How to plant pineapple at home?

How to plant pineapple at home?
How to plant pineapple at home?

Gardening today has smoothly migrated from garden beds to window sills. More and more people grow not only greens on them, but also cucumbers and tomatoes. Can this experience be transferred to tropical pineapples? Yes, it is quite. Today we will talk about how to plant a pineapple and grow it with minimal time.

how to plant pineapple at home

Three ways

In fact, only one is possible to implement at home. But in fairness, let's briefly talk about everyone.

  • Seeds. To begin with, it is worth noting that it will be quite difficult to find them on sale. Therefore, you will first have to buy a ripe cone and extract the seeds from it. Add to that a long growing season. Therefore, this method is rarely used.
  • The top of a ripe fruit. Since we buy pineapple to eat, the top is usually thrown away. Why not do a little experiment. Today you will learn how to plant a pineapple so you can replicate the experience at home.
  • Sprout from a ripe fruit ordead bush. Also not the best option, because it takes a lot of time. In fact, it will be necessary to create conditions so that seeds begin to germinate inside the cone. They will sprout.
how to plant a pineapple

Pineapple varieties

There are 8 species of this tropical plant. But in our sale, most often you can find only three of them.

  1. Large-tufted. Adult pineapples are used as an ornamental plant.
  2. Bractical. It has very beautiful leaves with a light border. But it rarely bears fruit at home.
  3. Pineapple. To date, there is a special, dwarf form that can be grown at home.

Choosing planting material

Since the end result depends on this, you need to approach this issue with all responsibility. In the cold season, frozen fruits are often sold. They are edible but will not root when trying to plant the green part. Therefore, it is best to buy pineapples that are sold in August - September.

So, choose the most beautiful fruit, without damage and rot. Since it will be possible to plant a pineapple only after you cut the fruit, there is time to prepare the soil and study the features of care.

pineapple for planting

Careful inspection

If you bought several fruits, you will still have a chance to choose the best among them. Most likely, the landing will not be carried out on the same day, so the cones will have time to ripen a little more. And then give thema little check.

  • Smell the purchased cones. Choose one that exudes a pleasant smell.
  • Carefully inspect the fruit. The leaves should be firm, without spots or holes. Dry top - set aside.
  • Press the fruit with your finger. Neither too hard nor too soft will suit you.
  • It should make a dull sound when tapped.

Now you can go directly to the question of how to plant a pineapple.

Separate the top

For planting, we need only the green part, everything else can be safely cut and served for dessert. Therefore, remove the tuft from the fetus in one of the following ways:

  1. Twisting.
  2. Cutting. Leave a distance of about 5 cm to the leaves.
how to plant pineapple at home

Method one - rooting

First of all, you need to dry the sultan a little. They do this in a simple way by tying a crest in a dark place: the leaves are at the bottom, and the cut is at the top. After a few days, you can continue your work. Before planting the tuft in the sand, sprinkle the cut with activated charcoal.

If you are looking for the easiest way to plant a pineapple at home, then you can assume that you have already found it. By following these recommendations, you can definitely grow an exotic plant at home. But it will be difficult to wait for fruiting from him. Although in itself it is quite beautiful, similar to a plant of the bromeliad family.

Sprouting the top in water

Not everyone likes the previous oneway. They buried the tuft in the ground, closed it with a lid - and it is not known what is happening there now. And so you want to control the whole process. We have already mentioned that there are many ways to plant a pineapple at home. Let's look at rooting in water. In this case, the whole process takes place before your eyes.

rooting in water

If you notice signs of decay, you can always cut out this area, sprinkle with activated charcoal and continue the experiment.

  • In this case, you need to fill the glass with water. It needs to be constantly changed. This is very important so that germs do not begin to multiply in it.
  • In order for the plant to actively put out roots, it must be warm. Therefore, choose a place with good lighting and high temperatures.
  • After about 14 days you will notice white roots.
  • In a month, the first leaves should appear.
  • Now you can plant the sultan in a permanent place.

Choose a pot

If you did everything right, now you have a rooted and growing top. How to plant pineapple at home to keep this progress?

