LED downlight fixtures: selection and installation features

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LED downlight fixtures: selection and installation features
LED downlight fixtures: selection and installation features

LED downlights are the most efficient devices of their kind. Their name comes from the English Dounlight, which means "shining down". The design maximizes the operating potential of the LEDs as they shine in one direction rather than in all directions like an incandescent bulb.

LED downlights

Where is the 25W LED downlight used?

Recessed LED luminaires are high-quality modern lighting systems with increased reliability, available at an affordable cost. Such devices can be installed on the streets, inside buildings, in domestic and industrial premises. There is a huge variety of designs and modifications available on the market. These devices are divided into different types: ceiling, wall, landscape, architectural, interior, furniture lighting.

Such lamps are installed in the halls and corridors of public institutions, trading floors, airports, railway stations, administrative and office premises, in wardrobes, on shelves, cornices,illumination of reservoirs and pools, as well as in libraries. Downlight LED "Citizen" can be mounted in walls, floors, niches, ceilings or stairs. With the help of such devices, everyone will be able to design a new stylish interior in any type of room.

Downlight LED Citizen

Maximum power and performance

The most powerful downlight available from the LG Led Downlight range of luminaires delivers 2600 lumens of light. This figure corresponds to three incandescent bulbs of 75 watts. Or the same number of luminescent lighting elements of 18 watts. Taking into account the loss in the ballast, such a light bulb will consume about 70 W of power. Led Downlight consumes only 37W.

Working time

Compared to the best 10,000 hour compact fluorescent lighting fixtures, LED downlights have a 40,000 hour lifespan. The light source does not have to be changed during the entire operation of such lamps. If the downlights are located high, and you will have to call climbers or use special lifts to replace the bulbs, then the cost of such events will just correspond to the difference in price between an LED and an ordinary lamp. Downlight pays off already on these indicators.

Comparison of available models

Many leading manufacturers produce downlight models with high energy efficiency. When comparing devices of differentbrands visually, the difference between them can be significant. With a light output of 70 lm/W, LG luminaires, for example, give a diffused low light. Devices from other manufacturers may have a pronounced glare effect. If you want to get more comfortable lighting, you will have to choose LED downlights with a lower light output. A soft diffused glow will be appropriate in a variety of rooms, from an apartment to a country house or office.

Downlight LED lamp

Connector compatibility issue

Quite often, downlights are installed in sockets on suspended ceilings in place of conventional fixtures that were previously located there. In this case, there are often problems with the compatibility of new and old devices in terms of hole diameters. Some manufacturers take into account such nuances and produce smaller fixtures. From the presented range, you can choose downlights that fit the existing holes.

Key features of the devices

Ultra-thin recessed LED downlight luminaire is used for installation in suspended and plasterboard ceilings. Aluminum housings with heat sink fins allow diodes as well as electronic components to operate optimally. Special diffusers make it possible to evenly distribute light fluxes and avoid glare. The luminaires are supplied with special spring fasteners that allow fixing the device securely in the ceiling in a matter of seconds. Network connection is secure andquickly thanks to the quick-clamp terminal blocks. Such devices are a fairly effective replacement for fluorescent lamps.

Downlight LED lamp


LED downlights are mounted in an aluminum housing with a well-developed heat drive. Uniform lighting does not create a blinding effect. The light transmission index is more than 80 with a minimum level of ripples (4.5%) and a degree of protection IP 40. The devices do not require special maintenance or disposal. In such devices, an opal diffuser is provided. Downlights turn on quickly and are not sensitive during operation to voltage drops in the range of 175-260 V. The working life of such devices can reach 50,000 working hours. For reliable and quick connection to the network, all fixtures are equipped with special terminal blocks.

Downlight LED 25W

Downlights in the interior

Downlight LED IP44 Chrome is the best option for normal room lighting. In addition, these devices will be indispensable in the design of decorative lighting. Such light sources are necessary first of all in order to correctly place accents in the layout design. A small heat dissipation allows the use of these devices in rooms and low-power units.

With the help of downlights in every room you can create a truly cozy atmosphere. These lamps are convenient to use when decorating shop windows, installing emergency lighting systems, for the convenience of working with commodity equipment. Downlights givethe ability to save electricity and organize sufficiently powerful ambient lighting control installations. Such lighting elements are characterized by high vibration resistance and relatively small size.

Downlight LED id 1541

Recommendations from experts

Recessed fixtures are convenient to use in the design of expositions. To do this, it is enough to mount one mortise downlight on the object. Thanks to this device, the attention of visitors will be attracted additionally. Luminaires can be installed along the shelves with goods to create the effect of a complex transition of light and shadow and emphasize the attractiveness of the product. It is recommended to take into account the dimensions of the emitting areas of the luminaires and mount them in groups to solve individual tasks of recreating lighting in the interiors of stores.

Lamp Modifications

Some ceiling downlights have several functional features. They can vary in color temperature, IP rating and light output. Such lamps can be installed in rooms with a high level of humidity. Some devices can be dimmed using ZigBee wireless protocol.

Downlight LED ip44 chrome

Where to buy?

Downlight LED DL 1541 can always be ordered in any online store specializing in the sale of this type of device. There are many products of this type available on the market. Each supplier has to reckon with highly competitive conditions, so no one canafford to demand an excessively high price. The cost of devices of this type always varies within reasonable limits.

Luminaire ultra-thin recessed LED downlight


The downlight LED lamp is widely used today in the process of designing a wide variety of structures. Devices can be installed inside buildings, as well as on the streets, in offices, at advertising expositions, halls and corridors, at plants and factories, various trading floors. Downlights are often used by designers who want to give each interior a personality and emphasize certain parts of the premises with appropriate lighting fixtures.

Compared to other lamps with the same light output, downlights consume significantly less electricity and can also last three to ten times longer. At least, this number of working hours is observed in the devices of the world's leading manufacturers. The impeccable quality of the work of such lamps is guaranteed. For the convenience of replacing old lamps with downlights, manufacturers are developing several options for the size of fixtures. Thus, during repair work, there is no problem with mismatching the size of the holes with the width of the LEDs.

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