Water-Based Varnishes: From Floor to Ceiling

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Water-Based Varnishes: From Floor to Ceiling
Water-Based Varnishes: From Floor to Ceiling

If you started a renovation in an apartment or a room, then you will certainly approach the topic of floors and their finishes. Most of all, flooring with varnish is suitable for residential premises, thanks to which it will retain the texture of wood for a long time and will look the most advantageous from an aesthetic point of view. Varnishes are different (water-soluble, resin-based, polyurethane) and differ from each other in fluidity, resistance to stress and other parameters.


water-based varnishes

Household chemicals may contain substances harmful to human he alth, therefore, in residential areas they like to use water-based varnishes, which are produced either with a very low solvent content (5-15%), or without it at all. The solvent in this case is ordinary water. They are made up of acrylic resins and other moisturizing and film-forming ingredients.

Benefits include characteristics such as:

  • high gloss finish;
  • fast drying;
  • no smell;
  • non-toxic;
  • incombustibility, fire safety.
tikkurila water based varnish

For parquet floors, water-based varnishes are mainly used, as they dry within two to three hours. After application to the surface, they become transparent, favorably shading the wood base. The disadvantage of this finishing material is its low wear resistance, so additives, such as acrylic resin, are added to the mixture.

Processing and application

Due to the fact that water-based varnishes are practically odorless and do not emit toxic substances, they can be applied even when there are people in the room. Such varnishes are sensitive to high humidity and require a certain level - not less than 50%; the temperature in the room should not fall below +15 °C.

Before processing, the surface is cleaned of dirt and moistened with water, thoroughly washed, dried and polished. The varnish is applied only on a dry surface with a roller, brush or sprayer. According to the degree of gloss, it is matte, glossy, semi-gloss.

Final color depends on coating characteristics such as:

  • hardness;
  • cover type;
  • original color.
two-component water-based varnish

According to the degree of wear resistance, a two-component water-based varnish is used for floors in rooms where there is a large crowd of people. It can be used in concert halls, museums, theaters, schools. Unlike a one-component material, which is quitesuitable for an ordinary apartment or room. In any case, varnished floors and other pieces of furniture look fresh and aesthetic.

The famous water-based Tikkurila varnish is used to coat furniture, panels, ceilings and even children's toys. The treated surface dries quickly, within about half an hour, and it can be used after 24 hours. However, the coating is considered fully ready for use only after 2 weeks, when it finally hardens.

Resistant to abrasion, scratches, chemicals and wet cleaning, water-based varnishes are widely used in various areas of life.

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