Design of the courtyard of a private house: interesting ideas, features and recommendations

Design of the courtyard of a private house: interesting ideas, features and recommendations
Design of the courtyard of a private house: interesting ideas, features and recommendations

Making and designing the courtyard of a private house with your own hands is a creative and entertaining process. This is where your decorating skills come into full play. Even if you own a very small personal plot, there is always a good option for arranging it.

When the yard is small

Houses that are located in the city or on its outskirts usually have tiny adjoining plots. But if you take on the design of the yard with your own hands, show ingenuity and invention, the task is quite within your power. A fascinating process - the appearance of a cozy place of rest or a lush garden on the site of an unremarkable courtyard.

When landscaping a modest-sized yard, be sure to consider these key points:

1. Provide partial paving on the site. You can put paving slabs, trim with natural stone. So you can easily keep clean where there is simply no place for garden paths.

small patio

2. The meaning of landscape design is landscaping. Therefore, it is necessary to decide what part of the territory to give to nature. Small flower beds will be convenient. In the paving for them, leave a place in advance.Plants in boxes, ceramic pots, hanging baskets look attractive.

The owners come up with the design of the yard with reverent love. Shrubs, low trees are carefully selected. It is good to plant flowering vines in their company. During their flowering period, they will fill the garden with colors very advantageously. You just won't want to leave from there.

Try to find a place to set up a table with a few chairs. It is desirable that a shady corner could be arranged nearby. This is such a great place to have breakfast in the morning! It's nice to read in the shade on a hot afternoon.

Features of the design of a spacious yard

When there is a lot of space - the head is spinning from the mass of ideas. Refrain from spontaneous purchases of plants and chaotic digging of the earth. First, decide how you want to see the landscaping of the courtyard of the house. Sketch a rough design.

On a sheet of paper in a box, draw your area to scale. Mark where you want to place paths, flower beds. Maybe you dream of a gazebo entwined with greenery? While designing the yard, think over the functional division, where and what zone you want to equip.

A significant part of the territory is given for a recreation area. Schedule the installation of garden furniture. It can be homemade benches or vice versa, chic wicker rattan garden furniture.

Spacious yard

An important area responsible for convenience are footpaths, paved areas, steps.

Dedicate a parking space for one or more vehicles.

If relatives and friends like to come to you for picnics, when creating the design of the courtyard of a private house, you need to take into account the place for installing a hearth, barbecue or stationary stove. Position this area so that the smoke does not disturb people in the house.


High-quality landscaping of the yard cannot be imagined without a grassy lawn. Planting green grass near the house is carried out:

  • seeds;
  • ready-made turf in rolls;

Growing a lawn from seed is a long process. It takes a lot of work and attention. The most patient hosts can cope with such a task.

By purchasing a rolled lawn, you will get a green meadow in the same season. Calculate the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe courtyard on which you will spread the future clearing. Buy grass rolls when you have prepared a place. After purchase, such a living lawn cannot be stored for a long time.

Level the area well. It should not have roots, stumps or old diseased trees. Remove large stones.

Evaluate the quality of the soil: loosen too clayey by adding sand, fine gravel. Depleted land requires fertile soil.

Water the prepared soil well and spread the lawn. Pour fertile soil between the rolls and water again.

Water your lawn all week long. Once the grass has taken root and the roll joints have grown, your backyard design will be even more admired. Don't forget to take care of yourself. The lawn needs fertilizing, watering, mowing.

Lawn on the plot


Mainthe function of the tracks is to ensure safe and convenient movement around the site. In addition, they are actively used for zoning the territory.

Material for tracks use the most diverse. After all, they can also serve as a decor that decorates the yard.

The most budget option is to cover them with fine gravel. They use brick, natural stone, pour concrete or use ready-made slabs, lay out paving slabs and colored pebbles. There are countless combinations of different materials. Tracks can be made bright or discreet; solid or "under step".

