What are cordless grass shears and what are they for?

What are cordless grass shears and what are they for?
What are cordless grass shears and what are they for?

A beautiful lawn is the main decoration of a personal plot, park or square. In order for the grass to look beautiful, it must be cut regularly. Not everywhere this can be done with a lawn mower: there are always “unfinished” places. Most often they are located near fences, bushes, fences of flower beds and paths, near

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tree trunks. All these areas have to be processed manually. You can do this with a regular garden tool, but battery-powered grass shears are more efficient. They are a small device that has two knives with long teeth. The lower knife usually remains stationary, while the upper knife, by moving to the right and left, cuts the blades of grass that have fallen between the teeth.

Cordless grass shears usually have three or six batteries. Themrecharging takes place through a special electrical wire, which is connected to the mains at one end and to a special socket on the scissors body at the other end.

Power tool knives need periodic sharpening. In order to restore their performance, bolts are provided on the lower part of the case, by unscrewing which, you can remove the cutting parts of the device and sharpen them. Installation and dismantling is easy, you only need a screwdriver. Before unscrewing the bolts, be sure to remove the batteries. This will protect you from possible injury. Only when you have finished installing the knives can you put the batteries back in.

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During operation, the battery grass cutter should be held parallel to the ground at lawn height. If you need to process a small area, you can take the device in hand. When processing large areas of the lawn, a special handle with wheels can be attached to the body. This will allow you to cut the grass without bending over. You can control the work of scissors directly from the handle. To do this, you need to connect the wire from the switches to it and connect it to the corresponding socket on the body of the scissors.

There are two switches on the handle. The first turns the motor on and off, the second blocks the toggle switch on the scissors (used for long-term work). The height of the handle is adjusted using special clips that fix it in the desired position.

Please note that the cordless grass shears may get caught when cutting.hard objects such as branches. They can block the device or even cause it to break. Therefore, before starting work, it is advisable to check the area and remove all foreign objects.

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There is a wide range of lawn care tools on the market. When choosing lawn shears, pay attention to their weight (hold them in your hands - this is important!) And the operating time without recharging the batteries. No less important is the reliability of the equipment, the availability of a warranty period and service. Bosch cordless grass shears have a good reputation. They are distinguished by reliability, thoughtful design and good cutting ability. The "Gardena" cordless grass shears have laser-cut blades for better cutting quality.

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