Why is a fabric stretch ceiling so good?

Why is a fabric stretch ceiling so good?
Why is a fabric stretch ceiling so good?

No high-quality repair is complete without putting the ceilings in order. However, there is nothing surprising in this, since it is the ceiling coverings that are one of the first to come into view. Therefore, the choice of the most high-quality and practical solution in this area is of particular importance.

fabric stretch ceiling

Recently, a fabric stretch ceiling has been used very often, which has an excellent appearance and performance features. In particular, the special structure of the surface gives it a peculiar "grooved" look, which perfectly complements almost any interior. Unlike PVC, the fabric "live" does not create the impression of a non-residential premises.

And even better is the fact that the fabric stretch ceiling allows you to create a seamless surface. This is facilitated by the fact that manufacturers specifically produce a canvas up to five meters wide for this purpose, so that in most residential premises one whole piece can be dispensed with. Undoubtedly, this approach not only dramatically improves the appearance, but alsogives these ceilings great performance while making them easy to maintain.

seamless fabric stretch ceilings

Do not think that such a fabric is easily saturated with water, giving your beloved neighbors a chance to properly flood you. The fact is that the production uses a special water-repellent composition. In addition, the canvas itself is very durable, so when installing the same fixtures, it is not so easy to damage it, while PVC breaks instantly.

Therefore, even in case of pollution, it is not worth shaking over the maniacal accuracy of cleaning: take an ordinary mop and wipe the surface of the material. In a word, the fabric stretch ceiling is highly functional, which makes its not too low cost justified.

Another definite plus is their resistance to temperature fluctuations (manufacturers claim that they can be used in the range from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius). In particular, it is the latter circumstance that has ensured their extreme popularity in saunas, where temperature differences can reach enormous values. More than once mentioned PVC models in such conditions will quickly “will die for a long time”, so here, too, seamless fabric stretch ceilings win in all respects.

installation of fabric stretch ceilings

We think that you will no longer be surprised by the fact that only the most natural fabric is used for them, incapable of causing any harm to human he alth. Another confirmation of this fact is their certification, which allowsinstallation of this kind of ceiling coverings even in rest houses and sanatoriums. Among other things, the installation of fabric stretch ceilings does not require any special conditions like a heat gun. Accordingly, dismantling will also not require any special efforts from you.

By the way, the aforementioned composition for their impregnation has not only water-repellent, but also antistatic properties. For cleaning, it is rarely necessary to use something more serious than a regular rag soaked in warm water. In addition, normal detergents or a simple soapy solution can be used.

Finally, it must be said that the color palette is huge. It is in no way inferior to the abundance of PVC colors. In addition, any image can be applied to the fabric stretch ceiling, such as a photo of the owner.

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