High-roll-out sofa: design features, product mechanism

High-roll-out sofa: design features, product mechanism
High-roll-out sofa: design features, product mechanism

What's a home without a sofa! In the hallway you can find a sofa, in the living room - a soft corner, in the children's room - a canape for relaxation. Recently, modifications of high-rolling sofas have begun to gain popularity, gaining more and more attention from buyers. What is the difference between this kind of upholstered furniture, what is it characterized by and what mechanisms it is equipped with, read on.

Sofa high roll-out mechanism

Design features of the transforming mechanism

Its essence lies in an interesting scheme of functioning, which is activated due to the features of the sofa itself. It is equipped with a special mechanism, which is also called Konrad.

The sofa itself consists of several parts:

  • backs of the sofa - when unfolded, this is the location of the head;
  • middle part, which in the folded position hides under the seat cushions;
  • another segment that hides at the bottom of the sofa. When extended, it serves to support the legs during rest.

The high-roll-out sofa is one of the most popular models of folding furniture today.

Technology of Action

The Konrad mechanism is extremely simple. To put it into action, it is necessary to pull the wooden structure towards you, after which the other two parts are laid out. They move with the help of rollers and brackets. Such a mechanism of a high roll-out sofa is functionally clear and easy to use. Therefore, not only a woman, but even a child will cope with the transformation of upholstered furniture.

Sofa straight high roll-out

What are the advantages of a high pull-out sofa

This furniture is simple and easy to use. When folded, the design takes up little space and is compact, but after transformation it turns into a full-fledged high-roll-out sofa with an orthopedic mattress for 1-2 people.

It is the use of such furniture that makes the interior as ergonomic as possible, allowing you to save usable space. This is a great sleeper sofa bed option for a small apartment. A great idea where there is no way to place a full double bed.

Experts advise those buyers who plan to lay out and assemble the structure daily to pay attention to high-roll-out sofas equipped with the Conrad mechanism. This is the most stable type of fasteners, characterized by reliability and durability.

High roll-out sofas with orthopedic mattress

Features of transformation

Smooth design change and a special mechanism actuation scheme allows you to manipulate the sofacarefully. Such products do not leave scratches on the floor after daily use. This is important, especially for those owners whose house has parquet, laminate or expensive carpet on the floor.

Often, the Konrad mechanism is installed in corner modifications of sofas with a berth.

Features of high rollout sofa

First and, probably, the main thing - the design of the product provides for the height of the bed above the floor level from 42 to 45 cm (depending on the model).

Of course, customer safety is a priority. Therefore, the production base includes a special wood processing technology based on the use of environmentally friendly materials.

The reliability of the mechanisms and the strength of the structure, as it becomes clear after studying customer reviews, does not raise doubts among the consumer. The manufacturer guarantees quality, backing up his claims not just with words, but also with a system of organized test control for safety. Both the mechanism and the design as a whole are checked.

High roll-out sofas with orthopedic mattress

There are more than enough variations on the theme of straight high-rolling sofas on the furniture market. You can choose a model of upholstered furniture by visiting the salon or scrolling through the online catalog, where it is quite possible to decide on the best option.

It is better to buy furniture from trusted suppliers who will provide delivery services and bring furniture to your home safe and sound.

A high-roll-out sofa with a Konrad mechanism is the best choice forsmall-sized housing, by now you already know about it. Consider the features described above, pay attention to the design and quality of products. After receiving the advice of a competent specialist in this field, decide on a purchase. After all, the he alth of your back, rest and good sleep depend on the quality of the sofa bed.

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