How to choose a lawn mower correctly?

How to choose a lawn mower correctly?
How to choose a lawn mower correctly?
how to choose a lawnmower

Dealing with unwanted grass can seem like a never ending task if you own a large tract or wooded area. If you have never used a scythe, then you will be surprised how effective it will be. Traditional steel structures are lightened by the use of plastics and alloys. The modern gasoline brushcutter trimmer offers improved power through advances in engine and carburetor design. The new models are being used for tasks ranging from weed control to underwater cutting of concrete.

We all have heard the word "trimmer" at least once in our lives, but, unfortunately, not everyone understands its full meaning.

The word "trimmer" in translation is a cutter or trimmer. At the same time, this type of technical device can be equipped with both an electric and a gasoline engine. For us, there is a simpler and more understandable word - motokosa, which essentially carries the same semantic load.

How to choose the right scythe?

Motokosa designed for cutting grass. She isequipped with a special mechanism, which consists of a cord mustache that rotates at high speed during operation.

Motokosa (prices depend on power) can easily handle both thick and rough vegetation. That is, the higher the power, the more varieties of weeds are destroyed. Of course, the productivity of the tool also increases.

How to choose a lawn mower?

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Gasoline powered units are very popular due to several main advantages.

First, they are autonomous. There is no binding to one place, as is the case with electric lawn mowers. No need to constantly think about where to connect the device, as well as get confused in meter cords. Moreover, the electric cord can crush the grass, and it will take some time to restore its previous appearance. Secondly, they are much more powerful and more efficient than their electrical counterparts. The motor is located at the top of the tool, which gives you the ability to work even with wet grass.

How to choose a gasoline lawn mower?

The models of petrol trimmers differ from each other by their power characteristics and the type of engines (two-stroke and four-stroke), the bar, which can be angular, straight, split and monolithic in shape. The control knobs can also have different shapes: T-, J-, D-shaped. Trimmer heads and/or circular knives can be used as cutting tools.

Cutters equipped with a four-stroke engine have the following feature: oil and gasoline must be poured into the engine according toseparately, like in a car. Brushcutters equipped with a two-stroke engine require a preliminary preparation of a fuel mixture consisting of oil and gasoline.

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How to choose a gasoline lawn mower, now you know, it remains only to decide on the goals. For example, for mowing grass over a large area, it is best to use gasoline scythes with a straight bar and a T-handle that will allow you to make wide swings.

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