Canopy over the porch: projects, materials and construction

Canopy over the porch: projects, materials and construction
Canopy over the porch: projects, materials and construction

Every house has a front door. She needs protection from adverse weather conditions. Therefore, a country house is unthinkable without a canopy over the porch. It not only protects from the weather, but also gives a certain style to the entire building, creating convenience for incoming and outgoing residents. Being under a canopy, you can open an umbrella and save clothes from getting wet. Outdoor shoes can be left on the porch. What canopies are and what materials can they be built from?

beautiful canopy

Types of canopies

There are two types of awnings over the porch: hanging and supporting. The first with all their weight are entirely supported by the frame on the wall. When choosing this type, one should take into account its severity and build from lighter materials. If you want to do something more grandiose, then the choice should be stopped on a practical support canopy. In this case, mounted support poles will provide additional support, due to which the need to save space will disappear. Such canopies can become real terraces. Railings and fences will protect from the worst weatherconditions.

Shapes of canopies

Porch awnings come in many shapes.

  • The simplest canopy is a shed. During the construction of the frame, it is placed with a slope from the house. This is done so that the water flows down, the snow does not accumulate. It is best to supplement this design with a gutter. Otherwise, rainfall will fall directly on a person.
  • You can also place slopes on both sides of the porch. Such a canopy over the porch is called a gable and is very easy to install.
  • Perfectly fit into almost any home design tent canopy. It can be rounded or divided into sections.
  • The canopy over the porch made of polycarbonate is mainly made in the form of an arch (arc). Flexible modern material allows you to realize your wildest expectations.
  • Dome (spherical) structures allow them to be used in a small area, perfectly protecting from strong winds. This is especially true in areas with similar climates.
  • The canopy can be built concave. It will serve as an original addition to the facade and relieve the fear of snow accumulation on the visor.
Polycarbonate canopy

Basic requirements

Before designing and installing a canopy over the porch, some conditions should be considered.

  • The width of the structure should not be less than the front door, which in this case will be left without protection. The optimal width is considered to be 1.5 times larger.
  • The canopy over the porch must withstand all weather conditions: strong winds, hurricanes and snowstorms. materials,used in construction (wood or metal is best) must be treated with special solutions that protect against corrosion, decay, mold, fungus.
  • The slope must be more than twenty degrees. Otherwise, the visor will accumulate water and snow.
  • When designing, it is worth considering the appearance and style of the building so that the canopy does not violate the architectural design.

Metal awnings

A canopy over a porch made of metal or just metal has a number of undeniable advantages.

  • Metal is the most durable framing structure that can withstand any roofing material.
  • If it is properly and efficiently treated with anti-corrosion agents, a long service life will be ensured.
  • During temperature changes from normal to extreme, no deformation occurs.

For the construction of a canopy over the porch of a private house, it is necessary to use metal pipes, deepening them into the ground by about 50 cm and pouring cement mortar. Rafters can be purchased duralumin or wooden. Their laying is carried out with an area exceeding the distance between the supporting pillars. Beams are fastened with special fasteners or using welding.

Metal canopy

The canopy over the porch of corrugated board is mainly used in the construction of shed or arched structures. It is not recommended to perform a curved project using this material, as microcracks appear in the paintwork, leading to peeling of the paint.

From polycarbonate

The canopy over the polycarbonate porch is a great addition to the facade interior. With this material, you can create a unique style solution. You can install it without much effort. And the strength of the material will withstand both the hottest days and low sub-zero temperatures. Polycarbonate is a very light covering material, which eliminates the need to make additional supports, but simply attach it to the wall of the house. In addition, there are many different colors, among which you can choose the most suitable for the overall architectural solution.

Polycarbonate and wood

Installation steps

First, you need to mark on the wall the place where the fasteners will be located. Then make a frame by making holes in it for fastening. The whole structure is screwed to the wall. Then comes the stage of treatment with anti-corrosion materials and painting. Next is the installation of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate mounting rules

As in the construction of any structures, when installing such canopies, some rules should be taken into account. The end sections of this design must be closed with a sealing tape that excludes the penetration of moisture. Connecting profiles are used to fasten sheets. Joints must also be securely sealed. This will prevent leaks during the rainy season. A polycarbonate sheet does not bend more than 70 degrees. Otherwise, it will not survive and burst.

Gaps of about 5 mm should be left between sheets of material. This is due to the fact that in hotWeather it will expand, expanding its area. Initial assembly is best done without removing the protective film to avoid possible damage.

With forging elements

It is not necessary to take metal pipes for the frame. It could also be aluminum. It is very resistant to corrosion, does not bend, it does not need to be additionally treated with protective solutions.

The forged canopy over the porch also looks very beautiful and stylish. Beautiful curls will give a unique charm to the entire facade and will please the eye for many years. Such frames are very strong and durable in use. Forging works well with almost any topcoating material.

Wooden awnings

Wood is a material that is always in fashion. A wooden canopy over the porch of a house built from a similar material or finished with it looks especially harmonious. The advantages of wood are environmental friendliness, decorativeness, and reliable protection from the sun. They are easy to install. Of the shortcomings, susceptibility to decay and destruction by bark beetles should be noted. Therefore, to protect against weather conditions and insects, before installation, the material must be carefully treated with special impregnations and more than once.

canopy frame

You can not mount a completely wooden canopy, but make it combined. Supports and ceilings are made of wood, and the top coating is made of tiles, corrugated board. Such visors will look spectacular and fit into any interior. If theredesire, carved designs can be made from wood, create a real work of art.

Installation in progress

For the arrangement of the canopy you will need: timber, board and construction tools. The beam is used as support pillars, which are attached to screws or dowels. The rafters rest on a support board or wall. Everything is connected with screws or corners. Then a crate is laid out on top with a distance between the boards of no more than 90 cm. A roof is attached over the crate.

Canopy combined

In closing

It doesn’t matter if you make a canopy over the porch yourself or with the involvement of specialists, the main thing is to choose the right shape, materials and coating that will fit into the overall design of the house and will only decorate it, while protecting it from the weather and creating comfort for residents and guests of the house. Currently, the market is full of various building materials, choosing the best one from which is not difficult.

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