Replacing kitchen fronts and countertops: features, types and recommendations

Replacing kitchen fronts and countertops: features, types and recommendations
Replacing kitchen fronts and countertops: features, types and recommendations

Kitchen furniture is most exposed to elevated temperatures and moisture, so the question often arises of replacing it. But what if the old one is so comfortable and ergonomic that you don’t want to part with it? There is a way out - replacing the kitchen facades. We will consider the features and relevance of these works in more detail.

Furniture design

Any furniture can be thought of as two components:

  • Internal filling. Responsible for the usefulness of the volume. The number and location of shelves, drawers should be as convenient and accessible as possible during cooking, washing dishes, table setting. The material for internal structures is most often used economical chipboard, chipboard. Its reliability depends on its thickness.
  • Front side. Facades are used for doors of cabinets and drawers, countertops are used for the working area. Modernity dictates a tribute to fashion, so the range used for the front of the kitchen set is striking in its scale.

Separately, you can select accessories for furniture. Ease of use depends on its quality.

replacing kitchen fronts

As a rule, when kitchen facades are replaced, you have to buy a new set of fittings. But if you wish, you can leave the old one.

Types of facades

There are many options for finishing the front of the headset. Therefore, if the replacement of kitchen facades is inevitable, you should carefully consider the selection of material:

  • Array. Such facades are distinguished by an expensive look, environmental friendliness. Of course, natural material is difficult to replace with another because of its uniqueness. But do not forget that wood requires maintenance, and also burns out under ultraviolet rays and is afraid of direct exposure to moisture.
  • chipboard or laminated MDF. This is one of the most budget options, has a wide range of products. Along with this, in an aggressive environment, it quickly loses its appearance. Facades with straight shapes are made from this material.
  • MDF with enamel finish. The technology is based on the application of several layers of enamel and alternate varnishing and polishing. The resulting surface has a beautiful appearance, resistance to aggressive environments. If the enamel is of high quality, it tolerates exposure to ultraviolet radiation. With mechanical shock, chips may appear. How relevant is the glossy surface in the kitchen, everyone decides individually. Grease stains are visible on such planes.
  • PVC coated MDF. The range of films used for such facades is distinguished by a large assortment. These are both painted and under the texture of natural materials, glossy, matte surfaces. Low cost, goodtolerance to aggressive environments. Film may peel off at elevated temperatures.
  • MDF laminated. Good resistance to aggressive environments, ultraviolet, mechanical stress, the ability to manufacture facades of any shape, long service life without loss of quality. Can be glossy and matte. If any stains are visible on the former, then the latter are difficult to wash.
  • Frame based on MDF. Framing is most often pasted over with a film, the internal filling can be from any material - from MDF to glass. Such facades are distinguished by low cost, light weight, wide range. The disadvantages include poor resistance to aggressive environments, peeling of the film under the influence of elevated temperature.
  • Framework based on aluminum. The filling of such facades can be different. They have high strength data, resistance to mechanical stress and moisture. High price, requires a special fastening system, fades over time, cannot be cleaned with abrasive products.

Selection of material when replacing kitchen facades is the most important thing.

replacing fronts on kitchen cabinets

It is required not only to choose high-quality cladding, but also a fastener system, but also to link it with the design project of the kitchen itself.

Types of countertops

As a rule, the replacement of kitchen facades and countertops is carried out at the same time. Consider what types of table materials exist:

  • Granite. Wide colorgamma, reliability, long service life, but high price.
  • Marble. Wear-resistant, reliable, beautiful, high price.
  • Artificial stone. Such countertops differ in all the qualities of the previous options, but at the same time the price is much lower. And the manufacturing technology allows you to decorate the working surface of the kitchen without joints.
  • Wooden countertops. No one can replace natural fiber, but it does not have high stability. Requires special care. The cost is quite high.
  • LDSP. The most budget option, but the quality is low, it quickly fails.

Kitchen fronts and countertops are replaced at the same time.

replacement of the facade of kitchen furniture price

Therefore, it is important to find the optimal combination of materials, colors, textures.

When do kitchen fronts need to be replaced?

First of all, when the kitchen lost its attractive appearance, the fittings stopped working properly. And if the internal structure has been preserved in excellent condition or needs to be repaired, then instead of buying new furniture, replacing the facade on a kitchen set is the best option.

replacement of kitchen fronts and countertops

The second case is a kitchen renovation. Tired of the old design and want to radically change the style. In this option, replacing the facade on the kitchen set will also help. Fortunately, the range of material makes it easy to find a suitable look for any stylistic design.


There are a number of advantages of such a repair:

  • Significantsaving the budget for the purchase of new furniture - up to 60%.
  • Time. Work takes half a day.
  • The ability to radically change the design of the kitchen in a matter of days.

Replacing kitchen facades (in St. Petersburg or in any other city) is a popular service. This is based on the benefits of such furniture restoration.

Recommendations for selection and replacement

You can contact the company involved in such work. Representatives will come to the site and take measurements. Taking into account the wishes, a design project will be developed and submitted for approval. This is an important point. It's one thing when you choose the material yourself, it's another when you can see the future result in 3D projection before purchasing. It is quite possible that you will want to purchase a different facade. After that, the terms of delivery and the price for installation are negotiated. Such firms remove all worries about the search and selection of material from the shoulders of customers. They will also recommend fittings and provide a guarantee for the work. That is why the replacement of kitchen facades and countertops in Moscow (and in other cities) through specialized companies is gaining momentum.

How to take measurements

To order new facades, measurements of existing ones will have to be made. To do this, measure the width and height of each door. The hardware is being reviewed. After that, you can safely go shopping to select new facades. At the countertop, the length and width are also measured.

replacement of facades on the kitchen set price

What is good about calling a measurer at home? On site, he will take into account the possibility of installing a fundamentally new material to replace the old one, taking into account the existingaccessories or a set of new. And accordingly, it will help you choose the best option.

Installation technology

Replacing the facade on kitchen furniture begins with the dismantling of the old one. They do this as carefully as possible, without violating the integrity of the internal construct. Next, the attachment points on the headset and the new facade are outlined, if necessary, new holes are drilled for fittings. Handles are installed on the doors. And the facade is fixed in place. If necessary, the doors are leveled. As for the countertop, everything is simple here - a new one is simply installed in place of the old one. Nevertheless, such work requires certain skills and craftsmanship, so if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to contact specialists.


Numerous responses testify to the high quality of the result. The old boring kitchen in one day changes its "face" due to the fact that the facade of the kitchen furniture was replaced. The price of products largely depends on the choice of material.

replacement of the facade on the kitchen furniture

And also reviews say that it is better to contact dealers from factories or manufacturers. This approach significantly reduces the production time, and also makes it possible to order facades to the required size and design.


How much does it cost to replace facades on a kitchen set? The price of such work depends on the complexity of the process, material, accessories. As a rule, the most expensive restoration work is associated with the array (from 17,000rub. per sq. m), and the cheapest - with chipboard facades (from 2200 rubles per sq. m).

replacement of kitchen facades in St. Petersburg

Replacing facades on a kitchen set can significantly reduce the cost of buying a new set. This is especially true for built-in options. The production technology of facades allows you to make any kind of doors without any problems. Therefore, this way of reviving old furniture is becoming more and more relevant.

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