How to grow a pineapple from the top at home?

How to grow a pineapple from the top at home?
How to grow a pineapple from the top at home?

To try a real naturally ripened pineapple in Russia, of course, you can only grow it with your own hands. This southern culture belongs to the group of perennials. And therefore, growing it in the country, of course, will not work. In winter, this plant will simply freeze outside. In this article, therefore, we will consider step by step how to grow a pineapple from the top of the house, at room conditions. Below, we will deal in detail with how to plant this crop in a pot, how to root it and how to care for it in the future.

Which planting material to use

The answer to the question of how to grow a pineapple is a relatively simple technology for an experienced grower. But of course, first of all, a lover of indoor plants should choose the right planting material for this crop.

pineapple plant

Pineapples are grown at home, usually from a green stem. Of course, seeds can also be used for this purpose. But the fruits of this culture are sold in stores, unfortunately, usually unripe.That is why many flower growers are interested in how to grow a pineapple from the top. This is truly the surest way to get a he althy, strong exotic plant at home.

It is recommended to cut off the fruiting branch from pineapple purchased in the warm season. The fact is that the fruits of this southern culture are usually transported in non-insulated wagons and trucks. Accordingly, in winter, in frosts, the top of pineapples on the road simply freezes slightly. In any case, nothing will be possible to grow from such a fruiting branch.

How to separate planting material

How to grow a pineapple from the top, let's talk a little lower. To begin with, let's figure out how to properly separate this planting material from the fruit.

Of course, not only not frozen, but also a he althy, intact "tuft" should be used for planting pineapple. Separate the tip from the fruit usually as follows:

  • take pineapple in right hand;

  • left hand firmly grasp the green part as close to the base as possible;

  • begin to twist the pineapple itself clockwise, and the green part, respectively, against.

Purchased pineapple

If desired, you can also simply separate the planting material together with the top of the fruit using a sharp knife. The pulp in this case should be captured about 1 cm.

How to grow a pineapple from the top: preparing for planting

The cut green part of the fruit should first be carefully dried. This is necessary in order toof the planting material, all the wounds applied when unscrewing or cutting the wound have dried up.

For drying, the top is wrapped with a cord between the tiers of the "tuft" and hung upside down in a ventilated room. The drying of the planting material should last for several weeks later.

The dried top, before being planted in a tub, of course, should be rooted. Perform this procedure in the standard way, using a glass or any other container with water at room temperature. The roots at the top will appear when using this method in about a week. So that the planting material does not rot, you need to put it in a glass correctly. The rooting zone should be immersed in water by about 4 cm.

Which capacity to choose for planting

So next, let's see how to grow a pineapple from the top at home. A pot that is too large for the fruiting branch is not worth choosing. It is best for growing pineapple in the early stages that a container with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the “tuft” rooting zone is suitable. This crop is usually planted in standard flower pots with drainage holes.

rooting pineapple

At the bottom of the selected container, you should first pour expanded clay or pebbles with a layer of about 4 cm. This material will subsequently act as a drainage. On top of expanded clay or pebbles, soil should be put in a pot. Pineapples grow best on a soil mixture prepared from sand and peat, taken in equal parts. Purchased cactus soil can also be a great answer tothe question is how to grow a strong and he althy pineapple at home.

This southern culture has no immunity to domestic bacteria and viruses. Therefore, the soil must be disinfected before planting the top. To do this, the soil mixture should simply be spilled with boiling water.

How to grow a pineapple: planting

Pull the top of the pineapple out of the glass carefully so as not to damage the roots. When planting, the top is placed in a hole dug in the ground and, holding it with your hand, carefully straighten the roots. You need to place the "tuft" in the ground to the lowest leaves.

The soil around the planted fruit branch at the final stage should be well tamped. Next, the pineapple must be thoroughly shed with a solution of potassium permanganate. It is worth using water at room temperature. The use of just such a solution for watering when planting is the answer to the question of how to grow a pineapple from the top he althy and strong. In order for the "tuft" to take root faster, a plastic bag should be pulled over the pot from above.

pineapple blossom

First time care

The top of a potted pineapple usually takes root in about 1-2 months. At this time, the pot should never be exposed to direct sunlight. It is also very important to observe the optimal temperature regime during this period. The soil in the pot should not be too cold. The tops of pineapples take root well only in soil, the temperature of which is approximately 25 ° C.

Flower growers wondering whetherhow to grow pineapple, of course, they are also interested in how to properly water this crop at first. Moisturizing the soil in a pot with a top before it is rooted is not recommended at all. Under the film, the earth in any case will remain wet for a long time. Only if the lump starts to dry out, it will need to be slightly moistened. At the same time, spray the top itself as often as possible.

Ripe pineapple

As soon as the pineapple takes root, new young leaves of a light green color will appear in the center of the "tuft". From now on, you can start caring for a pineapple as an adult plant.

After what time the fruits will appear

How to grow a pineapple at home, of course, many indoor plant lovers would like to know. And of course, flower growers are also interested in the technology of cultivating this crop, which makes it possible to obtain its fruits. The flowering period of pineapples when used as planting material at the top begins in room conditions approximately 3 years after planting.

fruiting pineapple

In the future, a few tiny fruits usually appear on the plant. If desired, they can later be rooted. Such planting material is also a good answer to the question of how to grow a pineapple. In the photo above you can see what a fruiting plant looks like in a room. Pineapple looks at home, as you can see, with proper care it is very attractive and exotic.

Left on indoor pineapple ends up usually only onefetus. As soon as it grows to a sufficiently large size and matures, the plant itself, unfortunately, will die. For the bromeliad family, this process, unfortunately, is quite natural. Pineapple fruits ripen approximately within 3-6 months after the appearance of the ovary.

How to properly care for mature plants

How to grow a pineapple from the top at home, many flower growers would actually like to know. The cultivation of this plant, of course, is a rather interesting procedure. Of course, care for this exotic plant should be correct. Otherwise, the pineapple may never bloom at all.

The optimum temperature for growing pineapples is 21-25 °C. In any case, it should not be too cold in a room with this plant. The lowest temperature "bar" for pineapple is 18 ° C.

This crop should not be watered often. Moisturize this plant abundantly only when the lump under it is almost completely dry. Fertilize pineapples during the growing season once every two weeks. In this case, an infusion of cow dung is usually used.

Flower growers who wondered how to grow pineapple in a room, of course, should also know that such plants hibernate in winter. At this time, the plant must be transferred to a room where the air temperature is not more than 15 ° C. During this period, pineapple should be watered no more than once a week. Hibernation of pineapple can be prevented if desired. To do this, you just need to lengthen the daylight hours for the plant to at least 10 hours a day.

pineapple plant

Instead of a conclusion

So, above in the article we told you how to grow a pineapple at home from the top, step by step. The method of planting the "tuft", as well as the subsequent care of this southern plant, thus, is not particularly difficult. But, of course, it is impossible to violate the technology of growing pineapples. Care for this culture should be carefully. Only in this case it will be possible to get a strong, he althy fruit-bearing plant.

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