Contactless touch faucets - a smart novelty

Contactless touch faucets - a smart novelty
Contactless touch faucets - a smart novelty

Today's market enables the consumer to purchase a colossal amount of things that have a mind. Nowadays, the phrase "smart home" is very famous. What is it?

Touch mixers

It turns out that this is a dwelling where electricity, split systems, plumbing are turned on and off autonomously. Their work depends on the parameters set by the person.

The plumbing market is also not far behind. The consumer is offered new mixers - sensory ones. What is the advantage of such devices?

It turned out that they work very simply: you just need to bring any part of the body, such as hands, to such a device, and water will flow automatically. If you remove them, then the automation will immediately turn it off.

Let's see what these mixers are. Sensor devices differ significantly from traditional devices. They do not have valves and levers familiar to us. There is only a crane on which a special infrared sensor and a photocell are installed.

Sensor taps for basins

The sensor device that mixes water has a sensitivity zone. Its parametric data is set or adjusted automatically and is usually no more than 35 centimeters. Only in this defined zone will the mechanism react to movement.

How are faucets selected? Sensory devices are selected according to the parameters. The best choice would be a mixer that can be adjusted manually, i.e. select sensitivity zone.

There are models that you can set the time parameters of the work: the time to turn on and off the water, the duration of its supply.

And now the fun part. It turns out that such devices have a function to adjust the water temperature. To do this, mixers of this type have a special lever.

And what will happen if there is some thing in the sensitivity area of ​​the device, for example, soap or a jar of cream? How will such mixers behave in this case? Sensorless non-contact water mixing devices, as mentioned above, have a photocell in their device that responds only to movement. Therefore, whatever is in the area of ​​sensitivity, water will not flow.

Contactless touch mixers

The water faucet, or rather its electronic unit, is powered by a lithium battery. Manufacturers guarantee that its service life is at least 2.5 years. What are the advantages of such mixers? Sensory "helpers" in public places create comfort and help save water.

You can only imagineit is impossible to imagine how many times valves are opened and closed in schools, restaurants, nightclubs and other public places. In such establishments, water control devices very often break down, they simply cannot withstand the loads. If you install sensory basin mixers here, all problems will be solved instantly.

There is a category of visitors to public places who deliberately do not turn off the water. Installing a contactless sensor will allow the heads of such establishments to sleep peacefully.

Such devices also have disadvantages. For example, when it is necessary to pour water into a large container so as not to keep your hand near the control device, the touch function must be turned off. Then the meaning of such a mixer is lost. Think carefully before purchasing it.

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