How to calculate electricity consumption: tips

How to calculate electricity consumption: tips
How to calculate electricity consumption: tips

Each property owner inevitably faces such an expense item as utility bills. Some owners may have suspicions that the life support sources supplied to the apartment or house are overused within a month. To be able to control this process, you need to know the technology, how to calculate electricity consumption.

In this case, you can highlight the devices that cause large bills. With the right calculations, you can develop a plan to reduce costs. The technology for this process will be discussed in detail below.

Modern technology

Before you calculate the consumption of electricity, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the features that modern electrical engineering has. Scientific developments in the search for economical technologies have led to the creation of devices, tools that consume significantly less energy than their predecessors.

How to calculate electricity consumption

For example, a Soviet refrigerator required 2 times more energy than modern varieties with similar characteristics. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to is what appliances are installed in the apartment. If they are old, a plan should be developed to gradually replace them with new equipment.

Today, there is a certain scale to determine the energy-saving qualities of devices. It includes the letters A, B, C, D. The first letter indicates the most economical characteristics of the device. If the letter G is indicated on the appliance, this is a technique that consumes a lot of electricity.

Load calculation

There are several ways to calculate your home's electricity consumption. The first of these involves determining the power of household appliances. How to calculate electricity consumption by power should be considered in more detail.

How to calculate electricity consumption by power

For the presented methodology, you will need to create a table that will list all the electrical consumers that are in the apartment. Next, you need to write out, according to the instructions of the manufacturers, the power of all devices.

Then, the powers are summed up. The result will be the value of how much electricity is required by all electrical appliances if they work simultaneously. However, this situation is extremely rare. Each type of equipment only works for a certain amount of time. Soactual consumption differs significantly from the nominal value declared by the manufacturer.

Calculation formula

There is a certain technique that helps to understand how to calculate the consumption of electricity. The formula is pretty simple though. She looks like this:

P=MBC, where P is the consumption of electricity by the consumer per month, M is the power of the device, B is the operating time of the device per day, C is the number of days that the equipment has worked.

How to calculate electricity consumption by equipment power

The real consumption values ​​for each electrical appliance are entered into the table next to the power. Calculations are made on the basis of testing, as well as data from the instructions for each device.

Using a special tool

Asking how to calculate the power consumption by the capacity of the equipment, one should consider such an option as the use of special metering devices. There are stationary and local varieties of such equipment.

How to calculate electricity consumption formula

In the first case, the meter is installed directly in the switchboard. It measures the power consumption of all appliances connected to a common power point.

Local devices are designed to control each individual piece of equipment. On the one hand, you can get real information about the consumption of electricity by a particular device, but on the other hand, you will have to calculate the total value of all measuring instruments. The best homeowners optionchoose on their own, at their discretion.

Key consumers

In a modern house or apartment, there are several main consumers of electricity. They work almost every day, thus making up a large part of the total cost of paying for energy resources.

First of all, you need to select a refrigerator. It is online 24 hours a day. Its work, of course, is controlled by special devices. But it is one of the main consumers of electricity. Next on this list is an electric boiler (if there is one in the apartment). It also occupies a significant place in the total costs. After these two devices follow: a computer, a TV, as well as lighting devices.

To understand how to calculate the electricity consumption for lighting, as well as the operation of all household appliances, you need to pay special attention to the main consumers. It should also be noted that during the heating season, for many owners, this list is also supplemented by electric convectors, radiators and other similar equipment.

Lighting costs

It should be noted that if there is an excessive consumption of electricity, as well as the need to take measures to reduce the cost of electricity, first of all, you need to pay attention to the type of devices used in everyday life. Lighting fixtures are a prime example.

How to calculate electricity consumption for lighting

To understand how to calculate the power consumption of the lamp power, you should compare different devices. Old varietiesilluminators consume significantly more resources. For example, incandescent lamps with a power of about 100 watts were previously used to illuminate a small room.

Today, other devices are used for similar purposes. The energy-saving lamp is capable of delivering the same radiation flux as the device shown, but consuming only 15 watts.

If you add up the sum of all old-style consumers used in the apartment, and then calculate the savings from the use of LED, fluorescent lamps, the choice will become obvious.


Today, perhaps, there is not a single family that would not use a refrigerator. This equipment is considered one of the main consumers of electricity. Therefore, when developing it, technologists try to find the most economical principles of its operation.

How to calculate electricity consumption by lamp power

Many manufacturers indicate the average value of energy resources that a refrigerator can consume per year. This number for small models is about 250 kW, and for bulk models up to 500 kW. The monthly consumption is 21 and 45 kW, respectively.

Other household appliances

To make it easier to understand how to calculate electricity consumption, it is necessary to consider the average values ​​consumed by household appliances under normal conditions. The average computer consumes about 30 kW per month when running about 2 hours a day.

A washing machine can consume about 10 kW with 4 washings per month in medium modes. But atincreasing the frequency and intensity of her actions, this indicator will increase.

An iron and an electric kettle are almost on the same level in terms of energy consumption. They are not used very often. But, even if you boil the kettle 5 times a day, you can pay for 20 kW of electricity per month. An iron, which is used 6 times a month, is able to consume 15 kW in 30 days.

These facts must be taken into account when calculating electricity consumption. If the owners began to receive large energy bills, you should know how to calculate electricity consumption. This will help cut costs in the future.

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