Living room in green tones: a combination of colors, photos, design tips

Living room in green tones: a combination of colors, photos, design tips
Living room in green tones: a combination of colors, photos, design tips

In the interior of the living room, green tones are not very common, although psychologists say that the color of nature itself pacifies, soothes and pleases the eye. Such an interior never looks banal, it always pleases with freshness and novelty.

This color was at the peak of popularity in England during the reign of Queen Victoria - court architects used it to decorate large living rooms and halls in castles and palaces. With slight adjustments for modernity, green has caught the attention of contemporary designers these days. True, rich bright green today has given way to softer shades of green, for example, mint, olive, lime, light green. Emerald, bright, perhaps, only accents remain - individual furnishings, decorative elements.

Living room in shades of green

In this article we will try to tell you how to decorate the living room in green tones so that the room is comfortable for households and guests.

Interior design tips

Green color, like no other, is rich in shades. Exactlytherefore it is quite difficult to give universal advice on choosing a tone, however, experts recommend adhering to the following rules:

  1. If you are planning to design a living room in green tones, in order to enjoy peace, coziness and comfort, give preference to calm and light colors.
  2. Those who dream of turning their living room into a lush hall for receiving guests should add rich shades of green to the interior, such as bright green or emerald green.
  3. Do you want a riot of colors? The life-affirming color of lime will allow you to solve this problem.
  4. Your room will find an organic combination of elegance and comfort if you opt for neutral shades - maple green or pale olive.

Designers warn of common mistakes when designing a green living room interior. We recommend that you pay attention to them:

  • In order not to turn the living room into a gloomy and featureless room, use shades of green in doses.
  • Do not paint walls and ceilings in bright colors.
  • When decorating a small living room, give up dark shades. Your task in this case is to give the room lightness and airiness, and only light green tones can solve it.

Green needs color partners. It goes well with gray and white (milk), gold and blue, brown and beige, yellow and peach, turquoise and blue, sand and almost all woody shades.

green living room design

On the exampleone of these combinations, we propose to consider the design features of the living room in green tones. We hope that some of the ideas will seem interesting to you, and you will want to use them in your room.

Beige-green living room

This combination is chosen by those who appreciate eco-design, love calm and fresh natural colors. Green and beige seem to fill the house with the energy of nature. But do not think that this combination is only suitable for eco-styles. It is successfully used in most modern and classic styles.

Beige and green living room


For a small living room, you can use beige wallpaper with a subtle green pattern to decorate the walls. For a more spacious room, green canvases interspersed with beige are suitable. When choosing wallpaper, it should be borne in mind that a large pattern visually reduces the space, so choose a smaller ornament for a small room.

Horizontal or vertical stripes will help adjust the space: in the first case, they will make it higher, and in the second, wider. Another design secret is the accent wall. To do this, three walls are decorated in a light beige tone, and one wall in green. This option can be used in a small living room. Just don't make it too dark or bright - it's better to use a shade of medium intensity.

accent wall

How to arrange the floor?

In our case, it is more expedient to make the floor in traditional brown.A light brown finish will go well with beige elements. A more saturated brown floor will give the interior solidity and respectability, adding classic, conservative features to it.

Features of the design of the ceiling

In the green-beige living room, designers recommend abandoning the traditional white ceiling. They suggest considering the following options:

  • Solid light beige ceiling.
  • Two-tone white-beige - the body is white, with a beige decorative part.
  • Two-color white-green - the main part is white, and the green is decorative. Usually in the form of a circle, oval, rectangle, the colored part is centered.

Green plain ceiling. This is a creative solution that requires minimal use of green in interior elements. You can support the ceiling with several decorative elements, and make the walls beige.


A green-beige living room does not need a complex lighting system if light shades are used. And if dark green and bright colors are used in the interior, spot lighting will be required. Suppose you want to make a bright green wall in your spacious living room. In this case, you need:

  • light it from above with wall sconces with open lampshades so that the light comes from the bottom up;
  • set a spotlight around the perimeter of the ceiling: in this case, the light on the walls will fall from top to bottom.

Choosing furniture

For furnishing the living room in green tones (photo you cansee in this material below) designers offer four basic options:

Beige walls and beige furniture. This is a great option for a small room, allowing you to create a feeling of free space. Shades of furniture and walls should not match completely - it is desirable that they differ by two or three tones. At the same time, it will seem that the furniture merges with the walls, so it will be perceived much smaller than its actual size. To disguise the heaviness of the furniture and create a feeling of spaciousness - this is the main task in this case

Furniture selection
  • Green wall and green furniture. Both in a spacious and a small living room, it is advisable to give preference to light colors in order to prevent an oppressive feeling in a monochrome interior.
  • Beige walls and green furniture. In a small living room, compact and functional furniture should be purchased. Even green, with the exception of dark marsh shades, it will not reduce the space. A sofa with beige and green upholstery can be a reasonable solution in such a situation.
  • Green walls and beige furniture. Place a beige sofa against a green accent wall. This solution is suitable for a living room of any size, but the color of the accent wall in a small room should be lighter than in a spacious one.


In a south-facing living room, it is recommended to use plain blackout curtains (green or beige, depending on the color of the walls) or green curtains with a beige pattern.

For windows facingon the north side, translucent plain fabrics (light beige or greenish) and beige curtains with green patterns will do.


In addition to such pleasant things as vases and figurines, decorative pillows, try to find something original for your living room. For example, a picture with a summer or spring landscape, in which the noble green color is effectively played up. And of course, indoor flowers are welcome in such an interior.

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