Floor vases in the interior: features of choice, combination of colors and textures, design advice

Floor vases in the interior: features of choice, combination of colors and textures, design advice
Floor vases in the interior: features of choice, combination of colors and textures, design advice

A beautiful indoor floor vase is a great gift idea. A person with good taste will certainly appreciate such a present, especially when it is chosen with love. Today, there are many specialized stores where you can make a similar purchase. It must be understood that the quality and appearance of the product are very important. Description and photos of floor vases for the interior are presented in this article.

Room design with floor vases

Assignment of vases in the interior

This is a special interior item that never goes out of style. At the same time, a bouquet of flowers does not have to be placed in them. It is enough to have just a beautiful work of ceramics or other material that will be in harmony with the interior of the room. If earlier a vase was considered an element of luxury and prosperity, today everything is different. This piece of furniture can affordalmost everyone.

In the interior, floor vases can be of various shapes and colors. Today you can choose and purchase any version of the product. It is important that this element really decorates the room. Therefore, it is worth following the advice of designers.

Floor vase shapes

Vases and their shapes

There are many forms of floor vases, it all depends on the style chosen for the interior. First, let's talk about what is fashionable today. American-style vases are very popular now. This is a discreet design that suits large living rooms.

High floor vases for the interior will perfectly fill the void in the rooms. Adherents of the classics choose the standard version - a vase, narrowed at the top and bottom. Round shapes are also very popular. Today, vases in the form of medieval amphorae or in the shape of a cylinder are in demand - the choice of creative people who want to create an unusual interior design in their home.

Regardless of shapes and colors, this decorative element should harmoniously fit into the environment. The form is also selected depending on what flowers will be in it. What to put in an interior floor vase:

  1. Wildflowers, cornflowers, small summer flowers will not look harmonious in expensive, bulky flowerpots. You can put callas, gladioli, chrysanthemums in them.
  2. A simple rustic outdoor jug ​​or a Gzhel style floor vase with daisies.
  3. Flowers such as tulips, orchids or peonies will look organic in transparent floor vases in the formlarge glass.
  4. Flowers with long stems should not be placed in transparent vessels. It is worth choosing the ceramic option.

The article presents several photos of floor vases with flowers in the interior.

Floor vase with flowers

Materials for making

Materials for the production of vases can be the following options:

  1. Metal. This is the most durable and wear-resistant material. Floor vases made of metal will suit the living room, decorated in modern or high-tech style.
  2. Tree. Wood products are perfect for home decor in every sense. This is a warm home style that will blend in with wood.
  3. Glass. Glass vases are the most popular. They fit almost any interior.
  4. Ceramics. Ceramic products are the oldest of all types. Today they are made by machine, but there are handmade options.
  5. Porcelain. These vases are quite expensive in cost, but have been in demand for many years. Porcelain products are an excellent interior decoration in a classic style.
  6. Crystal. Not only in the Soviet years, but even today, this material is very valuable. After all, floor vases made of high-quality crystal look elegant and expensive.
Simple floor vase


Considering the color palette, you should understand that this is a very important nuance when choosing a vase. Of course, each person has his own taste, but it is important to rely on the advice of professional designers. There aregeneral principles. Saturated colors of vases, such as red, green, blue, yellow, are best chosen for the living room. The bedroom should choose beige tones or white.

Transparent glass vases match almost all wall colors. Separately, it is worth highlighting floor vases made of transparent material in the interior. It does not matter what it will be - glass or crystal, but it is necessary that the product effectively completes the image of the living room or bedroom.

Floor vase in the design of the room

Selection Tips

It would seem that a vase is just an addition to the interior, but you should understand that you need to choose it wisely, because it can both improve the look of the room, and vice versa. It is not worth putting a large floor vase in a room that is too small. After all, this version of the product will immediately "eat" the already missing space. You should also not choose floor vases of complex shapes and colors in the interior in pastel colors. Classic furnishings simply will not accept such an item, and the vase will look inorganic. Everything should be appropriate, including such home accessories. Designer tips for choosing decorative floor vases for your interior:

  • in a room with colorful wallpaper in a large pattern, you should choose plain vases;
  • objects in tone with the walls of the room will visually increase the space;
  • you should choose vases of soothing colors in the bedroom, brighter colors in the hall and hallway.
Decor with floor vases


Vase is the perfect addition to holiday decorations.For example, on New Year's Eve, you can put spruce branches in it. In spring, tulips and mimosas will look great. Handmade vases look especially beautiful. Naturally, these options are somewhat more expensive. But you should understand that you get a unique thing.

You can try to make a floor vase from improvised means. For example, from plastic bottles. Here accuracy and perseverance are important. Sheet cardboard can also be used. Shells, decorative stones, straw, threads and much more are perfect as decor. Handmade is always more valuable.

Choice of antique vases

Antique vases are a special kind of collectible. Antique exhibits will take the owner back to the time when the masterpiece was created. Traditionally, porcelain and crystal floor vases are more valuable. The complexity of the work is also appreciated. An antique vase is a real historical value. Therefore, it is important to approach the choice of such a gift very responsibly so as not to get a pig in a poke. Recommendations for choosing floor antique vases:

  • important to make sure the seller is reliable;
  • you must require confirmation in the form of documents for the purchased vase;
  • purchase should be made from trusted collectors or an antique store.

Which vase to choose - it's up to the buyer to decide. Of course, you can focus on fashion trends in modern design or trust only your taste. But it is important that it be a really worthwhile thing that will decorate the interior. Even a floor vase in the interior,handmade, can effectively fit into the design of a chic apartment. And vice versa, an expensive thing, inappropriately squeezed into a space, can pile it up. Therefore, the recommendations of designers will not be superfluous.

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