Beautiful white flowers - Datura

Beautiful white flowers - Datura
Beautiful white flowers - Datura

If you want to grow beautiful white flowers on your site, Datura is at your service. This plant has a serious disadvantage - it is very poisonous. If you are not deterred by the fact that such dangerous flowers grow near you, Datura can be grown without problems. White "gramophones" are dangerous only for children who do not yet understand the word "no". And also if there is a chance that the plant will get into livestock feed. If you can rule out both of these options, feel free to grow these flowers. Datura, whose photo is able to win the heart of the most callous grower, is called "datura" in Latin.

Datura flowers

Planting and care

Datura is unpretentious. It is not difficult to provide food and moisture to him. You can often see lush Datura flowers that have grown by chance on piles of fresh compost. Loose soil containing a lot of ash and having regular watering is the best solution. Therefore, you can plant dope in the so-called "pits" for planting. They should be deep enough to be able to nourish these flowers well. Datura, which is planted at a depth of up to seventycentimeters, and also needs good drainage. To do this, the pits should be a little more than half a meter in diameter. Datura can also be grown in containers. Moreover, they should not be smaller in size than the pits. And yet in containers you will inevitably get smaller flowers. Datura, grown in pots, can then be carefully transferred to the open ground. Feed the plant with mineral and organic fertilizers - they will help it bloom more luxuriantly and provide bright and smooth foliage.

flowers dope photo

Every day you can pour plenty of dope with hard water. If the soil is acidic, a single application of a lime solution will not hurt. Dissolve one gram of this substance in one liter of water and carefully pour the dope, trying not to get the mixture on the stems and leaves. If a spider mite appears, it can be removed with soapy water. In parallel, it is necessary to cut off and burn all damaged leaves.

Reproduction of Datura

If you like to have luxurious white flowers on your site, Datura can be easily propagated to plant it somewhere else. The first way is seed propagation.

flowers dope planting

First you need to grow seedlings. To do this, in February or March, seeds are planted in boxes. And in May, young shoots are planted in open ground. It is important to make sure that the plant does not undergo large temperature changes - frost will completely destroy it. Be prepared for the seeds to germinate slowly. Warming up the sprouts with a lamp helps a lot. You need to water very moderately, being afraidboth excess and lack of water. You can use a growth stimulator. Propagation by cuttings begins in summer. They are rooted in a nutrient substrate, and then cut off. Winter cuttings should be kept warm. They can be planted in the ground after frosts no longer threaten dope. In any case, this plant cannot survive the winter in the open field. It should be dug up, kept cool, and replanted in the spring.

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