Aircraft plywood: area of ​​use and features of the material

Aircraft plywood: area of ​​use and features of the material
Aircraft plywood: area of ​​use and features of the material

Aviation plywood deserves this name because of its direct purpose. The aviation industry could not exist without such a constructive element as plywood. This material is more suitable than ever for modeling and constructing aerial objects. Aviation plywood (3 mm) meets all the requirements put forward to the material, and has the necessary indicators of flexibility, strength and low density.

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Features of aviation plywood

Aircraft plywood - what is it? A material that consists of layers of birch veneer. The number of layers determines the thickness of the plywood. The minimum number is three. The density of veneer bonding determines the strength of plywood. The minimum thickness of plywood for aircraft modeling is 3 mm. This (thinnest) type of plywood is quite rare. The veneer is glued together using bakelite or bosquito film A, B class or special phenolic glue.

Aircraft plywood application area

Flexible aviation plywood is used in the following areas of human activity:

  • inaircraft industry: in the design of light aircraft;
  • during finishing work;
  • in the production of containers;
  • in furniture making;
  • handmade: when making souvenirs.

The use of aviation plywood allows, as a result of assembly, to obtain high-quality products with guaranteed structural properties.

Designing aircraft

Aircraft plywood for the manufacture of aircraft is a unique material with high strength and density characteristics with a minimum thickness of the product. Production is carried out according to technical specifications and fully complies with GOST 102-75 for 1975.

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Birch plywood souvenirs

For hand-made souvenirs, valuable and high-quality materials are often used, including plywood. In addition to plywood, additional design elements will be needed. For the production of finished products, material and time costs, which are subsequently offset by the low consumption of the base material and the high cost of handmade souvenirs.

Packaging materials

These products are made from the cheapest types of plywood available on the market. Most often used coniferous veneer. Aviation plywood is rarely used for such purposes. Perhaps as decorative boxes or gift wrappings, decorated with painting or engraving.

Furniture industry

3mm plywood usedfor lining the back walls of cabinets. This design makes the structure strong and at the same time does not weigh it down, which makes it easy to carry furniture if necessary.

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Organization of finishing works

Three-millimeter plywood is actively used for interior decoration of the ceiling and walls in technical rooms and garden houses. The main advantage of this finish is the low cost of the material and accelerated installation.

Plywood is a useful and widely used material. As you can see, aviation plywood is not a narrowly focused product, but is used in many areas of human activity.

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