Bosch injection pump adjustment

Bosch injection pump adjustment
Bosch injection pump adjustment

The quality of the high pressure fuel pump (TNVD) plays an important role in the fuel system of a diesel car. Bosch is a world famous company. Under this brand, high-quality spare parts for various car models are produced. Of course, the cost of the goods of this company is higher than that of Chinese competitors. But you can’t save on high-pressure fuel pumps.

The task of the unit is to create the pressure necessary for the productive operation of the motor. If you hear noises when starting the engine, and the fuel consumption increases significantly, contact the service center and go through the diagnostics.

bosch injection pump

If water could get into the system, as well as when using poor quality fuel, Bosch injection pump adjustment is needed. A similar procedure will be required if the pump pressure is insufficient, and also if the nozzles are worn or heavily clogged and do not work properly. If the plunger pair is defective, it will need to be replaced. It is worth paying attention to the fact that often due to the breakdown of one part, nearby ones also suffer. Soif there are even minor malfunctions, it is better to carry out the appropriate diagnostics in a good car service.

Adjusting the Bosch injection pump is also worth doing if you find that the fuel is leaking. If this problem is left unattended for a long time, a lengthy and expensive repair may be required. If the tightness is broken, this leads to a decrease in pressure. And this problem affects the performance of the pump and can even lead to a fire in the motor.

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If you need to repair the Bosch injection pump, after it you definitely need to make adjustments. It is performed using a special stand, which measures the angles of the preliminary stroke of the plunger pair with high accuracy, determines the start of the fuel supply and other important characteristics.

Such work can only be carried out using specially designed equipment. And, of course, you should not trust such work to amateurs.

Bosch injection pump is a device that requires professional handling. It is better to check it on the stand. If you still decide to adjust the device with your own hands, first rinse it with a special tool. This is necessary in order to remove mud deposits and make the inner surface even.

Then you need to check the injection advance on the marks. To do this, unscrew the valve and check it. The part must be in the closed position. Use a hammer to lightly tap the top of the valve. To close the overflow hole, case the innerpart.

bosch injection pump adjustment

The next step is to adjust the cyclic feed of the Bosch injection pump. It is necessary to unscrew or vice versa - screw in and tighten the lock nut (if necessary). Then make an idle adjustment. This is done in the same way as in the case of cyclic feed. The interval from 770 to 780 rpm is considered the norm. The final stage is the adjustment of the hydraulic corrector. The thrust decreases when the pin is turned counterclockwise.

As you can see, you can do this work yourself. But the ideal option is to entrust it to specialists.

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