The basement is a way to increase the area of ​​u200bu200bthe house

The basement is a way to increase the area of ​​u200bu200bthe house
The basement is a way to increase the area of ​​u200bu200bthe house

Progress affects almost all aspects of our lives, and the architecture of country or private houses and cottages is no exception. More recently, in most cases, small one-story houses were built, today 2-3 floors in a private house are a common option. But often there is not enough space, and it is not always possible to increase the number of storeys. In this case, a basement is being built. This is the level of the building, the floor of which is located below ground level (ground zero).

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What rooms can be placed in the basement?

Since the windows on this level are small, it is desirable to make living quarters on the upper levels. The basement is most often:

  • technical premises (boiler room, laundry, boiler room, etc.);
  • premises for games or sports (billiard room, gym, etc.);
  • sauna and swimming pool.

Pros and cons

The main drawback that makes you think carefully whether or not a basement is needed is the high costits erection. You need to pay not only for digging a pit, but also for taking out and utilizing the land. Then you need to rent lifting equipment for laying blocks and floor slabs, take care of a good drainage system and high-quality waterproofing. To everything is added the equipment of a convenient entrance to the premises located in the basement. And the stairs take up quite a lot of space on the ground floor and are expensive.

basement calculation

Yes, the problems are serious, but the pluses are considerable: additional square meters of space are never superfluous. It is also an opportunity to remove all technical premises from the upper (residential) floors, making the most of the levels that are comfortable for living. In addition, the appearance of houses on a high plinth is very presentable. And if the building plot has a strong slope, then the basement is practically the only way out. An experienced developer will take into account all the features of the terrain and beat them.

Calculation of the basement floor

First of all, you need to conduct geodetic research on the site. Only according to their results, experts will be able to say whether it is possible to build a basement on this site. Only then can you either choose one of the ready-made projects available in construction companies, or order the development of a new one.

Calculating the basement is not an easy task. Therefore, you need to trust specialists with significant experience in this matter: the walls of the basement are the foundation for the whole house. Error or error in the calculations is unacceptable!

ground floor fromblocks

The complexity of the work carried out during the construction of the basement requires the use of a team of highly qualified builders. To reduce the construction time, you should build a basement of blocks. This requires quite a lot of material costs: the blocks are not cheap, and even for their installation you will need to hire a crane. But such foundations are the best solution for building a basement floor: they are reliable and durable. They are used in 80% of cases. The remaining 20% ​​is for atypical projects: brick, concrete, natural stone, etc. Their development and calculation is an even more complex process, and only craftsmen with vast experience can make them qualitatively.

Need a basement in your house or not, it's up to you, but such buildings look great.

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