The best varieties of apples: description, photo

The best varieties of apples: description, photo
The best varieties of apples: description, photo

There are many varieties of apples in the world. Only on the territory of the Russian Federation there are about 324 of them. They are divided into summer, autumn and winter.

So, let's look at the best summer varieties of apples with the name and description.

apples with description and name


One year old. The root system is open. This apple tree ripens by the end of summer. The description of the apple is as follows: fruits of a round-elongated shape, weight approximately 160 g +/- 10 g. The color is green with a slight red blush. The taste is sweet slightly sour. Fruits are not afraid of long transportation. If fresh apples are not fully ripe, they can be stored for 50 to 60 days. An adult tree can bear up to 150 kg of fruit.

The advantages of this variety include:

  • excellent taste;
  • fruits come out very attractive;
  • good yield.

The following qualities are considered disadvantages:

  • old trees of these varieties bear fruit with some frequency;
  • this variety of apple trees does not respond well to winter;
  • scab intolerance.


It also ripens towards the end of summer, around August.The consumer period for this tree has been extended until early October, because apples begin to ripen gradually. The average fruit weight of this variety is approximately 130-160 grams.

Consider the description of an apple: the shape is conical, there is a barely noticeable ribbing, the apples are green-yellow with bright red stripes. Sweet and sour taste. A mature tree can produce up to 100 kg of delicious fruit.


  • perfectly withstands winter cold;
  • good taste;
  • fruit regularly and quickly.


  • with age, the immunity to scab in a tree decreases;
  • trees grow very tall.


Fruits from this tree can be harvested as early as June. But if the conditions during the year were not the best, then the harvest will have to wait until August. The description of the apple is as follows: fruits of medium size, do not exceed 180 g. The smallest weigh about 90 g. Yellowish-orange color with a blush in the form of stripes. More sweet than sour. You can store them for no more than 10 days. The view is not quite marketable, so it is more suitable for an amateur garden.


  • variety quickly bears fruit;
  • apples are good for dessert;
  • winter hardiness does not exceed the average level.


  • apples are badly affected by scab;
  • with age, the frequency of fruiting worsens.
apple photo description

Autumn varieties

Collection of autumn apples starts in September. Stored fruitsmaybe until the middle of winter. The crop is characterized by good winter hardiness and keeping quality. Consider the best varieties of apples with photos and descriptions.

Chosen One

The harvest ripens from August to September. The fruits are of medium size. Apples are yellow in color, streaked with a bright red blush. Juicy sweet taste, diluted with a little sourness. You can store fruits until November.


  • good winter hardiness;
  • trees are not tall;
  • tastes perfect for dessert.


  • the period of storage of fruits is not long;
  • fruits are affected by scab.


Trees are low, medium size. They belong to the mixed type in terms of fruitfulness. Description of the apple: fruits are large, rounded, green-yellow in color with a blurred red blush. Once harvested from trees, they can be stored for 2 to 3 months. The taste is sweet and sour.


  • fruiting regular;
  • high winter hardiness;
  • variety not prone to scab;
  • good presentation;
  • great taste.


  • short storage period;
  • apples tend to crumble.


Sing in late autumn. Large apples growing from 120 g to 350 g. Fruits are yellow in color with a striped blush of deep red. Requires maturity. You can start using them only after 2 or 3 weeks after collection. The consumption period lasts approximately three months. The fruits are sweet with a very pleasant sourness.

Pros and cons:

  • presentation at a high level;
  • scab does no harm;
  • maturing comes at the same time;
  • great taste;
  • medium winter hardiness.
apple varieties with photos and descriptions

Winter varieties

Apples that ripen late are called winter apples. They are valued because they can be eaten for almost a whole year. Consider the most popular varieties of apples, photos and descriptions of fruits.


Late winter variety. The weight of the block reaches 200 g. The peel has a wax coating to the touch. Purple-green apples. Very juicy. The taste is represented by a harmonious combination of sour and sweet. These apples have a shelf life of 7 to 8 months.


  • fruits are large enough;
  • scab don't harm them;
  • fruiting regular;
  • can be stored for a long time;
  • fruits are unpretentious during transportation.


  • if the tree is overloaded with fruits, then the apples on it will start to shrink;
  • fertility declines during harsh winter times.
apple varieties


Mixed early winter type of fruiting apples. Fruits from 150 to 250 g. Skin with a strong wax coating to the touch. The color of apples is yellow-green, although crimson blush prevails more. After harvest, the apples become more burgundy in color. The shelf life is until March, and the taste is very sweet.


  • large fruits;
  • apple trees bear fruit every year;
  • storagefor a long time does not affect the taste in any way;
  • quick fruiting.


apples are susceptible to scab


Very large apples, fruit weight reaches 400 grams. Green coloration mixed with dark crimson blush. Apples should be eaten fresh or kept in the refrigerator until January at the latest.


  • do not crumble;
  • fruit regularly;
  • winter hardiness is excellent;
  • scab resistant;
  • fruiting rate is high;
  • presentation at a high level.


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