B15 concrete and its use in construction

B15 concrete and its use in construction
B15 concrete and its use in construction
Concrete v15

The basic technical characteristic that affects where B15 concrete is used is the strength factor. All other properties will mainly depend on the type of mixture used. For example, at low cement concentrations, hardness values ​​may vary. The density of such a composition is characterized to a greater extent by the filler, which is added in the form of lime, gravel or crushed granite. The latter option is considered the most expensive, therefore, B15 concrete is rarely performed with its use. The price in this case increases significantly. If you strictly follow the recipe, then the content of various impurities and other inclusions is excluded during the cooking process.

Unlike heavy analogues, B15 concrete practically does not require the inclusion of special additives. This does not apply only to ingredients that prevent the finished mixture from freezing. The strength of this composition is considered sufficient for the construction of concrete screeds, the construction of foundations and paths. Very often it is used in the manufacture of road slabs, as well as FBS blocks. In individual construction, it is actively used when pouring various types of foundations and erecting utilitypremises.

B15 class concrete

To date, class B15 concrete has become one of the most popular in low-rise construction. It is he who becomes an indispensable assistant in the construction of suburban buildings, providing quite good quality for a small cost. Thus, the main advantage of the concrete mixture of this class is the comparative cheapness with excellent strength characteristics.

When self-constructing a house or some other building, the percentages of materials used to prepare the mixture must be known. The proportionality of all components plays an important role in the foundation process, because it acts as the basis of any building. To ensure a long service life of the entire structure, you should take care of the foundation by preparing the B15 concrete correctly. Strip foundations have good qualities, but there are options in the form of concrete columns or blocks.

Concrete v15 price

The composition of any concrete mixture includes: water, filler and binder. The last ingredient is cement. Obtaining a high-quality composition can only be guaranteed by the M200 brand and higher, although the M150 is quite suitable for a small country house. As a rule, for one unit of cement there are three to four units of sand and the same amount of filler. When concrete B15 is being prepared, the content of other impurities in the form of grass, soil and other foreign matter is not allowed. Preferably with a concrete mixerstir the mixture well. Manually achieving a good result is quite problematic. All components included in the composition are materials of different grain size, which must necessarily fill all voids evenly.

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