DIY car wash: components and manufacturing

DIY car wash: components and manufacturing
DIY car wash: components and manufacturing

For a well-mannered person, driving a dirty car is considered a sign of bad taste. There are two ways to clean up your car: using the services of a car wash or using a few buckets of water and a rag. The first option, if used constantly, will lead to high costs, the second is inconvenient and takes a lot of time. However, a do-it-yourself car wash will greatly simplify and speed up the process.

do-it-yourself car wash

There is, of course, industrial equipment equipped with a high-pressure pump, but its cost is not conducive to mass distribution. The conclusion suggests itself: a mini-sink, assembled from available materials with your own hands, is thus an inexpensive means of solving the problem. It is unlikely that it will be possible to repeat an industrial design in artisanal conditions, and its cost will be prohibitive.

Accessories forhomemade car wash

Readers are invited to the project of the simplest device for washing a car. A 10 liter polyethylene canister is well suited as a base and water container. Fluid is supplied to the brush with special channels by a pump, which is used in the windshield washer of a VAZ-2109 car.

do-it-yourself mini-sink

The electric motor of this product is powered by a car battery and plugs into a standard cigarette lighter socket. To supply water to the working area of ​​the brush, a silicone hose with a diameter of 6 mm is used, enclosed in a larger protective tube. Such a do-it-yourself car wash is assembled literally on the knee, within a few hours, and is almost always ready for use for its intended purpose.

Making a compact sink

First, you need to make improvements to the canister device. The most advantageous location of the pump is at its lowest point. We drill a hole of the required diameter in the bottom and insert the pump into it through a special rubber bushing. Now we connect the supply six-millimeter pipeline, previously threaded into the protective hose. It also carries out the control wiring to the push-button switch located on the brush.

A do-it-yourself car wash needs to protect the working units. The casing is cut out from another canister, put on the working container from below and fixed in this position. In the protective case, we cut a hole of the desired diameter through which the hose and wire will be led out forconnection to the onboard network. Field tests have shown the high efficiency of the device, which allows you to wash your car without getting your hands wet.

Car Wash Business

Offering a bucket of rag or homemade machine to earn some pocket money is good for a teenager. For a serious business, you need a room with plumbing, a sump for used water and all the necessary equipment and fixtures. Do-it-yourself car wash construction must begin with the acquisition of a land plot and paperwork.

do-it-yourself car wash construction

When building a building, it is necessary to take care of the heating system. Otherwise, the provision of services to bring the car into proper condition in winter will become impossible. A modern car wash, built with your own hands, will bring a good income to the owner, especially in large cities. After all, here most car owners cannot do the process of washing the car on their own.

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