Laying facing bricks and its features

Laying facing bricks and its features
Laying facing bricks and its features

Every home owner wants his home to be warm, durable and attractive, while being neat and rigorous. The choice of building design and facing materials is taken quite seriously. You should not save on this, since obtaining a quality result is the main thing in construction. In order for the costs to be significantly lower and the structure to look attractive, the laying of facing bricks should be carried out taking into account certain recommendations made by experts in this field.

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Full-bodied elements with a brand, which is provided for in the project, should be used for plinth cladding. In the process of laying the lower and upper rows, as well as at the level of the pillars of the wall cuts, it is necessary to use whole bricks. It must be remembered that the laying of facing bricks is not made from halves of the material. The solution for it must be created from cement, be rigid and contain additives that do not shrink. Brickworkfacing brick provides for a thickness of horizontal joints from ten to fifteen millimeters. If the building has one floor, this figure should average about one centimeter. It is also worth knowing that an organization with a good reputation must have a license for the construction work that they carry out, and when building on your own, you must acquire an appropriate guide and familiarize yourself with all the details of laying facing bricks in advance.

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In addition to the specifics of the work, you need to think carefully about the combination of colors of mortar and bricks so that the building has an attractive appearance. Facing brick laying, in addition to its functionality, is of great importance for the aesthetics of housing. Ivory elements are best combined with black, red and brown grout. Brown bricks are harmoniously combined with a white and red mixture. For a gray and red tint, a solution of white and gray is suitable.

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In order to achieve a certain color saturation, it is worth using suitable coloring components. The facing brickwork, photos of which can be seen above, has an ideal appearance thanks to the right combination of colors. Imported dyes are of the highest quality, and they can be purchased at the enterprise. In order to obtain a white masonry mortar, it is necessary to combine quartz sand and decorative cement. Red color canachieve with the help of dry red lead, and if you want to create a brown mixture, carbon black is added to it. The same component is used to obtain black and gray masonry mortar. In this case, it is necessary to correctly add various additives to the mixture, observing the proportions that should be indicated on the product packaging. Subject to all these subtleties, the laying of facing bricks will turn out perfect.

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