Interior clocks: styles and shapes

Interior clocks: styles and shapes
Interior clocks: styles and shapes

In every house, at least in one room, you can find a clock. They are very different: inherited bulky floor or light wall. They can be classic, with gold hands and a dial with Roman numerals, or modern: they may not have a dial at all. Regardless of this, they must show the exact time and in no case stop. In many traditions and cultures, they symbolize the course of life, and it should not be interrupted.


The very first sundial known to mankind appeared more than 5 thousand years ago. In ancient times, people determined time by the position of the shadow: a stick was placed in the center of the circle, and, depending on the time of day, the shadow fell on one or another area.

The next clock - water, appeared in Egypt about 3, 5 thousand years ago. They worked on the principle of sand tanks: 2 reservoirs were installed, water flowed from one to another during the day, by its level it was possible to determine how much time was left before dawn or sunset.

interior clock

Models with a minute hand appeared onlyin the 16th century, but their mechanism was not perfect, and they did not always show the time correctly. In the 17th century, pendulum clocks appeared, they showed more accurate time, but had a very tangible minus - from time to time the pendulum stopped and required winding. It is from the pendulum clock that the tradition of temporary abbreviations by A.M. and R.M., dividing the time before noon and after noon. The fact is that only 12 digits fit on such a dial, and therefore the arrow had to make two circles during the day. The most accurate, quartz, were invented only in the 20th century.

Interior use

The very first interior clocks that appeared in homes were floor clocks. Today they are a luxury item, decoration of the room, but then huge mechanisms simply did not allow them to be made smaller and more compact.

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Floor models have always been exclusive: they were often made to order to match the interior of luxurious decoration and become its centerpiece. Modern floor models are usually made in a classic style to emphasize the fundamental and solid construction.

Desk interior clock is more of a decoration and accessory for home, study or office. You can often find them in antique shops. Wall-mounted today are the most affordable: in watch stores, gift shops, in many supermarkets and shopping centers, you can choose a model of any size and style.

Desk Clock

These models are an obligatory attribute of a solid office of business andsuccessful person. Most often they are made in the classical style of wood with gilded details. The interior clock on the table complements the design, emphasizing its relation to a certain style.

They will look organic in any room, but usually become a decoration of a library, study, office or living room. Such a clock looks spectacular on the fireplace. Interior table models will complete the creation of a cozy and warm, homely atmosphere.

They do not have to be a classic model and outwardly resemble reduced and adapted floor models. Many table clocks are made of metal, belong to the modern or high-tech style, they are also equipped with additional accessories: thermometers, compasses, etc.

Wall clock

Interior wall clock is the perfect combination of beauty with functionality and practicality. Due to their small dimensions, they can be hung in almost any room. A variety of shapes and sizes will allow you to choose the right model for the design of the room and make them not only a convenient thing to use, but also a decoration.

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Interior wall clocks are a very good material for designers who are not afraid to experiment and create new, non-standard models. For a bedroom or living room, made in a classic style, wood models with decorative elements are best suited. For a high-tech interior, it is optimal to use models with a metal case, with clear, strict lines. On the clock for the kitchen canbe depicted plants, flowers, fruits.

Grandfather clock

The outdoor interior clock is a classic among all watch movements. From the very moment of their appearance, they have become a hallmark, a symbol of we alth and luxury. The most expensive watches were in the living rooms of aristocrats and members of the nobility, they were passed down from generation to generation, sold in antique shops. In Russia, the first large interior clock appeared under Peter I.

large interior clock

Grandfather clocks require space. They will look out of place in a small apartment, it is better to purchase them for spacious living rooms, otherwise they will only clutter up the space. Grandfather clocks can also be made in different styles, although classic models made in the likeness of the first copies are considered traditional models.

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