Stretch ceilings: reviews. Special requirements in the kitchen

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Stretch ceilings: reviews. Special requirements in the kitchen
Stretch ceilings: reviews. Special requirements in the kitchen
stretch ceilings reviews in the kitchen

Stretch ceilings have been known to the world for many years. The very first species appeared, according to scientists, in ancient Rome in the form of a draped fabric fixed on the ceiling. Modern types of stretch ceilings have gone far from their ancestors. They gained great popularity in the sixties. The second peak of their demand came in the eighties. During this period, cardinal metamorphoses took place in the field of improving the technology of their production and the materials used.

Advantages of stretch ceilings

They are very well known to all of us. But here are the disadvantages … Are there any? If so, which ones, and whether they can be prevented or eliminated. Let's proceed to the consideration of the issue: "Stretch ceilings. Reviews." In the kitchen, such material is used no less than in other rooms. We will study the opinions of various categories of people who have de alt with this design element. In particular, its shortcomings will be described.

First flaw

The biggest disadvantage for many consumers is the high cost. The price of even the simplest options can sometimes reach too high values. To date, the average cost of 1 square meter of high-quality flat ceiling reaches $ 30. It is worth noting that when ordering a ceiling, installation and delivery services are provided free of charge.

stretch glossy ceilings

Many manufacturing companies indicate in their commercials that the cost of their products is below market value. However, don't be fooled. The production technology of this type of product is quite expensive, and high-quality materials cannot be cheap either. Nevertheless, experts say that in the near future it will be possible to buy inexpensive and high-quality stretch ceilings.


In the kitchen, there are special requirements for this material. This is just the right time to talk about the second drawback. This review was left by the installers. In their opinion, glossy stretch ceilings are easily damaged by contact with a sharp object. Therefore, in the process of work, you should be as careful as possible. Such a serious minus harms not so much the masters as the customers. After all, repairing a damaged coating will cost them a considerable amount. Ordinary owners do not have special equipment and skills for repairs, and for a specialist, the process is quite laborious. So it will not be possible to fix stretch ceilings on your own.

Reviews: there is no place for drywall in the kitchen. The third drawback, whichexperts note

They don't like being next to drywall constructions. Although this shortcoming is quite easy to eliminate. When a ceiling covering is installed, for example, stretch ceilings "Heaven", it is necessary to foresee the presence of embedded profiles in advance. Since it is their absence that can lead to the discharge of material.

The fourth disadvantage is related to possible flooding

sky stretch ceilings

The likelihood that rust spots and stains will remain is very high. If your ceilings are not a solid canvas, but have seams, then they will most likely disperse, and goodbye to your stretch ceilings.

Reviews: there are lighting problems in the kitchen. Fifth flaw

Installation of ceiling lights can also be a serious problem. Be sure to consider their power and exclude contact between the ceiling and the ceiling surface. Large rooms need seamless stretch ceilings, as sagging can occur with other types of coatings.

The disadvantages are, of course, significant, but the advantages are more convincing.You decide. The only thing we can advise: contact only trusted companies. Yes, you will have to spend a little time reading the reviews. But by doing this, you will save yourself from unpleasant consequences.

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