Shelves for shoes. How to choose?

Shelves for shoes. How to choose?
Shelves for shoes. How to choose?

The question of how and where to store shoes is very acute in almost every family. And here shelves for shoes come to the rescue. They are completely different, so the problem of choice arises quite often. How to choose the perfect bookcase? There are several secrets that will help you make a worthy choice.

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First, the shoe racks must be the perfect size. What is the ideal size? The one that's right for your family. And the point is not even to place all the shoes on the shelves, but also to place this bookcase conveniently. Think in advance in which room you would like to place your shoes. If this is not the largest corridor, then the shelf should be located so as not to interfere, and at the same time, be at arm's length.

Second, the number of sections. Of course, the more of them, the more convenient. But will a shelf under the ceiling be useful to you? So, it is necessary to choose the optimal number of sections. Just enough to fit all seasonal shoes. The one for which now is the wrong time of the year, it is better to put it away for storage in cabinets orboxes. A shelf for shoes should not be bulky and too big. The exception is a separate section in the dressing room. Here you can not save much on space, if it allows, of course.

Third, the material of the shoe rack. Here it is worth relying on practicality. The wooden whatnot, of course, is good, but has a number of its drawbacks. In particular, heaviness. If there are more than three branches in it, then it will be quite difficult to raise it. In addition, without good treatment, wood will wear out quickly. The plastic shoe rack also has a number of disadvantages. It is not always strong and breaks easily. However, it is easy to wash and move from place to place during general cleaning. What material to choose is a purely individual matter. It all depends on the needs and desires.

Fourthly, the color scheme. Shoe shelves are completely different. You just need to choose the color that will most harmoniously fit into your interior.

Fifth, the method of attachment. The bookcase can stand on the floor without any legs. A la chest of drawers. This is handy if you don't intend to change it often. In addition, shelves for shoes can be hinged. This is especially appropriate in dressing rooms or in corridors where the ceilings are quite high. It is these shelves, by the way, that are used as showcases in stores. So you can immediately see the entire range. At home, this is convenient if there are a lot of shoes and it is difficult to choose them. Well, or if the family consists of more than three people.

When choosing shelves for shoes, it is advisable to measure in advancethe space where you intend to place them. This will eliminate further problems with the placement of both whatnot and shoes. By the way, the latter must be kept dry and clean. This will extend the life of both the shoe and the shelf it sits on. A timely revision in the shoe rows will help keep the whatnot in an aesthetic form, without unnecessary clutter and dust.

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