  • First condition: don't take a big pot. The maximum volume is 0.5 liters. Otherwise, the pineapple, even if rooted, will not grow well. A large amount of good quality soil negatively affects the growth of roots, and hence the green mass.
  • Be sure to make large drainage holes. Best not only at the bottom, but also at the sides.
  • Pot bottomfill with pebbles.

The soil is a mixture of sand, peat and humus.

How to plant a pineapple

A few dozen white roots should be sticking out of the top by this time. This creates excellent conditions for your plant to quickly take root and please the first leaves. The embedment depth is small, about 5 cm. It is very important to fix the sultan so that it does not fall. The soil should be slightly damp. Separately, you should talk about the case if the plant is planted without roots. Just cover it with a bag for about a month and a half.

Often, novice flower growers have difficulty preparing high-quality soil. Therefore, you can buy ready-made in the store. For this, mixtures for bromeliads are most often used. The soil for orchids is also perfect.

planted tip

To create a microclimate, it is recommended to make a greenhouse or a cap. Since planting pineapple at home usually occurs in the fall, when it is no longer too warm, this measure will provide a better chance for successful rooting.


  • The first step is to harden the plant. To do this, you need to start opening the greenhouse for an hour a day. Gradually, this time is increased and after a couple of weeks the shelter is completely removed.
  • A very important point is watering. Do not pour or dry an earthen lump. The pot should be slightly damp. In this regard, underfilling is even better than overfilling. So every day you can check the ground and pour in some water.
  • Feeding is carried out every 8weeks.
  • The first transplant takes place in a year. After that, the procedure is repeated every three years.

This is a tropical plant. Despite the fact that it successfully acclimatized to indoor plants, it retained its love for high humidity. So be sure to buy a water spray bottle and use it regularly. You need to spray not only the leaves, but also the air around the pot. It is very important not only to know how to properly plant a pineapple, but also to create suitable conditions for it. Then you can enjoy your own fruits. Often flower growers cannot wait for flowering and fruiting, but they are still satisfied that they were able to grow a tropical miracle on their window.

how to plant a pineapple at home from the top

The long-awaited moment

A reasonable question arises: "Is it possible to stimulate the flowering of pineapple?" If you just take good care of the plant, in about a year it will release a magnificent flower. Of course, most often this is the first signal that you are maintaining the plant correctly. Soon you can wait for your own fruit.

To make the pineapple bloom faster, add acetylene solution to the plant outlet in the warm season. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times. Do not forget to repeat the feeding procedure. If the plant does not have enough nutrients, lighting or heat, then it will not bloom. Therefore, pay attention to the following points.

how to plant pineapple at home

Plant care

Despite the misconceptionsflower growers, a tropical plant is not always capricious. In particular, with regard to pineapples, even a beginner can grow them.

  • The room should be warm, it is desirable to maintain the temperature within + 22 … + 25 ° С. It is under such conditions that the plant will develop quickly, become a luxurious bush and release a flower.
  • Don't forget about the second important point - lighting. You won't succeed in the shadows. Pineapple can be cold on the windows, and dark away from them. Therefore, you will have to install a fluorescent lamp.
  • In nature, this plant is accustomed to heat and prolonged drought. Therefore, the main mistake is excessive watering, especially if they are done with cold water. It is enough to water a couple of times a week, and even less often in winter.
  • Feeding should be done only in the warm season.

You will wait for the first fruits in about 3-4 years. After that, the plant gives shoots for another 2-3 years, which quickly release roots, and dies. Now you can use these shoots to grow new plants, no need to re-root it from the top. You already know how to plant a pineapple at home and grow it into a strong plant.

Instead of a conclusion

Growing tropical plants is fun and exciting. If you like to grow not the usual Tradescantia, but something more interesting and unusual, try planting a pineapple. Moreover, it does not require additional costs. You will eat the fruit for dessert, and plant the sultan in a pot. Even if nothing comes of this idea, the losssmall.

But with these tips, you can grow a fragrant bud at home quite easily. Of course, this will take quite a lot of time. But every owner of an indoor lemon, orange or other fruit tree will say that its taste is not as important as the fact that it is grown by one's own hands.

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