not grow toohigh. Their crown is round. Aurora Crimean begins fruiting 4-5 years after planting. The yield of this variety is about 300 kg per tree. Among the advantages of Aurora, summer residents of the peninsula, among other things, include the resistance of color buds to frost.

Another indisputable advantage of this variety of Crimean apples is a high degree of resistance to scab and powdery mildew. Aurora Crimean requires pollinators for fruiting. Next to such apple trees, you can plant, for example, Golden Delicious or Semerenko.

It is best to plant trees of this variety on fertile garden soil. They grow best in the light. But even in the shade, Aurora Crimean is capable of producing good harvests.


Apples of this variety are medium in size and can reach a weight of 130-150 g. They are slightly conical in shape. The apples of Aurora Crimean look very attractive. Their skin has a bright dark red color with a variation in shades. The flesh of these apples is very tender, sweet and sour. Gardeners consider the taste qualities of Aurora Crimean to be simply excellent. The color of the pulp of apples of this variety is yellowish.

Aurora Crimean

The fruits of this variety ripen in autumn. At the same time, if necessary, you can store them until May.

Adam's apple

The varieties of Crimean apples described above have been the most popular among gardeners for several decades now. With the photos posted on the page, an idea of ​​​​the appearance of such fruits can be obtained quite accurately. As you can see, the apples of the Crimea look verynice. Of course, the taste, like the southern varieties of any other crops, they are simply excellent.

The qualities of Crimean apples, therefore, are excellent. But outwardly, of course, they are not much different from the fruits of northern varieties. Sometimes lovers of exotic fruits are also interested in what unusual Crimean apples with pimples are called. The fruits of the southern plant maklura look like this. In another way they are called Adam's apple. Outwardly, the fruits of this exotic tree are actually somewhat reminiscent of apples. They are green in color, small in size, and round in shape. However, maklura is, of course, not an apple tree, but a completely independent culture from the Mulberry family.

The crown of this tree is spreading and grows quite high. The pulp of maclura fruits has a green color. It also smells like cucumber. The fruits of this tree should not be eaten raw, as they contain poisonous components. The Crimean Adam's apple is used mainly only for the treatment of various diseases. From these fruits, ointments, tinctures, decoctions are prepared for oral or external use. The young leaves and shoots of this plant are also medicinal.

Adam's apple

This tree is native to America. As a fruit plant, maklura is, of course, not grown by summer residents. Crimean gardeners can plant it only as an ornamental crop. This tree with green pimply fruits looks very impressive and can become a decoration of a garden oryard.

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