Plastic windows "Labrador": reviews. Windows "Labrador": prices

Plastic windows "Labrador": reviews. Windows "Labrador": prices
Plastic windows "Labrador": reviews. Windows "Labrador": prices

Plastic windows are not the first year in the lead in the segment. They are popular among all segments of the population, are in great demand, and are represented by an extensive model range. Today it is the most effective solution in the field of glazing. In addition, Labrador windows, the prices for which are very reasonable, can be purchased even with discounts. The initial cost of a product measuring, for example, 1500 mm by 1400 mm is about 9.5 thousand rubles.

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Positive reviews of the window "Labrador" deservedly

In general, PVC windows can have any geometric variation (square, rectangle). Of course, depending on the complexity of the forms of products, the price for them also varies. Color accompaniment can also be for every taste. Reviews of the Labrador window are mostly positive. According to customers, these are high-quality products at a reasonable price, the fittings work flawlessly. Alsousers note that thanks to these window structures, street noise is blocked, the room becomes much warmer and more comfortable.

Already appreciated the windows "Labrador" St. Petersburg. Structures that do not warp anywhere and that do not lead in different directions are used in many houses in the city. The main thing is to entrust their installation to experienced craftsmen. With a professional approach to business, the procedure for installing products takes about 3-3.5 hours. During this time, specialists manage to level out the distortions of the openings, conduct an introductory briefing on the use of installed models of structures.

After the work skillfully performed by the masters, customers often leave positive feedback. The workers of the brigade install windows "Labrador" not only quickly, but also very high quality. They also take out construction debris, remove unnecessary window sills and frames from apartments. This is especially helpful for those who live alone, such as retired people, or who are unable to handle the job on their own.

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Assortment range

Modern production workshops are able to manufacture products not only of the usual standard shapes, but also triangular, round, trapezoidal. Customers can safely experiment with their design ideas of any complexity. The Labrador plant also offers plastic windows to its customers in the most non-trivial forms. For example, for a bedroom, you can order a model in the form of an arch or a circle. But such non-standard solutions are most often appropriate for private houses, instyle and architecture of urban high-rise buildings, they are not particularly appropriate.

Plastic windows "Labrador" St. Petersburg has been actively exploiting for several years. Products look first-class if, before installing them, you choose the design that is most suitable for a particular type of room, as well as accessories. If there is a desire to somehow transform the interior decoration in a special way, then you can always get acquainted with the new products of this product, find out what exclusive models have appeared, what are their advantages.

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A little about color accompaniment

Today, plastic windows are becoming more and more popular. Their rating is growing every day. They are used both for decoration of window openings of private houses, apartments, and office buildings. Double-glazed windows in a color profile deserve special attention. The classic white version, of course, is placed everywhere, but there are people with a creative approach to this matter who need colored "Labrador" windows. Vyborg also offers such products in a wide variety. Red, green, blue, whatever models are offered to customers so that they can change the overall look of the house to their liking.

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How the color of PVC windows is created

Colors of plastic window models can be created in several ways:

- Acrylic painting. Resistant acrylic paints are used here.The casting of a colored profile (color melt) is carried out only in the factory.

- Lamination. ATIn this case, the profile is covered with a special film, which retains its brightness for a long time.

The most popular method is lamination, because, in addition to the special decorative qualities, the products are more durable. The film has a strong structure and is able to protect the structure from such negative external influences as scratches, fading.

Only based on personal preferences and taste, it is worth placing an order for the Labrador window company. Vyborg does not constrain its residents in this. They have a range of different items at their disposal.

Before installing window structures, it is imperative to pay attention to the features of the interior style of the room, as well as the exterior. As for the shades of the profile, they can be any, it all depends on the desires and imagination of the customer.

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New generation windows are produced using universal technology. Thanks to it, a reliable sun protection design is created. The plant "Labrador" creates windows in the workshops in accordance with all technological standards. For special quality, this profile even became the best in the North-Western region of the largest Neva metropolis. Every year, more than 6 thousand PVC products are produced here and they are offered to everyone without intermediary cheating. It is with these criteria that a true window leader works.

What else are good windows "Labrador"

The positive features of the windows also include their impeccable finish, material customer costsare optimized here. When creating models, only experienced and skilled craftsmen participate. The work crews include residents of St. Petersburg, and not migrant workers who come to work.

The cost per profile is determined without trade margins. Thanks to this, many people want to cooperate with the manufacturing plant. In addition, the delivery of excellent quality products is free of charge.

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Windows "Labrador" can be installed even on frosty days. Experienced specialists will do everything quickly and efficiently, the customer’s home will not have time to get cold. Here, a warm installation system is used, in which window openings are closed with thermal screens. In order for the work of the brigade employees to be carried out flawlessly, usually the team of mobile teams includes only those masters who have at least 5 years of experience in this service sector.

Before you finally decide on the order of the model from the manufacturer, you can calculate the cost of the profile itself and the cost of installation work. All costs are easily knocked out with the help of a real-time online calculator on the manufacturer's website.

About the factory

From the first day, the Labrador factory set itself the task of creating exceptionally high-quality aluminum and metal-plastic doors and windows. Nevertheless, the products all this time had and still have the most competitive prices in the industry. This is confirmed by regular marketing researches of the price policy of the window market.

Today plastic windows,whose rating is constantly growing up, are produced exclusively on innovative ultra-precise equipment. High-quality imported materials and professional tools are used to obtain structures. Double-glazed windows have an energy-saving coating and are regularly certified by the authorities authorized to fulfill these obligations.

The latest production lines of the Labrador plant and, of course, professional installation of window structures ensure long-term operation of manufactured and installed products. This product is significantly superior in terms of its operational, technical and aesthetic characteristics to similar products from other manufacturers.

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In conclusion

Usually customers are not too lazy to leave feedback. Windows "Labrador" and their quality have already been evaluated and tested by many families, and therefore feel free to share their impressions of their operation on the pages of online resources.

Usually, after installing PVC structures in an apartment, house, office, it becomes much warmer, drafts disappear, and it does not blow anywhere. Also, among the positive phenomena, users note that the room becomes quieter, more comfortable, as street noise disappears. If there are special wishes for the design of windows, then you can initially specify the shape of their original design, color, feature and texture of fittings. Then products of such a plan will become an attractive addition to the interior of the room, transform it for the better. In general, most customers are satisfied with Labrador products.

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