Windproof film - material for windproofing

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Windproof film - material for windproofing
Windproof film - material for windproofing

Windproof film performs two essential functions - it is a shield for the wind and protection against steam and moisture. It is a single layer, two layer or three layer material made from HDPE.

Windproof film

All heaters tend to pass air. If you do not put protection on it, the performance of the insulating material will noticeably decrease, and if it is not thick enough, problems may arise.

The windproof film, installed together with the insulation, gives a stabilizing effect of the thermal insulation properties of the insulation material, which remains regardless of weather conditions. Wind protection will ensure the free exit of water vapor from the insulation of the roofing pie or the facade of the building.

Reliable waterproofing in construction is understood as the exclusion of moisture from entering the protected surfaces during rain, sleet, strong wind and, of course, protection from accumulated condensate.

Windproof film price

Russian-made Izospan windproof film perfectly matches all of the aboverequirements.

It will provide these benefits:

  1. Izospan wind protection can be laid directly on the heat-insulating material without a ventilation gap.
  2. By saving space, you can increase the thermal insulation layer.
  3. Protects wooden structures from contact with water and its vapors, and this prevents decay.
  4. Increases the life of expensive insulation.
  5. Windproof film plays a key role in the construction of ventilated facades. Its presence reduces heat losses by 30%, among other things, such a film (membrane) protects the insulation from destruction and delamination.

Membranes of the trade brand "Izospan" are divided into groups. There are only three of them:

1. Protecting from moisture, wind and steam.

Isospan windproof film

Such membranes serve to protect the insulating material and house structures from wind, condensation and moisture coming from the external environment. At the same time, the outer protection must allow steam to pass through, which will ensure the weathering of vapors from the insulation material into the atmosphere. In the line of materials "Izospan" there is a unique windproof film - "Izospan A" with fire-retardant ligatures, which are called "flame retardants". Such a membrane protects the structure from fire during installation.

2. Insulating structures of buildings from moisture and steam.

This group of membranes protects the insulation from condensate and steam that penetrate from the interior of houses of all types. Such films not only isolate the insulation and increase its service life, but also protectbuilding structure from condensation, fungal contamination and corrosion of some structural elements.

3. The third type of films reflects heat, moisture, isolates the insulation from steam and has an energy-saving effect.

This is a complex material that allows you to reflect thermal infrared radiation and protect the internal structural elements of the building from steam emanating from inside the house, as well as from wind and water vapor from the external environment. Do you want to save on space heating and reduce the warm-up time? Then you need just such a windproof film. The price of an eight-meter roll of the Isospan membrane fluctuates within a thousand rubles. Its service life is 50 years.

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