Which brand of acrylic enamel is best?

Which brand of acrylic enamel is best?
Which brand of acrylic enamel is best?

Acrylic enamel is an excellent alternative to conventional paints, but it has many more advantages. Ease of use has made it number one in today's market. This is an effective paint and varnish product that does not have toxicity. This paint is versatile in both home and industrial applications. Therefore, there are quite a few areas of its use.

Material features

Composition of acrylic enamel - desiccants, antiseptics, inhibitors. Acrylic resin imparts color. The paint is highly resistant to environmental factors. In addition, this type of paint product has a high degree of whiteness, impact resistance.

It is thanks to these factors that enamel is so in demand. In addition, it is practically odorless. And in terms of cost, this is a completely democratic option.

Where does it apply?

The material is in demand for painting surfaces made of wood, metal, wood fiber, polystyrene foam. Acrylic enamel forfloor effectively protects it from moisture and premature destruction.

There are a lot of areas of use. In addition, this paint is widely used throughout the world. It is often used to coat metal surfaces. Acrylic enamel for radiators is very popular.

Acrylic enamel for radiators

Important clarification: the paint should not be applied immediately to the metal surface, it must first be treated with a primer. In addition, most cars are also painted with this compound.

Acrylic enamel for radiators and for painting batteries has proven itself well, as it can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees. Enamel is also well suited for painting the bathroom. In this case, you can paint not only the walls, but the bath itself. It is also suitable for painting the kitchen. The paint is non-toxic, so you can safely choose it for kitchen areas, not only at home, but also in catering places - restaurants and cafes.

Top Manufacturers

Today there is a fairly large selection of acrylic enamels from different manufacturers. But you should not buy a too affordable option of dubious quality. It is unlikely that the result of staining will impress. It is better not to save money, but to purchase high-quality paint. More about well-known brands - leaders in the paint and varnish industry.


This manufacturer is part of the AkzoNobel group, the world leader in paints and varnishes. Dulux paint is known all over the world and is used for painting concrete, drywall, brick, plaster. Compoundpractically odorless, dries in two hours. The paint can hide small defects on the surface if applied twice. Long shelf life - 5 years.

Acrylic paint Dulux


Domestic manufacturer, which has been a leader in Russia for 15 years. Modern equipment allows us to produce paint that meets all international standards. At the same time, the product has an affordable price. There is a large selection of formulations for various purposes. Of these, waterproof paint "Tex Universal" stands out. It is suitable for all porous surfaces (concrete, brick, drywall) and protects them from moisture.


Paint of the Tikkurila concern - the leader of the Scandinavian countries. In Russia, the company's materials are also firmly entrenched in the market. A feature of the paints "Joker" is a hypoallergenic composition, which was developed by the Association of Allergic and Asthmatic Diseases of Finland. Safe formulations can be used in the children's room and other areas and not be afraid of harmful effects on the body.

Paint Joker


The manufacturer is part of the AkzoNobel group, a chemical holding producing paints and varnishes. On sale there is a large selection of compositions with the effect of marble, sand, metal. High-quality paint forms a resistant layer on the surface, protecting it from moisture and adverse conditions.

Sadolin Paint


Products of the middle price category, but very highquality. It is used as an interior and facade paint, as well as a primer (preparing the base for painting).

Volume can be calculated by taking into account the number of layers in which it is necessary to paint a certain surface. Accordingly, to achieve a more intense color, you need to cover the surface with several layers.

Recommendations for use

Universal acrylic enamel, although it is easy to use, there are still some tips for its proper use:

  1. Before painting, the surface must be prepared. It needs to be properly cleaned and sanded. Sandpaper can be used for this, and then a primer.
  2. Enamel (one layer) dries in three hours. All subsequent layers should be applied only after the previous one has completely dried.
  3. After the enamel has dried, it can be washed with water without fear of damage.

Acrylic enamel is not without reason so in demand and popular all over the world. This is perhaps the only safe type of paint and varnish product that guarantees a high and lasting result. There are practically no difficulties in applying enamel. This means that each person, following simple recommendations, will be able to paint any surface.

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