How to care for laminate flooring correctly? Care rules and methods

How to care for laminate flooring correctly? Care rules and methods
How to care for laminate flooring correctly? Care rules and methods

Laminate appeared in the middle of the last century, but over time it is only gaining popularity among the population. After all, the method of its production is being improved, new types and ornaments appear, quality and durability are improving. And despite the fact that, having a beautiful appearance, the laminate is quite inexpensive compared to other floor coverings, if desired, it will save on installation, because it is very easy to install.

A good laminate under normal conditions retains its appearance for at least 20 years. In order for it to serve its time properly, you need not only to purchase high-quality material and lay it correctly, but you should also know how to care for the laminate at home.

Laminate floor cleaning

Laminate flooring is easy to clean. It is recommended to sweep or vacuum the floor followed by a damp wipe. Fighting stains is just as easy: a small amount of vinegar or saline is added to the water. But you need to be very careful with water, because the laminate cannot stand it. One has only to spill water on the floor and get into the seams between the laminate panels, as there is a risk of floor swelling. In places where water enters, the edges of the panels begin to protrudeand cling to legs and objects. The result is chipped and combed edges and corners of the panels. As a result, the floor loses its integrity and appearance. Even dismantling the laminate at the site of swelling with further drying of wet places may not return it to its previous appearance.

Bloating laminate

Moreover, the laminate can creak from moisture when walking, and the locks loosen and no longer perform their functions properly.

To avoid such catastrophic consequences, it is enough to wash the laminate with a slightly damp sponge and care for the laminate as described in this article.

Laminate cleaning

Moisture-resistant laminate models are already on sale today, in which the panels have wax-coated locks that repel moisture. This method has proven so effective against water that it is even used in kitchens and bathrooms. But the cost will immediately be noticeably different from the usual laminate.

Stain removal

In any room there are always places with the highest traffic and load on the floor. There, the coating is always subject to dirt, scratches and even stains, so you should always be able to remove the stain soon after it appears. Consider how to properly care for the laminate in case of stains:

  1. To remove simple dirt, you can dilute two tablespoons of baby shampoo in four liters of water. The dirt will soften more easily and the abrasive effect of wiping will be softened.
  2. Stains of blood, berries and beer, as well as stains on an oily base are removed with nyloncloth.
  3. Baking soda or a pencil eraser will help remove the well-known sole marks.
  4. If the stain has a resinous or greasy structure, then it is frozen by applying ice or food from the freezer. After that, the stain is carefully removed with a plastic knife. In case there is a trace of a stain, you can use a window cleaner.
  5. Laundry soap, diluted in warm water, effectively removes ink and paste. But if the stain is well-established, then you can’t do without a special ink remover. This method is also used to combat alcohol stains. If soapy water does not help here, then the stain should be wiped with denatured alcohol.
  6. To get rid of the marker or chewing gum, the damaged surface is wiped with a solvent designed to wash old paint. You can also use toothpaste, but be sure to wipe dry with a tissue afterwards.
  7. White spirit or automotive chemicals are the most aggressive to the laminated coating. But there is no other way to remove paint from a laminate. Therefore, you can remove such complex stains only with an understanding of how to care for the laminate at home. It is important not to keep such products on the surface for a long time.
  8. With the help of the drug "Dimexide" you can erase the mounting foam within 5 minutes, and then do not forget to wipe the treated area with a damp cloth.
  9. Laundry detergent is useful for wiping nail polish off the surface of the laminate. It is enough to dilute the powder in water and apply to the contaminated area.
  10. Stain on laminate

Scratch Removal

Scratches often appear on the laminate after heels or moving furniture. Perhaps the scratch will not be noticeable right away, but it will soon appear. Now let's figure out how to care for a laminate using the example of removing scratches from its surface.

Scratch on laminate

Scratches can always be removed using a special paste, pencil or grout to match the color of the laminate.

Scratch Removal

But you can also use such an improvised tool as an eraser, which simply erases the scratched place. Naturally, a deep scratch cannot be removed with an eraser, but soda in a pasty state is quite possible. It is enough to apply it to the damaged area and wait a bit until the soda corrodes the material. After the treated area should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Plaque removal

Cleaning the laminate also has its consequences in the form of the formation of a wax coating that makes up the laminated coating. How to care for the laminate in the apartment after cleaning it, you should know, if only because without proper care, the floor will lose its luster and appearance. This problem is solved by wiping the floor with water in the proportion of 4 liters per 1 glass of vinegar.

Glitter laminate

As you use the top layer of the laminate is erased and the original shine is lost. You can return it by carrying out wet cleaning in various ways:

  1. 1 glass of vinegar is added to 5 liters of water.
  2. A glass of lemon juice or a tablespoon of lemonacid is diluted in half a bucket of water.
  3. Half a bucket of water diluted with half a glass of lemon juice, half a glass of vinegar and a teaspoon of dish soap.
  4. With the help of special tools.
Shine laminate

Laminate creak

The creak of a laminate floor appears due to moisture ingress or irregularities in the base on which the laminate is laid. The reason for this may be an initially uneven surface during laying or the loss of its qualities by the substrate. In any case, to eliminate the squeak, this place should be disassembled and only then it will be possible to determine how to care for the laminate floor to prevent squeaking in the future. It may be necessary to dry the laminate or level the base under it. Or carefully replace the backing.

Laminate Care Rules

Laminate floors require careful handling and a few simple rules:

  • Dry and wet cleaning once a week will make it easy to clean the floor from small dirt without the use of aggressive substances.
  • You should learn how to choose the right cleaning products as well as special ones. Otherwise, there may be undesirable consequences that will not improve, but aggravate the condition of the damaged areas.
  • You need to protect the top protective layer of the laminate, not scratching it with shoes, furniture legs or metal and abrasive tools when cleaning. It is the top acrylic layer that laminate flooring owes its shiny appearance and easy cleaning.
  • Appeared scratches needdispose of immediately, preventing further damage to the laminate.
  • If a laminate is laid at the front door, then this area must be covered with a rug, linoleum or other material that will protect the top coating.


When cleaning or working with laminate, it is important to remember the following:

  1. Don't use too much water as this can permanently damage the laminate.
  2. Laminate surface is prone to scratches, so alkaline, acidic or metallic cleaners should never be used.
  3. If there is a need to use aggressive substances, you need to try their action on an inconspicuous area. Do not leave aggressive substances on the laminate for a long time.
  4. Laminate should only dry naturally.

In conclusion, it should be noted that only a careful attitude to the floor, timely elimination of all its defects and care for the condition of the laminated coating will help ensure the original appearance of the laminate for many years. This is easy to do, since laminate flooring is easy to care for.

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