Two-story frame house 6x6: a low-cost construction option

Two-story frame house 6x6: a low-cost construction option
Two-story frame house 6x6: a low-cost construction option

Private low-rise construction - demanded options. Structures are built from various materials, such as wood, foam concrete, brick. Small buildings using Finnish technology are becoming popular, for example, a two-story 6x6 frame house. Feature of the construction: fast construction time of the building from high-quality raw materials and the arrangement of an inexpensive foundation (shallow tape or piles), which saves on construction.

two-story frame house 6x6


Two-storey frame house 6x6 is designed for a family of three to four people to stay during the summer. If high-quality heaters were used during construction, then you can stay in the house all year round. Main advantages of frame technology:

  • no shrinkage of the building - you can immediately start finishing work;
  • high thermal insulation;
  • green home;
  • low construction cost;
  • fire resistant.
two-story frame house with an attic

Two-story frame house 6x6 - solid construction. The stability of the structure is determined by a frame of floors and beams installed in a strict order.


In any construction, a significant cost falls on the construction of the foundation of the building. Costs can reach up to 40%. But for a frame house, it is enough to make a lightweight foundation - screw piles.

The light weight of the building will not burden the soil, so the house is built on almost any soil without additional surveys, and this reduces construction costs.


The frame structure is constructed mainly one-story or two-story. The building with one floor is a standard layout, due to limited space there is no variety of options.

Different ideas for building has a two-story frame house. The project often includes a kitchen-dining room, a living room, a small bedroom, a bathroom - the first floor. On the second tier there are two more rooms: a nursery and a bedroom or one large room. The total area of ​​the house, depending on the layout and the presence of a veranda, is from 54 to 70 square meters.

A two-story frame house with an attic is also in demand - a kind of attic with a sloping ceiling. The roof of the structure is often made of different heights with large angles of inclination. The attic can be with or without windows.openings.


For frame two-story houses, prices are calculated on the basis of the project: finished or individual. A building with a developed and tested project costs less than an object according to an individual plan.

frame two-story houses prices

In the second option, the total amount depends on the complexity of the structure under construction. The price is affected by:

  • attic height (if any);
  • roofing and home decoration materials;
  • building foundation.

Optimally in this case, choose turnkey work: the construction is carried out by one company and the cost of specialist services can be reduced. If different contractors are chosen, then it is necessary to take into account that the prices for work vary among organizations.

Additional costs are added to the cost: insulation, communication, plumbing.

On average, a two-story 6x6 frame house costs from 300,000 to 400,000 rubles.


To reduce construction time, work is not carried out in very rainy weather: the wood can get wet and the drying of the material will give a slight crack. When installing the frame, it is necessary to make a roof or temporary ceiling in case of rain.

If you have chosen a two-story frame house, the construction project can be anything, it is better to use the frame option. The building is assembled directly on the site: the "skeleton" is made of wood, the gaps are filled with brick, stone or adobe material. This option is cheaper than frame-paneldesign.

two-story frame house project

When using SIP panels, their main drawback is taken into account - it is impossible to replace the insulation layer during operation. For a frame house, the natural ventilation of the walls is of great importance.

If the frame is assembled from boards, then they are impregnated with an antiseptic before assembly. In this case, the wood will better absorb the solution. In sunny weather, the material dries for a day.

Frame houses are suitable for seasonal and permanent residence. An alternative to these structures can be buildings made of glued or profiled timber, or rounded logs. But these options increase the cost of construction.

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