Laminate care instructions

Laminate care instructions
Laminate care instructions

Since its inception, laminate flooring has been popular. And this is not surprising if the floor covering combines beauty, durability, ease of installation and relatively low cost, even from the highest quality and well-known global manufacturers. The pricing policy is very flexible, and the consumer will always be able to choose the best option for himself, taking into account the conditions and place of operation.

But in order to maintain a presentable appearance, lack of creaking and maintain the softening properties of the laminate for decades, it is not enough just to purchase it and lay it correctly. Throughout the life of the laminate, it is necessary to ensure proper care for the laminate. After all, as in other materials, this coating has its own nuances of use, which we will try to figure out.

Proper cleaning of laminate floors

Keeping your laminate clean does not require much effort when cleaning. It is enough to walk with a broom or a vacuum cleaner, followed by a wet wiping of the floor. And one has only to add a little vinegar or saline solution to the water, and stains will not appear after the floor dries. But here you need to take into account one nuance when cleaning the laminate: he really does not likeplenty of water.

Today, there are already moisture-resistant laminate models that are used even in the bathroom. Locks in such panels are coated with wax and repel water, but most laminate does not have such properties. And is it worth overpaying for moisture resistance just in order not to follow the elementary rule when caring for a laminate.

If water still spills onto the floor and gets between the seams, the locks of the panels will begin to swell and the laminate may swell. Even dismantling, drying and new laying will not always help to correct such defects. And the consequences will be catastrophic: the laminate begins to creak when walking, the locks of the panels become loose and cease to perform their functions properly. Due to the gaps formed, chips begin to appear along the edges of the panels, since the floor is no longer one piece and the upper corners of the panels are affected by a resistance force during any movement. The result will be the loss of the appearance and properties of the entire floor.

Image "Bloating" laminate

Therefore, wet cleaning should be done with a well-wrung sponge or cloth. Even better, use special laminate care products that are added to the water when wet cleaning.

Cleaning laminate with special products

In every room there are places with the greatest traffic, where the laminate gets dirty more and needs better care. And if just washing the floor is no longer enough, due to established dirty spots and stains, you need to resort to more aggressive cleaning methods without damagingfloor surface.

Almost any contamination can be removed with the help of special products that have a direct purpose to combat such stains and are sold in bulk. But for all types of stains, one remedy is not suitable, since the structure of pollution is very diverse.

Having chosen the right product, you need to apply it on the stain and wait until the stain dissolves. After the treated area is wiped with a damp cloth to completely clean the surface. It is important that the detergent contains no ammonia.

There are other ways to remove stains. Let's look at the existing home care products for laminate flooring.

Removing stains with improvised means

Stains on the laminate

The first and easiest option to try is diluting two tablespoons of baby shampoo in four liters of water. At the same time, dirt is rubbed off much easier, without abrasive effect on the surface, but only with slight contamination.

Nylon cloth is used to remove various oily stains. It can also get rid of a fresh stain of blood, beer or berries.

oily spots

Common sole marks can be easily wiped off with a baking soda solution or a pencil eraser.

Wipe dirt with an eraser

There is also the practice of freezing stains if they are resinous or greasy:

  1. Freeze this stain with ice or frozen food.
  2. Scrape offwith his plastic knife.
  3. In conclusion, the treated area can be wiped with window cleaner if the stain still remains.

Ink and paste can be washed with warm water and soap. When this method doesn't work, all that's left is to buy a special laminate care product to remove the ink.

Ink on laminate

Warm water and soap can also be used to remove alcohol stains. But if the stain is persistent, then it should be wiped with denatured alcohol.

To remove the marker or chewing gum from the surface, you need to use a solvent that is used to wash off the old paint. An alternative and more aggressive method is using toothpaste. It is briefly applied to the stain and wiped dry.

Paint is effectively removed with white spirit, automotive chemicals or a simple solvent. It is only advisable not to keep such products on the laminate for a long time.

Mounting foam is easily erased with Dimexide 5 minutes after its application. At the end of the treatment of contamination, the place is wiped with a damp cloth.

Laundry detergent wipes nail polish on the laminate. The powder is dissolved in water and applied with a rag to the place of contamination.

Scratch Removal

Scratches on the laminate inevitably appear when objects with a large weight move on the floor or the sole clings to the floor during a step. At first, the scratch remains barely noticeable, but after that it will definitely appear.

You can fight scratches with a special paste or groutthe desired color, which fills the damaged area. And you can use an ordinary eraser that erases the place of damage. Soda is also used in paste form. It corrodes the damaged area, which will only need to be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

Scratches on the laminate

Plaque removal

When cleaning the floor with various methods, a wax coating is often formed, which forms the basis of the laminate coating. The floor is losing its appearance and requires action. This problem is easy to solve if you dilute 1 cup of vinegar in 4 liters of water and wipe it.

Glitter laminate

Over time, the coating of the laminate is erased and loses its former luster. This is especially important in an apartment - laminate care is directly reflected in family comfort. Shine coating can be given during wet cleaning in different ways:

  1. A glass of vinegar (you can use apple cider vinegar) is diluted in five liters of water.
  2. A glass of lemon juice or a tablespoon of citric acid is diluted in half a bucket of water to polish the floor.
  3. Half a cup of lemon juice, half a cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of dish soap are added to half a bucket of water.
  4. Brand funds.
Shine laminate

Laminate creak

Squeaking is also related to the care of the laminate. It becomes the result of an uneven floor or a violation of the laying technology. There are also cases when expanded polystyrene was chosen as a substrate, which after 6-7 years loses its qualities and can sag.The result is surface level differences and, as a result, creaking. It is also possible for the laminate base to appear uneven if it was laid on foamed polypropylene. This underlay consists of bubbles that can burst under heavy loads, creating drops in the base in these places.

The only solution to the problem will be to dismantle the place of the creak, identify and eliminate its source. Fortunately, the laminate is endowed with an obvious advantage over other coatings, in the form of dismantling without any harm to the panels. It is important that these works are carried out in compliance with the laying rules.

Dismantling the laminate

Laminate Care Instructions

Laminate care is as follows:

  • You should not allow a large contamination of the floor from the laminate, so that you do not have to use aggressive chemicals once again. Regular weekly cleaning will not be burdensome, as such a floor is excellent.
  • To clean from a variety of contaminants, only those products that are designed to remove them should be used.
  • When cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to use metal tools or products with a high acid content. They can damage the top layer of the acrylic resin laminate, which protects the floor from abrasion, dirt, moisture and mechanical stress. It is thanks to the protective layer that the care of the floor from the laminate occurs without difficulty and effort.
  • You can't ignore scratches. They need to be quickly eliminated with the help of a special paste. If inanimals live in the house, there is a child, or objects that can damage the floor surface are constantly used, you need to get such a paste in advance.
  • To protect the laminate at the front door, it is recommended to cover this area with a rug, a piece of linoleum or other material that protects from dirt that can peel off its protective coating over time.

Laminate Care Features

When cleaning and cleaning the described floor, it is important to remember the following:

  • Laminate is very afraid of water, so it should not be used in large quantities during systematic cleaning or during cleaning. When you wipe your laminate floor, it should stay dry.
  • Do not use abrasive, alkaline, acidic or metallic cleaners.
  • Any laminate treatment should begin with a sample in an inconspicuous area of ​​the room to determine the reaction of the coating to the substance. Any stains should not be soaked and cleaning products should not be left on for long.
  • Do not dry laminate flooring in an unnatural way.

But the main thing in maintaining the original appearance of the laminate for many years is the accuracy of use, consistency and proper care of it.

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