Here you can show your creative gift to the fullest. They come up with borders for them from improvised materials, play with the shape, width, diversify with steps and bridges. Walkways are an essential element of a private courtyard design project.

Plants - decoration of the yard

Surely you already know what plants you will decorate your yard with. Before you settle them at home, find out the features of their cultivation:

  • light-loving or shade-tolerant;
  • like wet or dry soils;
  • what to feed;
  • what plants prefer the neighborhood;
  • timing and duration of flowering;

Yard design will benefit from flowering plants. Choose a place for them in a flower bed or in a variety of containers. Provide good conditions for growth. And your yard will turn into a lush flowering garden, where fatigue and worries recede.

Fountain, pond or cascade?

Water is not only the basis of life. Eastern cultureson a par with the earth consider it a symbol of harmony.

Fountain in the courtyard

Relaxing while listening to the sound of a flowing stream, or watching fish and plants in a small pond is very nice. The landscaping of the courtyard of the house will acquire its own personality if you include water in it.

A miniature pond does not require much space. It is organized even in small containers like old bathtubs.

A shallow pond in the ground can be lined with a special film or put a purchased ready-made form.

Koi make a small pool for ornamental fish. It is not difficult to create a fountain with your own hands over the weekend. It will only be necessary to correctly adapt the water pump.

The organization of a large pond, pool or stream with a waterfall is best left to professionals. They will appreciate the relief, opportunities for the aquatic environment; adjust its power supply and maintenance.

Efficient lighting system

Modern design of the courtyard of a private house is simply unthinkable without lighting the area. A well-thought-out and practical system will make it possible to move safely in the evening after dark. It's great to enjoy a summer evening in the lighted patio.

You can create decorative lighting for a flower bed or pond.

Pond lighting

Emphasize the openwork crown of a tree, the mystery of a sculpture or an alpine hill. At night, illuminated objects are especially attractive.

Many types of garden lights are powered by solar panels. During the day, energy is stored in specialbatteries. In the evening, it is used to illuminate paths and plants.

In winter, trees are beautiful, illuminated by LED garlands. These technologies are very economical.

Garlands can be used with imagination in the summer, not far from home.

LED garland

The hearth is the center of gravity

Even having a small plot with a house in the city, you can take into account when creating a design project for a private courtyard a corner for a hearth. The most favorite dish of any friendly company at a picnic is barbecue. It's nice to be able to cook food on fire.

Around the hearth there is excellent furniture for relaxation - armchairs, benches, sofas and just stumps. The round hearth is also a wonderful compositional center. It has a track system attached to it. Viewpoints of the garden landscape are formed from here.

Hearth in the garden

A stationary fireplace or a beautiful brick oven will serve not only for cooking on fire. Near them there is a place where you can relax calmly, looking at the flames in the hearth.

Decorative elements

You can complete the design of the courtyard of a private house with the help of original decorative details. Here you can show your skills and make them with your own hands.

Everything is allowed:

  • fancy wooden benches
  • forged benches;
  • flowers in homemade pots;
  • branch wattle;
  • original wheel sculptures;
  • carts carrying flowers;
  • fancy fences;
  • houses with gnomes;
  • rock garden as inJapan;

Choose the style of your choice. The main thing is not to overdo it, keep the measure.

house in the garden

Any improvised and natural materials will be used. Original large "vases" for annual flowers are made by hand from old boats, hollowed out logs and logs, boards.

Even the hedge is trying to decorate the courtyard. In addition to the main goal - protecting the site from outsiders - your fence should look interesting and unusual.

It can be colored in bright colors to style it like colored pencils. Or run from bicycle frames. You can plant climbing plants or a hedge near the fence.

Bench in the garden

Use the imagination of the whole family and get a great result! All your friends will be delighted with your design talents.

Doing pleasant chores, get a harmonious cozy corner. Your own special world. You created it yourself. And he responds with love, giving peace and rest.

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