Candy Aqua 2D1040 07: reviews and review

Candy Aqua 2D1040 07: reviews and review
Candy Aqua 2D1040 07: reviews and review

Candy Aqua 2D1040 07 washing machine will be a great choice for a small apartment. The machine is equipped with all the necessary functions. Easy to handle and washes well.

Instrument description

They note that the Candy Aqua 2D1040 07 washing machine will become a real helper in the house, reviews. The device is equipped with an intelligent control system. There is a digital display that notifies you of the washing time and the selected mode. There is an opportunity to wash clothes without the use of spin. The user has access to fifteen washing programs designed for different types of fabric. There are short modes that are used for lightly soiled laundry.

The machine has small dimensions, so it is suitable for a small family. During the working process, you can change the temperature of the water.Activate additional functions, including rinsing clothes and delayed start.


Characteristics of Candy Aqua 2D1040 07 reviews note such as ease of operation and intuitive menu. The device belongs to the Aquamatic Tempo series. It has a height of 70 cm, a width of 53 cm and a depth of 43 cm. It weighs 47 kg. Produced in white.

candy aqua 2d1040 07 reviews

The washing machine can load up to 4 kg of laundry. The diameter of the hatch is 0 cm. The maximum possible spin speed is 1000 rpm. The equipment has an "A" class of washing efficiency and power consumption. For one cycle it consumes about 0.76 kWh. Equipped with a spin class "C". One wash accounts for 32 liters of water. There is an indication of the stages of the program. The noise level that the machine emits during washing is 56 dB, and when spinning 78 dB.

Among the additional features stands out:

  • hand wash silk;
  • hand wash wool;
  • anti-allergy function;
  • program "wash in cold water";
  • fourteen minute mini-program;
  • extra rinse of things;
  • delay start.

It has a front-loading type of laundry and positive characteristics of the Candy Aqua 2D1040 07 washing machine. Reviews of some people note that the machine vibrates strongly during drying, especially if it is not installed level.

The power consumption of household appliances is 1400 watts. The warranty upon purchase of the device is given for a year. The country-manufacturer - Russia.

Control panel

washing machine candy aqua 2d1040 07 reviews

They say that the Candy Aqua 2D1040 07 machine washes clothes of any degree of contamination easily and without any problems, reviews. On the front panel of the device there is a hatch door, which has a convenient handle. The main menu is located at the top of the device. There is a program launch indicator and a start/pause button. Next to it is the “delayed start” function, which helps to start the machine not immediately, but at a specified time.

The appliance menu has a working display that shows all the washing steps. Next to the digital screen there is a spin button that allows you to set the drying speed, and an anti-allergy function launch button, under which there is a cold wash mode. To the left of the indicated options is an indication of all the listed modes. On the right is the program selector with the “off” function.

The container for adding detergent is located in the upper left of the front panel. Equipped with two compartments. The first is for the detergent that is used for the main wash, the second is for the application of special additives such as conditioner, fragrance and other substances.

Washing modes

candy aqua 2d1040 07

Candy Aqua 2D1040 07 (reviews of people note that the machine has all the necessary functions, including the ability to wash things from delicate fabrics) is equipped with several washing modes. This is a program for durable fabrics. Linen is washed hereand white cotton. The water temperature is 75°C. Then there are three programs for cotton and blended fabrics. Designed for both shedding and non-shedding material. They differ from each other in the temperature regime, which is 30 ° C, 40 ° C and 60 ° C. There are two options for synthetic and mixed fabrics with washing temperatures of 40°C and 50°C. They allow you to wash fading and non-fading synthetic items.

Mode for men's shirts involves washing delicate synthetic items. Works at a temperature of 30°C. When using it, it is recommended to put two kilograms of laundry in the machine. There are two more programs for washing very delicate items. They are intended for fabrics that require a delicate and careful attitude, as well as for wool products, which are indicated for hand washing only. The water temperature during this wash does not exceed 30 ° C.

The functionality of the washing machine is complemented by six special programs that include:

  • EcoMix. Wash at 20°C.
  • Drain and spin products.
  • 14 minute program for durable blended fabrics.
  • Extra rinse.
  • Process for durable and blended fabrics lasting 30 minutes.
  • Washing clothes made from durable materials.

The more soiled the laundry, the less it needs to be put in the washing machine. The 30-minute program can be used for extra soaking heavily soiled items before starting the main laundry program.

Washing process

candyaqua 2d1040 07 reviews review

Note that it is only a pleasure to wash things with Candy Aqua 2D1040 07, reviews (a photo of the indicated washing machine can be seen above).

Before starting the appliance, the machine automatically determines the amount of water needed to wash clothes, based on the amount of laundry loaded and the type of fabric. This approach to washing can significantly save energy and reduce laundry time.

For delicate items, use a mesh bag. If the stains on the fabric are difficult to remove, then they must first be washed with a special agent, and then immersed in the drum along with the rest of the things.

Terry cloths should not be loaded, as they absorb too much water and become excessively heavy. Things of this kind should be mixed with other types of linen.

Before starting the machine, load the laundry into the drum and close the tank door. Pull out the container and pour the detergent into it. In the first compartment put 60 g of powder, in the second 50 g of an additional agent (conditioner) for washing clothes. After adding these products, the container is closed. Open the faucet and tightly fasten the hose to drain the water. The selector selects the appropriate program and click on "start". Once the workflow is complete, the End indicator will light up. After two minutes, the hatch door lock will be released and an audible signal will sound. The machine is turned off by turning the selector to the “off” position. After all these manipulationsall that remains is to get the laundry out of the drum.

Caring for your washing machine

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After using Candy Aqua 2D1040 07 (reviews and instructions advise you to properly care for the device, then it will last a long time and without malfunctioning) the surface of the washing machine should be wiped with a soft, damp cloth. For this purpose, do not use chemical and abrasive substances that can damage the surface of the device.

After washing, the detergent container is also cleaned. The trays are removed from the container. They and the container are thoroughly washed under running water, and then returned to their place.

The machine has a cleaning filter that traps large items to prevent contamination of the drain hose. To keep the filter from clogging, it must be cleaned. To do this, open the lid that closes it. Turn the filter counterclockwise until it stops. Remove and wash under water. Remove all unnecessary items from the filter compartment.

Pros of washing machine

candy aqua 2d1040 07 reviews and instructions

Washing machine Candy Aqua 2D1040 07 has both positive and negative sides. So, the advantages of this device include:

  • compact;
  • capable of loading laundry up to 4 kg;
  • electronic intelligent control;
  • large selection of programs (15);
  • additional options (delay start, rinse);
  • silence;
  • saving electricity;
  • affordable price.

In general, this machine has proven itself well. Users note that it serves for a long time, regularly and reliably.

A little about the cons

Among the disadvantages of the washing machine, users noted:

  • bad spin;
  • high sound effect and strong vibration when spinning at 1000 rpm;
  • medium wash quality;
  • low capacity laundry tub;
  • Standard wash cycles differ in their duration, about 3.5 hours.

Despite a few shortcomings, this machine can be a great option for single people.

Device cost

This washing machine, compared to its competitors, has a very reasonable price. Its cost fluctuates around 17-18 thousand rubles. The device is sold in large hypermarkets of household appliances.

Washing machine Candy Aqua 2D1040 07: positive customer reviews

candy aqua 2d1040 07 reviews specifications

Candy Aqua 2D1040 07, as already mentioned, has both positive and negative reviews. People who were satisfied with the purchase of the device note the compact size of the device, the presence of numerous washing modes. They indicate three short programs that they often use when washing lightly soiled laundry. They also like the intelligent control system that allows you to adjust the washing time.

Convenient for many people is the "delay start" function, which allows you to start the washing process at any convenient time. Celebrateusers that the Candy Aqua 2d1040 07 washing machine works and dries with little or no noise, reviews. Both the photo and the full description of the device are given above. In addition, the device saves energy and has a good tank capacity, up to 4 kg of laundry, which is a plus for washing machines of this category.

There is a sound alert that indicates the end of the wash. The device has a stylish and modern design. Fits perfectly into the interior of the bathroom. Among small-sized machines is the undoubted favorite.

About negative opinion

Washing machine Candy Aqua 2d1040 07 also has negative reviews. They note that the device does not wash clothes very well and rinses out the washing powder poorly, so it is often necessary to use the extra rinse function. Vibrates a lot when spinning. Not very good build quality. The sunroof often sticks and is difficult to open.

Dissatisfied with this technique, users note that the machine does not meet modern quality standards. From time to time, when purchasing this model, users complained about factory defects.

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